Venus solutions soothing scalp treatment

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Yesterday I did a deep conditioning treatment using Venus solutions soothing scalp treatment. Since i had used shampoo in my last wash not too long ago (Thursday), i opted to skip that and go straight into treating my hair. Frequent shampoo use is discouraged because it strips hair of its natural oils which help condition it and keep it healthy.

What i did was part my hair into four sections, use a spray bottle to lightly spritz some water onto it section by section, and then apply the Venus solutions soothing scalp treatment. If you recall, i’d worn my hair curly prior to this. I did not detangle it but went right ahead and applied the treatment instead.

Once i had the treatment on, i covered my hair with a plastic bag (you can use a shower cap) and then i secured that with a head scarf. I left the product on for slightly over 30 minutes while i worked out. The directions on the jar say to leave it on for 10 minutes then rinse or use with a heat cap under a dryer for extra conditioning. I don’t have a dryer so i used my body heat 😀

After that i hopped into the shower and rinsed off the product while gently detangling my hair using a wide tooth comb. Now, this Venus treatment has such great slip (its thick and creamy) and that made my comb glide through my hair. Detangling was so easy! And it made my hair so soft. Winning!

Venus solutions soothing scalp treatment claims to control flakes, sooth itchy scalp and give a cool refreshing experience and treat/condition hair. I don’t have flakes or an itchy scalp but i can attest to the cool refreshing experience (this product contains menthol).

Right now my hair smells great, it is soft and moisturized.

Check out the Venus for you page here.

Have a good day! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Venus solutions soothing scalp treatment

  1. Love it, great to know – i sometimes use Venus treatments – try the Argan oil one which is a treatment plus leave in – i reccently saw it in the market and decided to give it a try. Results were awesome

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