Beet smoothie bowl


The temperature rise we’re currently experiencing here in Kenya is no joke. And its not even a heat wave according to the experts…don’t want to imagine what that would be like! Anyway, if you’ve been suffering due to the heat its time to bust out your blender and make a quick, cool, refreshing, and delicious healthy snack.

smoothie bowl

Lately I’ve been loving beetroot smoothies (remember this red velvet smoothie from way back?). Yup. The obsession is back πŸ™‚ I made this one using 1 beetroot, a banana, a little vanilla protein powder, yogurt and very little water.

Beet swirl

Beet swirl

When choosing beetroots, go for the smoother, rounder ones, and the smaller the sweeter. I added protein powder because it was also a post-workout meal for me so you can skip that. The yogurt is really for gut health (will aid in digestion; help things move along if you know what i mean). Make sure you add fermented foods to your diet guys. Instead of water, you can add ice cubes to chill and make your smoothie creamy (you can freeze the banana beforehand for the same result). Better yet, swap the plain water for coconut water. That will help replace fluids lost due to the heat.

Put all your ingredients into a blender, blend till smooth and serve. Note that adding less liquids will give the smoothie a thicker consistency (hence the bowl-and-not-glass serving situation. And use a spoon…a straw just won’t do πŸ™‚ ).

And don’t forget the toppings!


I went crazy with mine and added chia seeds, sun flower seeds and almonds. You can add fruit too!


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