Let’s catch up | Fitness

I did something crazy…


I signed up for a half marathon!

Remember my lone January post where i said that i wanted to do another round of Insanity workouts? Well, i didn’t do that exactly. I worked out here and there (Insanity), did a bit of Cize (dance workout) and a bit of running. Nothing to write home about really. I probably worked out 2-3 times a week which is not so bad…or so i keep telling myself.

February rolled in and H.E. Margaret Kenyatta launched the 3rd edition of the First Lady’s Half Marathon (Beyond Zero campaign). All of a sudden, panic set in. I had known the race was right around the corner for quite some time but i still panicked. I wasn’t ready for it. I had just over a month to try and get my act together. I can’t say that i trained for the race, i just carried on with what i had been doing in January. I figured i could run the 10km race like i did last year. That was definitely doable. But then again, i really wanted to challenge myself. A 10K was a safe bet for me. I wanted something more. To cover a 21km distance. A half marathon. A 10K or a 21Km? That was my dilemma right up to last Sunday when i signed up for the 21km in the middle of the night. Yea, it was really bothering me :/ I picked the half marathon for the experience, and it should be fun…i think.

I realize that this is not the best way to approach a long distance race so am not even going to push myself that hard. My race day strategy is to run the first half of the race (hopefully that won’t exhaust me) and then employ the run-walk method for the rest of the race.

This should be okay since I’m not going for a podium finish (Lord knows I’m a slow runner 😀 ) or trying to set a personal record (PR). I shouldn’t even be setting goals but i do have a goal time in mind. Between 2.5 – 3 hours. Thats a long time to be out there running. The race starts at 7am and i want to be done before the weather gets too hot because running in the heat is pure torture. Here is a map showing the route I’ll follow:

Crazy. Right? pic from web

Crazy. Right? pic from web

Like i mentioned earlier, i picked the 21Km distance for the experience. I plan to run another half marathon in October God willing, and i want, nay need to have an inkling of what that will be like. With about 7 months of training, i should be able to run the entire distance (no walk breaks).

Am 2 days away from running my first half marathon and guess what am doing today? Am going to register for another race 🙂 The Karen Hospital Heart Run (10km) which will be just 6 days after the half. Am a little too excited about races right now. If I’ll not be in a position to race again on the 12th, at least I’ll have touched a child’s heart by making a contribution.

pic from web

pic from web


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