My first 5K!

This past Saturday i run my first 5K. I didn’t take part in an official race or anything like that. I just went out for a morning run and covered 5+Km.


My day started at 5am when my alarm went off. I hit the snooze button till 5:15 which is when i actually got out of bed. I got dressed, put my hair up in a bun, grabbed my phone and keys, had a mouthful of water and was out the door at 5:27. I didn’t have green tea like i normally would because i’ve noticed that having anything before my run makes me nauseous (one time, I came so close to throwing up). I can’t even have a glass of water! But because i need to have something, a mouthful of water is what i go for. Thats all i can handle at the moment.

Anyway, a minute or two into my run, i struggled a bit. Maybe it was because of how cold it was. I don’t know…but after a short while i got comfortable and just went with the flow. Less than a mile in, i met another runner. (By the end of my run, i had come across 4 other runners).

The first 2 miles (3.2Km) were easy. I remember the first time i run 2 miles without stopping…it was hard, but i was over the moon. Now, that doesn’t faze me. Before Saturday, i had never attempted to go beyond 2.14 miles. That was my comfort zone. This time though, the end of mile 2 saw me run past my gate. I kept saying to myself, “i can do this, i can do this”. I wasn’t tired, but i could have easily ended my run there. Thats what i usually do. I was basically urging myself to go further. And i did go further. I managed to go an extra 1.24 miles covering a total of 3.24 miles! So i actually run 5.2Km.

I have to mention that I slowed way down to check my progress at around mile 2 and ended up stopping my tracker by accident so i stopped for a sec or two to get it back on. That was the only time i stopped. Near the end of mile 3, my left calf muscle begun to cramp. It wasn’t bad so i managed to get home okay.

Back in the house i stretched my muscles for a few minutes and then had chia pudding with a banana and water as my post workout snack. That kept me satiated till that afternoon when i met up with my best friend for lunch. She had booked an appointment for us to get our nails done later and that was the second highlight of the day for me. Soaking my feet in a foot bath and getting a foot massage was freaking amazing and much needed that day. Oh, and there was complimentary wine 😉


On new years’ eve last year, i challenged myself to run 5Km without stopping. I started training for it pretty late though; my first run was 1 mile long, then i did a few 1.5 mile runs, then three 2 mile runs and now i’ve finally done a 3.1+ mile (5km) run. It wasn’t challenging at all and i did it without stopping on my first try.

Now I can’t stop thinking how much further i can go.

At an average rate of 11.8 min/mi (7.3min/km) my overall time was 00:36. Slow. I know. Now that i have met my goal of running without stopping i can start working on my speed. My aim is to cover 3.1 miles (actual 5Km) in 30 minutes. My next run is scheduled for tomorrow (7hrs from now eek!). I’ll go for another 3.1 miles.



I maxed out!

As mentioned here, i finished doing the Insanity max:30 workout program. Its 8 weeks long but i finished it after 9 weeks because i skipped a week (I think it was week 6) and since my intent was to do each workout, i picked up from where i’d left off and pushed through till the end.

I say pushed through because it wasn’t easy. I actually wanted to quit several times (in week 7). I just wanted out. Ironically when week 8 rolled in, i felt sad that the program was coming to an end. Anyway, am happy i did it. It was harder than i thought it would be but it was definitely worth it. No matter how difficult i found some workouts to be, i felt proud to have at least put in some work for the day.

My max out times were all over the place as you will see below. I got to a point where i didn’t really care how much further i went. I was just working out. Still, i kept writing down my max out times.

Month 1
Week 1
Cardio challenge 6:17
Tabata strength 5:46
Sweat intervals 8:26
Tabata strength 5:20
Friday fight: round 1 8:13

Week 2
Cardio challenge 6:30
Tabata strength – didn’t record 😦
Sweat intervals 6:37
Tabata strength 6:48
Friday fight: round 1 8:36

Week 3
Cardio challenge 7:13
Tabata strength 7:24
Sweat intervals 8:24
Tabata strength 9:43
Friday fight: round 1 8:15

Week 4
Cardio challenge 11:17
Tabata strength 10:16
Sweat intervals 8:30
Tabata strength 6:15
Friday fight: round 1 8:28

Month 2
Week 5
Max out Cardio 7:09
Max out Power 8:04
Max out Sweat 5:02
Max out Strength 5:56
Friday fight: round 2 6:26

Week 6
Max out Cardio 5:07
Max out Power 9:00
Max out Sweat 8:15
Max out Strength 7:56
Friday fight: round 2 6:32

Week 7
Max out Cardio 5:15
Max out Power 7:58
Max out Sweat 5:15
Max out Strength 11:22
Friday fight: round 2 7:27

Week 8
Max out Cardio 5:04
Max out Power 7:11
Max out Sweat 5:23
Max out Strength 7:13
Friday fight: round 2 6:21

Easy post-workout snacks

Post workout snacks

Hi guys! In todays’ post, which is in conjunction with, i’d like to share with you some of my favourite post-workout snacks. First up is a Green ‘protein’ smoothie. This is my go-to post workout meal. I love green smoothies not only because they are delicious, but also because the spinach and banana combo pack a nutritious punch. And they are quite filling! A green smoothie is definitely meal in itself! I make mine with water, and since the smoothie is mainly for muscle recovery purposes i make sure to add some protein powder to it. I got a little fancy this time round and sprinkled some coconut flakes on top 🙂

Green 'protein' smoothie

Green ‘protein’ smoothie

Another one of my favourite post workout snacks is the chia pudding. This is basically chia seeds (rich in protein, omega 3 fatty acids, etc) soaked in yogurt (which is rich in protein). This pudding is quite filling too because the chia seeds tend to swell up and thicken the yogurt even more. I made this by adding 2 tablespoons of chia seeds to natural yogurt, stirring them in, and leaving the mixture in the fridge for 4 hours. You can leave it in there overnight if you choose to. I topped mine with strawberries, macadamia nuts, peanuts and cashew nuts.

Chia pudding

Chia pudding

Last but not least is this plate of sliced apples, strawberries, nuts and peanut butter. I sprinkled some cinnamon on top because i find some apples to be too sweet. Just balancing things out here 🙂


Ideally, a post workout snack should be had as soon as possible following a workout. These snacks can be easily transformed into on-the-go snacks for those of you who don’t have time to sit down and eat immediately after working out. No excuses people. No excuses. Just do your grocery shopping well in advance, prep your meals (clean and cut your fruits and veges), put them in easy to carry containers, pack them, so all you have to do is grab them and go!

Green 'protein' smoothie

Green ‘protein’ smoothie

Chia pudding

Chia pudding

apple-peanut butter

All packed & ready to go!

All packed & ready to go!

Most people don’t refuel their bodies properly after a workout. Some refuel with the wrong foods, others don’t refuel at all! Remember, your body is a machine. You need to take care of it. Here is a quick run down of what happens…when you workout, you create micro-tears in your muscles. Yes. Your muscles get torn. This results in the muscle soreness and inflammation which i’ve referred to in previous posts. The body naturally repairs itself but to speed up the process, one of the things you need to do is refuel your body.

Enter post-workout snacks. More importantly, Protein. But you also need some carbohydrates to go with that. The carbs (sugar from fruits) raise insulin levels in the body. This insulin is needed to transport protein into the muscle cells for (muscle) growth and (muscle) repair. The fibre from fruits and greens keep the blood sugar steady. Carbs also restore muscle glycogen that was lost during the workout. Most nuts and seeds are high in proteins and are also anti-inflammatory making them great post workout snack additions. However, it is important to keep your nut portions in check. A small handful is enough.

On more thing, REHYDRATE. Seriously guys, drink water before, during and after your workouts. Or whenever it suits you. But definitely after working out. The fruits will hydrate you some but drink up too.

Drink up!

Drink up!

Be sure to check out for more healthy snacks, NUTritious facts and ways to restore energy with high protein picks!

Corrective relaxer

I relaxed my hair on August 2nd at 11 weeks 5 days post (didn’t quite make it to 12 weeks). This was a corrective relaxer meaning that i wanted to go over the under processed hair with relaxer (again) to straighten it a little more because i didn’t like the texture that had resulted from my previous relaxing texlaxing session.

I used the ORS relaxer kit (Normal) which i had bought 2 weeks prior to relaxer day.

relaxer kit

relaxer kit

relaxer kit

The night before relaxer day i based my scalp (to prevent relaxer burns) using Venus beautiful essence hair food. I also used this same product to coat the length of my hair that i didn’t plan on relaxing (to prevent over processing it). Normally i’d use Vaseline but i figured this one would also get the job done and it did.

Venus Hair Food

Venus Hair Food

Scalp based, hair sectioned then coated

Scalp based, hair sectioned then coated

I relaxed my hair in pretty much the same way i always do. I undid the plaits (i had kept my hair like that for the night) but kept my hair in those 4 sections. I started the application process from the back because my hair is a lot more coarse over there than anywhere else on my head. Once all my new growth and texlaxed (previously under processed) hair was coated with relaxer, i smoothed it out using the back of a rat tail comb. This is the step i skipped during my last session. Smoothing basically aids in straightening the hair. I also kept the relaxer on my hair for a slightly longer period than last time.

Once i was satisfied with the process, i hoped into the shower and rinsed off the relaxer for a really long time. I don’t joke around with this step. I then did about 4 shampoo washes with ORS creamy aloe shampoo to neutralize any trace of relaxer that was still in my hair. After that i applied ORS replenishing conditioner to deep treat my hair. This is an important step. I don’t remember what else i added to this deep conditioner but am sure there was some peppermint oil in there.

Deep conditioner

deep conditioning

Here is a texture shot of my hair after rinsing off the deep conditioner.

Texture shot

I managed to get it straighter like i wanted. Here is a comparison shot of my now once again relaxed hair vs my texlaxed hair. I’d say my corrective relaxer session was a success!

relaxed vs texlaxed

Hello September! | Quick updates

Hi guys! I hope you’re all keeping well. I believe this is the longest i have gone without posting anything! I fell off the radar for a while but now am back (again) 🙂 I have quite a number of posts to put up so please bear with me as i get everything together. In the meantime, here are a few updates on my hair and fitness journey. I’ll go into more detail in upcoming posts.

I relaxed my hair on August 2nd, at 11 weeks 4/5 days post so am 5 weeks 3 days post today. If you recall, i mentioned wanting to do a corrective relaxer. I did that and it went well. I also straightened my hair on relaxer day and gave myself a trim (snipped off about 1.5 inches). After about a week or so, i wore my hair curly in a braidout and then i semi-straightened it after about a week and gave myself another trim. This time i snipped of more hair…like 2.5 inches. After that, i went back curly and have been wearing my hair like that to date.

Am currently not following any strict hair regimen. I just make sure that i wash my hair once a week. I simply shampoo and condition it in the shower. I haven’t done a deep conditioning treatment in weeks. I did a henna treatment 3 or 4 weeks ago and plan on doing another one next week or the week after…not really sure when.

I repurchased 2 hair products over the weekend and there are 2 other products that am thinking of trying out (budgeting woes). I know that i’ll end up buying them sooner or later so keep an eye out for a mini-haul post 🙂 Feels like i haven’t shopped for (new-to-me) stuff in ages so this will be quite the treat.

I finished doing the Insanity max:30 program! *throwsconfetti* 😀 Seriously though, that program! Still, i learnt a few things from doing it (as well as from the main Insanity workout program) so am glad i took the time to do them.

I’ve now shifted my focus to running. I run 3-4 days out of the week (well, actually, i should be running 4 days a week with no exception). Remember the 5K personal challenge i presented myself with? I still can’t run a 5Km distance…i haven’t tried. Am following a training program though and every week the distance i need to cover increases. Am slowly building up to 5Km and by the end of next week, i should be able to cover that distance! *excitedmuch*