You asked, I answered…

…So lets get to it.

1) What is your hair regimen?
This is subject to change but basically;
Daily: Moisturize and seal
Weekly: Cowash followed by a deep conditioning treatment
Monthly: Shampoo wash followed by a deep conditioning treatment

2) What is your wash day routine? What is your cowashing routine?
See question 1 but if you want a detailed post, let me know in the comment section below.

3) Are 2 wash days a week too much?
It depends. If you are shampooing your hair on each wash day, thats too much in my opinion. But if you must, I’d recommend a sulfate-free shampoo. Or you could wash your hair with conditioner only instead of shampoo i.e. cowash. Chances are, if you’re washing your hair every week, it doesn’t get that dirty and you could skip shampooing every now and then and cowash instead. Side note: When my hair was natural, I used to cowash every single day and that worked for me. Now that am relaxed I opt for a weekly wash but because I workout (or sometimes just want to refresh my hair) a midweek cowash does it for me.

4) What products do you use to moisturize and seal your hair?
I currently use the ORS hair lotion or plain water as moisturizers, and coconut oil or Extra virgin olive oil as sealants.

5) What are your current hair products?


As you can see, am a bit of a product junkie…I’ll share whats in my stash in another post.

6) How often do you use your hair products?
I use my products as per my hair regimen (see question 1). Some are for daily, weekly , monthly use.

7) When do you use a leave-in conditioner?
After I get out of the shower, I wrap my hair in a towel or T-shirt for a few minutes (5-10 min), once most of the water has been soaked up and non is dripping, I apply the leave-in conditioner.

8) What routine do you follow when doing strengthening treatments?
I use henna to strengthen my hair. Before hennaing i shampoo my hair and let it air dry as is before applying the henna paste. I then apply the henna, let it sit in my hair overnight, rinse it off, then do a deep conditioning treatment and proceed to styling once thats been washed off. I have several posts on how I do this but if you want an updated one, let me know in the comment section below. Side note: If the brand of henna am using has a natural cleanser in it (e.g. Shikakai), then I skip the shampooing step.

These are just some of the questions I received. The rest will be answered in upcoming posts.

Got any questions for me?

Leave them in the comment section below.

Good day 🙂


2 thoughts on “You asked, I answered…

  1. Hi. As your grew longer what changes did you find you had to make in the way you manipulate it from day to day and in your regimen in general to accommodate your new inches? Do you find BSL hair more or less challenging to maintain than, say, full SL hair? My hair has made good progress to APL from NL but I’ve never handled this length of hair before and I’m slightly intimidated.
    P.S. this is rather belated, but I hope you had the best Valentine’s Day🌷

    • Hi Emily, now my reply is super late but I hope you had a great valentine’s day too. I didn’t find that I needed to do anything extra to accommodate longer length (I had a solid regimen to begin with). As for manipulation, I found it easier to wear shorter hair down. With BSL hair, I somehow wasn’t comfortable wearing it down all the time so it stayed up in buns and ponytails. Also, you really need to do everything in sections the longer the hair gets. You need to distribute products throughout your hair…root to tip.

      If you’re doing things right (and it seems like you are), keep it up. If you’re lax in any area of your regimen (deep conditioning, prepoos, trims) its time to step up your game. I did the opposite. I wasn’t consistent with my regimen which is the main reason I stagnated at BSL. Some people say that at around BSL you should do more strengthening treatments but thats totally up to you. You know your hair and will be able to tell if thats what it needs.

      Congrats on you progress! And don’t be intimidated…enjoy the length. You worked for it.

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