November so far…

Hi guys! Can you believe that the year is almost over?! Christmas is right around the corner! Have you seen the mall decor of late? I feel like these past months have gone by so fast. So, what have I been up to?…

I attended a training course at the beginning of this month and once it was over I took a break from studying for a bit. I always have to sit for a paper or two for the training courses I attend :/ I don’t remember much of what I did in the week that followed 😐 After that I went back to doing some work at the hospital. I have to be in uniform there but I normally wear jeans to and from work. I keep the work shirt on. I realized that I didn’t have any good pairs of jeans and impulsively bought four pairs. I keep telling myself that I need them to justify that purchase. I went over my clothing budget for the month by ksh.1,000 and yet still have some more clothing items to buy :/ Why is sticking to my budget such an issue?!

Moving on, I did a relaxer touch up on my hair on the 28th of October so am currently 4 weeks 2 days post. I wore my hair curly for the first three weeks, then straightened it on the 17th for my graduation. Yes guys, I graduated! Top of my class too 🙂 All those hours I put in studying really paid off! Am not done with books yet. I have one more short course that am enrolled in and will go for training early next month. I plan to take on one more short course next year.

I graduated!

The weekend after graduation was all about trying to get my life together. I felt like a lot was happening at once. I traveled upcountry for a family thing and the time spent there really helped clear my mind. Somehow being there grounds me and slows things down for me. You might have noticed by now that am one of those people who tend to overthink stuff :s It works for my benefit for the most part.

Homeward bound

Anyway, last week went pretty well at work. I got positive feedback from several hospital staff on my work. I love being there. Everyday I learn something new. On the other hand, studying is not going so well. Am way behind on that. I have so much to cover. I feel that I have to be on a schedule if am to get work done so my days are pretty much the same. I remember a time when I detested leading such a structured life. Now, I feel that its necessary.

One last thing that happened…I ran my 3rd half marathon yesterday! By now you know I mean run-walked but thats not the point. I’ll have a post on that soon 😀

Okay, time to head off to work. Am in the second shift which starts in an hour. I decided against going in for the first because I needed extra rest after yesterday’s run. Hope your Monday is going great. Till next time,…

God bless