My current hair regimen

Hi guys, thought I’d share with you my updated hair regimen as a follow-up to my previous post regarding my plans to grow my hair longer. I cited inconsistency as one of the causes of my setback so here is what i plan to do about it…

Moisturize and seal

Overnight oil prepoo
Shampoo wash
Deep conditioning treatment

Midweek cowash

Henna or protein treatment

Since my last wash, i have been very diligent with moisturizing and sealing my hair on a daily basis. My hair in turn is doing very well in that it is not dry and seems to be holing onto moisture pretty good. Score 1 for that!

As for the oil prepoo, well, just look at the results i attained from doing it at the beginning of my hair journey…

see the texture of my new healthy growth? PROGRESS!!!

see the texture of my new healthy growth? PROGRESS!!!

This was just 2 months into my journey! I want that. Besides, am also using a sulfate-shampoo so doing an oil treatment beforehand will keep it (said shampoo) from stripping my hair dry.

Should I feel the need to freshen my scalp or hair (you know, to keep it juicy-looking), then cowashing it is. Simply washing my hair using conditioner.

I normally relax/perm my hair around the 3 month mark but this time I’ll try and go for a little longer…not sure how long though. We’ll see how long i can hold out for.


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