Hello May!

Rain splattered window

Welcome to a new month guys! This is my Birthday month and today happens to be Labour day…so tomorrow is a public holiday! Well, that doesn’t really matter when you’re self-employed, but still; YAY!

Grey skies earlier today

Grey skies earlier today

Its been raining in my neck of the woods aka Nairobi aka Green City in the Sun. Well, there is no sun right now…don’t remember when i last saw it since its been raining a lot this past week. I think I can safely say that we are done with the occasional rainy days. I don’t even expect sun tomorrow, or the day after…we’ll see.

I woke up in a really good mood today. The sound of raindrops splattering outside my window and the fact that its the weekend (and i don’t have any commitments) is very calming. I stepped outside, took in the crisp fresh air and the smell of wet soil (i love the smell of wet soil) and decided to be a photographer, if only for a moment. I hadn’t even had my breakfast.

Yes, i ventured outside with a camera to take pics of this glorious rainy day. I took a little walk around my neighbourhood with the camera slung around my neck and that was interesting. People were staring at me hunched over taking pics of leaves, puddles and the grey skies. Guess thats what its like for fashion bloggers doing photo shoots outdoors. But i didn’t mind, felt like i was in my own little bubble after a while. I quickly got the sniffles and had to rush back home and warm up.

Rain drops on leaves

Raindrops on grass

Watered earth

I hope you enjoy this beautiful day.

Keep warm 🙂


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