Healthy holiday travel tips

Traveling for the holidays?

Traveling for the holidays?

Hi guys! Like most of you, i will be traveling this holiday season and therefore, need to be at my best (health-wise). I have been looking forward to Christmas this year and so it would be a shame if i came down with anything. In light of that, i want to share with you a few tips to help you stay healthy this season.

1) Observe personal hygiene

One way to avoid picking up a virus while using public transportation is by using anti bacterial wipes to clean anything you might touch such as: tray tables, arm rests, etc. Sanitation in most modes of transport is not thorough so surfaces are more likely to habour germs. Also, pack a hand sanitizer to use regularly. And of course, wash your hands first thing once you get to your hotel/destination.

2) Eat smart

Trail mix

Trail mix

Packing healthy snacks to bring with you during travel will keep you from scrounging for something thats vaguely healthy at the airport or bus/train stations. It also helps you fight the temptation to reach for junk food such as sweets which by the way can spike your blood-sugar thus weakening your immune system and consequently leaving you susceptible to infections.

While on the actual holiday, its okay to enjoy those once-a-year holiday treats but in moderation. Don’t make overindulging the entire focus of your holiday. Find a balance so as to enjoy your meals without feeling deprived.

3) Fitness

Its very important to get up and move around whenever one is traveling for long hours to prevent Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) which is the formation of a clot in the legs due to sitting immobile for long periods. If on a plane, cruise the aisles. If you can’t get up from your seat, flex your feet, curl your toes and stretch your legs.

At your holiday destination, squeeze in quick-but-effective exercises such as skipping. A jump/skipping rope is a very portable piece of workout equipment that can be used practically anywhere so pack it and bring it with you. Also, bring along a pair of comfortable walking shoes. Going for walks will enable you to get some fresh air, relax your mind and take in the sights all of which are good for your mental health.

Go for an early morning swim if you can

Go for an early morning swim if you can

4) Pack a medical kit

You know yourself so if you are prone to headaches, allergies, stomach upsets, etc, carry the appropriate medication for emergency purposes. If you are on medication, please don’t forget your medicines. Carry extra and bring your prescription with you just incase your stay is extended for whatever reason.

Remember that when you travel far, your body encounters a whole new set of bacteria and viruses. That coupled with typical holiday behaviour like eating unhealthy food and drinking too much alcohol suppresses the immune system leaving you prone to infections. It is therefore not a bad idea to pack a multivitamin and/or probiotic which are known to boost the immune system.

5) Drink up

Its generally a good idea to stay hydrated but with regards to travel, i’d like to point out that low humidity (and high altitude if flying) make the air dry. The same goes for air conditioned rooms. This makes our airways more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria so its important to stay hydrated so as to keep mucous membranes (e.g the ones in the nostrils) moist. These membranes act as a natural barrier to keep disease causing organisms and dirt from entering the body.

Green tea is my go-to herbal tea so i plan to take some with me on holiday. Not only is it easy to make in a hotel room, its also choke full of benefits (detoxifying, immune boosting) and its also hydrating.

6) Get adequate rest

Holiday travel and the actual holiday can take a toll on the body so allow it to recover otherwise you will just wear down your body’s defenses. Besides, feeling fresh and rejuvenated after a good nights’ sleep will ensure that you get the most out of your holiday experiences/activities/adventures! You really don’t want to feel all tired and heavy.

7) Manage your stress


Cortisol is a natural hormone that responds to stress. It lowers immunity and making you more susceptible to infections. Stress might be unavoidable, but it can be minimized it by planning ahead for your holiday. Set realistic expectations for yourself and your family and be mindful about over-committing and overspending to reduce your stress level. If you feel the pressure coming on, deep breathing exercises are an easy way to de-stress.

Last but not least

8) Should you fall sick, know where to find care.
A good place to start your search is Amino makes it easy to find the doctors who have the most experience with your needs/condition. All you have to do is answer a few questions about your condition and they‘ll do an analysis on their extensive database to connect you with health care providers based on the number of people like you those health care providers have treated. Once thats done, you can pick a doctor from your matches based on your preferences (office location, doctors’ gender, insurance,…). They’ll even book an appointment for you at no charge. Click here to further understand how this works.

It is worth noting that unlike other health care websites, Amino does not run ads or promote ‘sponsored’ doctors. When you look for a doctor on Amino, the results you get are data-driven and unbiased.

You can find nearly every practicing doctor in America on Amino but should you find yourself outside the location radius catered to by Amino, you can research your holiday destination before leaving home to find out where hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and other health care facilities are located.

I hope these tips will be of help to you as you prepare for your holiday. Be sure to check for more information.

Happy holidays!


Curly girl!

Flexi rod set

Hi guys! Hope you’re all keeping well. Its December! I know, almost 3 weeks in already and this is my first post this month. Anyway, i thought i’d share with you this look i did a few weeks ago (more like a month plus ago…oops!)

Flexi rods

Flexi rods


I bought the purple flexi rods back in October and finally put them to use. The orange ones had been lying dormant for a while now since i purchased them back in 2012 i think (or maybe it was 2013…i don’t know). My hair was not freshly washed for this look. I had been rocking a bun for a few days and decided to switch up the style. So basically this was done on dry hair. I moisturized and seal it prior to applying the flexi rods though.

I did this at night and let me just tell you that trying to sleep with these things on my head was a nightmare. I don’t know how people do it. I literally lost sleep and ended up getting out of bed to watch some TV series. 3 hours later i took them out, put on a hair bonnet and went back to bed. That felt good 🙂 They still turned out okay.

Have a lovely day/night and see you in my next post!