Relaxer update|October

I retouched my hair yesterday at exactly 11 weeks post. I was having a bit of a lazy day and didn’t get around to doing my hair till 4pm. I started off by parting my hair onto 4 sections and applying Venus hair food to my scalp and coated the already relaxed part of my hair with the same product. This kept the relaxer from burning my scalp and over processing my hair (respectively).

Venus Hair Food

Venus Hair Food

scalp based, hair coated and  sectioned

scalp based, hair coated and sectioned

Once that was done, I took an applicator brush and started the application step. I usually start at the back of my head because the hair there tends to be more coarse than that on the rest of my head. Anyway, after a while i realized that i had forgotten to wear gloves so i had to stop what i was doing and go get them :s

ORS relaxer kit

ORS relaxer kit

Got a free sample! Hair lotion

Got a sample! Hair lotion

I somehow managed to work pretty fast because even after the smoothing step, i found myself with plenty of time to clean up my work area (aka sink) before hoping into the shower. And i did not experience any burning sensation at all.

In the shower, i rinsed my hair for a really long time before proceeding to the shampooing/neutralizing step. I used the last of my bottled ORS creamy aloe shampoo (but i have 2 sachets of the same left). I had a sachet with me in the shower because i thought i’d need it but a little of this shampoo goes a long way. I did about 4 or 5 shampoo washes (yea, i was in there for a while 🙂 ).


After shampooing, i applied a deep conditioner mix that i had made earlier on. It basically consisted of some left over treatment from last week, ORS replenishing conditioner, Creme of Nature Intensive conditioning treatment and peppermint oil. I was running out of the bottled ORS conditioner which is why i added the Creme of Nature one. Both of these are protein based which is perfect because you want to use something thats protein based right after relaxing your hair.

last weeks' deep conditioner

last weeks’ deep conditioner

I left the deep conditioner on my hair for a few minutes as i carried on with the rest of my shower routine. Afterwards i rinsed my hair (first with warm water, then with cold), squeezed the excess water out, clipped my hair up, and then i stepped out of the shower.

Freshly relaxed

Freshly relaxed

Since it was getting late, i didn’t have time to do much else so i switched that blue clip you see above for a bobby pin, did a bit of cleaning in the kitchen, went for grocery shopping, got back and started cooking supper. Later in the night, i lightly misted my hair with water, applied Cantu shea butter leave-in and coconut oil, and then braided it up.

After-wash products: water, leave-in and coconut oil

After-wash products: water, leave-in and coconut oil



Hair update|week 10

Am 10 weeks 4 days post relaxer today!

Its been ages since i made a proper hair update. Not much has been going with my hair. I mentioned here that i trimmed it but thats about all the big news i have so far :/

July - below bra strap length (bsl) vs Aug above bsl

July – below bra strap length (bsl) vs Aug above bsl

Check out Yvette’s post…she too cut off a few inches.

Last week (Sunday-Monday) i did an overnight oil prepoo treatment, then i shampooed and conditioned my hair. A few days later (last Friday), i washed my hair again using ORS creamy aloe shampoo. I had gone for swimming the previous afternoon so my hair needed to be washed to get rid of chlorine from the swimming pool. This shampoo is not only a neutralizing and clarifying shampoo, but its also a chelating shampoo meaning that it gets rid of any mineral deposits that may be on the hair.

And then just this past Monday, only 3 days since the said chelating wash, i shampooed my hair again! I have to admit that this hair washing business is getting out of hand 😮 Needless to say, i shampooed my hair, let it air dry throughout the day and then at around midnight i applied some henna onto it.


I don’t know where my mind was when i made the henna paste because i made just enough to cover my roots and my ends. I think i used less than 50g of henna! (i usually use 100g). Anyway, i managed to work a bit of it onto the length of my hair (had to lightly mist my hair with water to evenly distribute it).

I had the henna on my hair for about 12 hours, then i did a deep conditioning treatment for only 30 minutes because i had to head out in the afternoon. After the wash i wrapped my hair in a towel for a few minutes, then applied some leave-in conditioner and coconut oil. For styling, i simply put my hair up in a ponytail. Here are a few pictures of how i wore my hair last week. not big on styling

Yea…am not big on styling

While in town on Tuesday, i picked up a relaxer kit and deep conditioner. I plan to retouch my hair tomorrow because i have a busy few weeks ahead of me and i want to have that freshly relaxed look within that time. Purchasing the deep conditioner wasn’t planned but i figured since i was in a part of town that i don’t frequent often, (and thats where i buy it from), “i might as well get it”.

mini haul

Has anyone tried out this new Argan oil ORS relaxer? I don’t know how long its been in the market. I first saw it last week.


Onto other matters, i’ve been trying to use up my hair products before purchasing any more and so far so good…i bought 500ml of coconut oil and 200g of henna last month because i had run out of those and i needed them. Anyway, in the past 2 weeks alone, i’ve gone through Enliven shampoo, Enliven conditioner, Suave (naturals) conditioner, Suave (professionals) conditioner, Oliive shampoo with conditioner and Venus dual hair treatment. The creamy aloe shampoo is good for one more wash before i run out (save for the sample-size sachets i have). I have no conditioner left. Am thinking of doing a haul at the beginning of next month to mark my 4 year hair journey anniversary.

I signed up!

I ushered in this month by signing up for the Standard Chartered Nairobi marathon. Well, not the actual marathon but the 10Km race. Earlier this year, I expressed my desire to participate in this particular race so signing up kind of makes it official. Its happening.

I started training last month and had second thoughts about being able to take part in this upcoming race many times. You can imagine my thought process when i had trouble running 3.2Km (2 miles),…the prospect of being able to run 10Km wasn’t very promising. And even when i conquered that 2 mile distance, i was still doubtful. However, completing a 3 mile run gave me confidence. Somehow, going just one extra mile made a huge difference in my attitude.

I’ve covered the 5Km distance twice, i missed one run this week and tomorrow I’ll run 4 miles (6.4Km). I haven’t covered that distance before. The plan was to make smart choices regarding what i ate (and drank) today because i do not want to feel sluggish tomorrow.

I have 3 more weeks of training before race day!