Hi Guys, as you can tell from the title, today’s post is on the supplements am currently taking. Since am on both a hair journey and a fitness journey, I think its important to point out any dietary supplements I might be taking. So, here goes…

Cod liver oil
From the start of this month I have been religiously taking a spoonful of Cod liver oil on a daily basis. I have taken this supplement before so its not new to me. I have a post here where I go into detail about what it is and what its benefits are. I take it for general good health and not for its hair growth properties although thats a bonus, I guess.

Protein powder
I started taking this supplement specifically for muscle recovery purposes after intense workouts. I don’t think I need it so I don’t get hung up on taking it religiously. Regular protein sources (eggs, yogurt, meats, etc…) do just fine. I do however love the flavour vanilla protein powder adds to my smoothies and oatmeal so every once in a while I use it for that.


One thought on “Supplements

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