Moisturizing & sealing my hair

Hi guys! I hope you had a great Easter break…i know i did 🙂

In today’s post i will be showing you how i moisturize and seal my relaxed hair, but before i get into that, let me start by explaining what moisturizing and sealing is, and why its necessary, for those of you who don’t know. Continue reading


Beet smoothie bowl


The temperature rise we’re currently experiencing here in Kenya is no joke. And its not even a heat wave according to the experts…don’t want to imagine what that would be like! Anyway, if you’ve been suffering due to the heat its time to bust out your blender and make a quick, cool, refreshing, and delicious healthy snack. Continue reading

Karen Hospital Heart run | 10Km

Race gear

Last Saturday i ‘ran‘ my second 10K just 6 days after ‘runningmy first half marathon. This was the Heart challenge put on by the Heart-to-Heart Foundation (a Kenyan Medical Charity) which is dedicated to the control, Prevention and Treatment of heart diseases in children.

As usual, my day started pretty early. I ‘slept in’ a little though and didn’t get out of bed till 5:30. I was really sleepy. For some reason i average about 5 hours of sleep right before race days :/ I didn’t have much in the way of breakfast due to stomach discomfort and nausea and so off i went, on an almost empty stomach.

I got to the race venue (Uhuru gardens) Continue reading

My first half marathon

Duration: 2hrs 50minutes

Duration: 2hrs 50minutes

Last Sunday (6th March) i “run” my longest distance yet. 21Km.

My day started at 4:30am after having 5hrs of sleep. I hadn’t set my alarm to go off at that time but i guess i was anxious about the race even though i didn’t feel like it. I went about my morning routine – Continue reading