Curly girl!

Flexi rod set

Hi guys! Hope you’re all keeping well. Its December! I know, almost 3 weeks in already and this is my first post this month. Anyway, i thought i’d share with you this look i did a few weeks ago (more like a month plus ago…oops!)

Flexi rods

Flexi rods


I bought the purple flexi rods back in October and finally put them to use. The orange ones had been lying dormant for a while now since i purchased them back in 2012 i think (or maybe it was 2013…i don’t know). My hair was not freshly washed for this look. I had been rocking a bun for a few days and decided to switch up the style. So basically this was done on dry hair. I moisturized and seal it prior to applying the flexi rods though.

I did this at night and let me just tell you that trying to sleep with these things on my head was a nightmare. I don’t know how people do it. I literally lost sleep and ended up getting out of bed to watch some TV series. 3 hours later i took them out, put on a hair bonnet and went back to bed. That felt good 🙂 They still turned out okay.

Have a lovely day/night and see you in my next post!


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