Happy new year!

Its not too late to say that right? 🙂

I had a awesome Christmas break and start to the new year but now I think I’ve had enough of the festivities. Its time to get back to work and today, I did just that. I woke up very early for no apparent reason (at 4 something) couldn’t go back to sleep and so i went through some work stuff before heading out hours later. I must admit, it felt great to be out there once again. Even though not everything panned out, i still felt productive.

Anyway, usual updates, yes? Okay then…

Am 11 weeks 2 days post relaxer today!

I wore my hair straight for Christmas, washed, deep conditioned and blew it dry when i got back home a few days later and then last Saturday i lightly curled it for an family event. Today i slicked down my edges with gel and wore it in a low bun. I was going to buy some more gel seeing that i used the last of mine this morning but ended up picking a relaxer kit instead. Looks like i’ll be relaxing my hair this weekend!

I haven’t gone for a run in a while but i do enjoy taking walks. And am a fast walker so thats got to count for something. I’ve also been doing Shaun T’s newish workout…

Pic from web

Pic from web

Its basically dance and believe me when i say that you’ll work up a sweat doing it. And its fun! Seriously, i smile through the whole thing! I need more space doing it than i need for the other Insanity workouts though (dancer with two left feet over here 😀 ). I don’t follow the workout calendar, i just do what i feel like doing on any given day. And when am feeling down…best pick-me-up ever!

I want to do another round of Insanity (or even Insanity Max:30) but am a little intimidated by them because i noticed that my fitness level has gone down. My last run was about 3km long and i took 3 walking breaks because i needed to catch my breath. 3! How again did i run a 10km race without stopping or walking?! Lets not get into my attempt at doing an Insanity warm up.

Am afraid of the post-workout soreness I’ll experience (nothing new, but it still hurts). Am afraid that i’ll lose heart if i have trouble doing a set. Am afraid that I’ll lose weight! Let me explain. I have never been skinny, nor do i desire to be so (i probably wanted that at some point when shopping for clothes). By the time i finished high school i was obese. I dropped the weight thanks to being back home eating Mum’s home-cooked meals (and walking up and down campus trying to locate my classes…I was the most confused freshman that ever lived 😀 )

Anyway, by the time i started working out in 2013, i weighed about the same as i do now but somehow, i look smaller now (yea, am confused too). My belly and back fat continue to be the bane of my existence yet the parts i don’t want to disappear are disappearing! *gerrit?* I think am at a good weight. Am 5 feet tall and if i lose too much or anymore weight i think I’ll look sick (and possibly feel sick too).

Problem? I have fallen in love with exercising. I love the way it makes me feel which is why i want to do Insanity again. I love that kind of intensity. It does things to my body and mind. I don’t feel sluggish in the afternoon when i do it, or tired at the end of the day when everyone else just wants to go home and crush. My energy levels are usually way up there, i don’t have trouble going to sleep, I have a positive a out look to life. My mind goes to work like a mad scientists’ mind…or maybe thats because i missed my calling (working in a lab brought me so much joy…good times. Good times). Exercising makes me feel alive. And very happy!

My best friend, Em, suggested that i eat more food since I go hard on my workouts and don’t want to lose weight. “Healthy foods!” she said 🙂

Okaaayyy. This is not entirely what i had in mind when i started this post, but i guess thats what i needed to let out 🙂 Way to go Joyce!

See you in my next post!


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