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  1. So my hair had been making remarkable progress for the last one and a half years.. but now its shedding @ a high rate I’m depressed about it! , from armpit length to shoulder length now. its got me distorted and panicking… what could be wrong and what can I do to fix it?… HELP!!!

    • Hi Naomi, am sorry that this is happening to you. Getting depressed or stressed also causes hair fall so try to avoid that. First, is your hair shedding (long strands of hair coming from the scalp/root) or are you experiencing hair breakage? (short pieces of hair). What is your hair regimen? What are you doing differently? Have you changed your hair products or introduced something new? (castor oil made my hair shed) Are you on medication? How does your hair feel? (dry/brittle, mushy/stretchy, strong/weak)…These are some questions you need to ask in order to figure out what the cause is. Feel free to send me an email (check the ‘contact me’ tab at the top of this page) or you could just give me more info in this section so we can see how to get your hair back in good health.

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