Full day of eating…

…basically what i ate today yesterday.

*Meant to have this post up last night*

Anyway, moving on swiftly…

I decided to take pictures of all the food i’d be eating for the day and share them in a post.

Green tea

I always start my day with a cup of green tea. Most times I add freshly squeezed lemon juice to it but I didn’t do that this time round. Tip: It is recommended that you use a straw when drinking lemon water (and this kind of green tea i suppose?) to minimize contact between the lemon juice and your teeth because the acid from the lemon will erode your teeth overtime.


I recently started having oatmeal for breakfast and so far, so good. Well, actually, this is the first bowl of oatmeal that I have thoroughly enjoyed. I topped it with chia seeds and coconut shreds. I also had a fish oil supplement and an apple. This meal did a pretty good job of holding me over till lunch time and even then, I was not that hungry which is why my next meal (lunch) was light.

vege omelette

Told you it was light. I had a vege omelette – the greens are left overs from the previous nights’ supper. Thought it was a good addition. I used 1 egg for this. I also had a mug of tea.


For supper, I went with rice, beans, avocado and raw, chopped up tomatoes and an onion. I sprinkled black pepper on that because I use that spice on just about everything 🙂

I also drunk about 2 liters of water throughout the day. I always have a bottle of water with me otherwise I’d end up drinking one or two glasses of water a day. Having it near me reminds me to take a sip every now and then.

And that was it for my days’ meals.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend


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