Oatmeal breakfast

mixed berry oatmeal

Five weeks ago i made the decision to start having oatmeal (in some countries, oatmeal is referred to as porridge but here in Kenya, we have our own versions of porridge so am just going to call this oatmeal). Anyway, its now become my go-to-breakfast and i love it. Before that, i had to have tea and bread for breakfast. You know how grumpy some people get when they don’t have coffee first thing in the morning? Yea, for me, it was tea and bread for breakfast 😀 And since i love bread so much i’d easily eat upto 6 slices 😐 Don’t judge. Back to the oatmeal story… Continue reading


Wash day breakage | Prevention

Shout out to Emily for today’s post idea. Hi girl 🙂 I hope that my other readers benefit from this too. So…my thoughts on wash day breakage; how to prevent them to be more specific. I have written several individual posts on the points below so feel free to click on the link backs where i have even more info. Continue reading

Protein hair treatment | Mayonnaise

Hi Guys! Finally, a hair post, right? 😀

Today i will be showing you how my latest protein treatment went. I used Mayonnaise on its own (this time i chose not to add anything to it like i did in June of 2014). I started off with freshly washed, dried hair.

Mayonnaise for hair Continue reading

Full day of eating…

…basically what i ate today yesterday.

*Meant to have this post up last night*

Anyway, moving on swiftly…

I decided to take pictures of all the food i’d be eating for the day and share them in a post.

Green tea Continue reading

About that fit life…

Since my last fitness update early last month, I have run a half marathon and a 10K. Am done with races (and running) for now…well, I do have another 10K coming up in the month of May…I’ll ‘talk’ about that later. I started another round of Insanity workouts this past Tuesday and I’m loving it! Am more proud of myself for finally giving it a go (again) than anything else 🙂 Continue reading