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Am 14 weeks 5 days post relaxer today!


Half marathon #2

And just like that, Its almost time for my next half marathon race. I didn’t even post a race recap on my last one (which was almost a year ago!). Anyway, I still have a bunch of pictures from that day so I’ll share them below. But before I do that, I signed up for the next StanChart half marathon a couple of months ago. It will take place on the 26th of November and not 29th of October as earlier announced.

Lets rewind to October 2016

I managed to convince my brother to run the race with me, but come morning, on the d-day, I was all ready and he wasn’t. He had all these things he had to do including having breakfast…which I usually skip because it makes me nauseous during the race…I just couldn’t wait for him. It was already past 6am – you might already know from my previous race recap posts that I typically leave the house before 6am. Anyway, I left the house and in the rush, I forgot to carry my race number (bib). Since I was already in a vehicle heading to town and couldn’t turn back, I called my brother who still hadn’t left the house and asked him to bring it with him.

I walked from town to Nyayo stadium (race venue) which was slightly over 2km. I still had plenty of time before the half marathon started so I wasn’t worried. Along Uhuru highway, I came across some of the wheelchair race participants. As I got closer to the stadium, I saw the full marathon participants…their race had started too. I was scheduled to start 20 minutes later.

As always, there was a band parade

Now, my brother didn’t show up until about 7:40am. That was a good 20 minutes after the race started. I waited for him because I needed the race bib to check my bag ’cause no way was I going to run 21km with extra weight on me. I also wanted the timing chip on the bib to sync with the time mat at the start line so everything would reflect well on my finisher certificate…it didn’t. I somehow had 23 minutes on top of my race time :/ Anyway, I started the race 23 minutes late with my brother by my side but after a while…less than a minute, he said that he couldn’t run at my pace. Apparently, I was slow 😮 I told him he could run ahead…it was ok, and so he shot forward and that was the last I saw of him for the next few hours 🙂

Start of my race. 23 min late :/

I just couldn’t seem to catch up with the rest of the runners. They seemed so near yet so far from me and that was a downer. And then some 10km elite runners whooshed past me! They had started 20 minutes after me…those guys are fast. I felt like I was in last place even though there were a few other runners behind me. I was however elated when at one point I run past a group of women camped outside the Parliament building…a protest I think. Those women were cheering us on and it felt so good! Gave me a little boost 🙂

At around 9km, I caught up with a group. We were on an incline (Museum hill) and people chose walk that part of the course. I did too. When we got to the overpass and I looked over, I saw the guys who were ahead of us. They were really far away. After the incline I started doing the walk-run method. At 10km or thereabouts, my legs started to hurt. At 12km I was in real pain. Felt like that was it for me. But you know, you keep going. It took a lot to not think about how much further I had to go…9 more kilometers in case you’re wondering 😀



At 18km, my brother called me. He had already finished the race! I told him where I was. From that point onward, I believe I walked more than I ran right up to the finish. A little ways after the finish line, someone checked my race bib and then slipped a finisher medal around my neck. I didn’t have to queue to get it or anything. They were so well organized!

After taking the obligatory post race pics, my brother and I went to a food truck and bought something to eat. He left shortly afterwards but I hang back to enjoy some of the entertainment on stage.

Just before I left the stadium, I saw a merry-go-round that had been set up. The rides were free and so I got on. I mean, why not? right? The rides were 5 min long and I remember wishing they were longer than that. However, less than a minute in, I regretted my decision to get on. My head was spinning, I felt nauseous, I even thought I would pass out! That felt like the longest ride of my life! I didn’t pass out and once I got off, I went and sat under a tree…I think I lay down at some point…I was feeling so bad. I eventually threw up *gross*. I just don’t know what happened there. I stayed there for a while trying to get myself together. Soon after, the nausea went away and my head felt better and so I got up and went straight home where I showered, ate some more and slept till evening time.

And thats how my race day went.

Lots of walking and not enough running hence the gazillion pics 😀

I don’t know if my brother will join me again this year, he enjoyed it so, we’ll see. I asked one of my friends to come with me and he said he would, all he has to do now is sign up and buy a pair of running shoes. I told him he’d have to sign up for the 21km like I did which he thought was crazy 😀 He’s not a runner but he was in the basketball team both in high school and Uni so I think he’ll be okay.

Anyway, thats all for now…more on running in another post.

Have a good day 🙂

I almost forgot…I finished the race in 3 hours. 3! My cert shows 3hrs 23 min though 😦

Currently using…



Deep conditioners

Leave-in conditioner


I have been using olive oil for about a month or so now because I just can’t seem to find coconut oil anywhere…the cheap one I normally buy.

Heat protection serum



Lets just say that I went through a phase during which I thought I needed all these 😀 am currently 13 weeks post relaxer and the way my new growth is coming in…these gels are very handy.


And of course, Water

I got bangs!

I got bangs!

Like, finally!

On the 28th of August, a Monday, I woke up at 3 something and gave myself bangs – I tend to do my hair at very odd hours 😀 I basically snipped of a good 5 inches or so to achieve straight across bangs.

My bangs came out too wispy which is not what I wanted but I didn’t fret because I knew that that was due to my hair being straightened – I had flat ironed it the previous day and it was kinda flat. Instead of cutting off more hair, I decided not to wear out the bangs and wait till after the next wash day when I’d have a little bit of texture and volume to work with. I washed my hair after wearing it straight for a week and a half.

I love how I cut them! Wide and long…right above my eyes. I mostly wear them side swept because…default style. Plus one side is slightly longer and that works. I’ve had the bangs for a little over a month and its time to trim them.

I can’t believe its taken me years to muster the courage to get bangs! I think I first mentioned wanting bangs in 2012…yea, its been a long time coming. Its just that the longer my hair grew, the more reluctant I became about getting them but after my haircut in March, I figured I could do it and so the next month, over the Easter holiday, I attempted to cut side swept bangs. I ended up with long bangs and it looked like I’d done nothing. That was a fail :/ This time I really went for it. I’m still rocking buns though 🙂 Also trying to figure out the best way to style the bangs for a more polished look. Talk about a high maintenance style!