I maxed out!

As mentioned here, i finished doing the Insanity max:30 workout program. Its 8 weeks long but i finished it after 9 weeks because i skipped a week (I think it was week 6) and since my intent was to do each workout, i picked up from where i’d left off and pushed through till the end.

I say pushed through because it wasn’t easy. I actually wanted to quit several times (in week 7). I just wanted out. Ironically when week 8 rolled in, i felt sad that the program was coming to an end. Anyway, am happy i did it. It was harder than i thought it would be but it was definitely worth it. No matter how difficult i found some workouts to be, i felt proud to have at least put in some work for the day.

My max out times were all over the place as you will see below. I got to a point where i didn’t really care how much further i went. I was just working out. Still, i kept writing down my max out times.

Month 1
Week 1
Cardio challenge 6:17
Tabata strength 5:46
Sweat intervals 8:26
Tabata strength 5:20
Friday fight: round 1 8:13

Week 2
Cardio challenge 6:30
Tabata strength – didn’t record 😦
Sweat intervals 6:37
Tabata strength 6:48
Friday fight: round 1 8:36

Week 3
Cardio challenge 7:13
Tabata strength 7:24
Sweat intervals 8:24
Tabata strength 9:43
Friday fight: round 1 8:15

Week 4
Cardio challenge 11:17
Tabata strength 10:16
Sweat intervals 8:30
Tabata strength 6:15
Friday fight: round 1 8:28

Month 2
Week 5
Max out Cardio 7:09
Max out Power 8:04
Max out Sweat 5:02
Max out Strength 5:56
Friday fight: round 2 6:26

Week 6
Max out Cardio 5:07
Max out Power 9:00
Max out Sweat 8:15
Max out Strength 7:56
Friday fight: round 2 6:32

Week 7
Max out Cardio 5:15
Max out Power 7:58
Max out Sweat 5:15
Max out Strength 11:22
Friday fight: round 2 7:27

Week 8
Max out Cardio 5:04
Max out Power 7:11
Max out Sweat 5:23
Max out Strength 7:13
Friday fight: round 2 6:21


2 thoughts on “I maxed out!

    • Hi Nelly, Sometimes i struggle, other times i don’t. I wash my hair 1-3X times a week and sometimes do the daily rinsing like you do and since i tend to wear my hair in a bun/ponytail, thats not a problem. The struggle comes in when i’ve actually styled my hair (straightened it or when i have it curly) and don’t want to ‘disturb’ and/or ruin the style by washing.

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