I got robbed

Last Friday I got back home at around 9:30 in the morning from a night shift. At that point I had been up for a good 25 hours straight. That was my first time back to doing night shifts since July – my routine is all over the place :/ Anyway, I showered, ate, rested, woke up and ate again, cleaned, food shopped, ironed my shirt, repainted my nails…yea, I took my time. Needless to say I left home for day 2 of my night shift pretty late.

I got to town at around 7:00pm and was dropped smack in the middle of a busy street. Getting through the rush hour crowds coupled with the crazy traffic leaving town was mental. I mean really crazy. Turns out that while I was busy minding my own business trying not to get knocked down, someone else was busy robbing me and I didn’t even know it. It all happened so fast!

I had crossed a road and something just didn’t feel right…they were too many of us pedestrians. I felt like checking my bag and when I did, I realized that it was halfway open! My heart immediately sunk because I just knew my phone was gone. I quickly rummaged through my bag while walking and when I didn’t feel my phone, I zipped it up and kept on walking. I mean, there were too many people on the streets…there was no way of telling who robbed me.

After a few minutes I thought of my wallet, checked my bag again and also couldn’t feel it. When I boarded another bus…I take two buses to work…I near emptied my bag and did a thorough search. Turns out both my phone and wallet had been stolen 😦 Fortunately, I had a 200 shilling note in my jeans. That was all the money I had on me.

I didn’t really have time to process what had happened because work kept me pretty distracted. We were so busy. It wasn’t like a good work night either…I work in the Emergency department so I see death occur but Friday night was just rough for everyone involved. Death after death after death. All of a sudden, my problems seemed so minimal. As morning approached, work eased up.

I had told a few people about my phone being stolen and what not and they told me to report it to the police, they have police hotlines at the hospital plus we have police coming in every now and then but I was just out of it and couldn’t be bothered. I clocked out and decided to walk to town with a colleague. It was a good, well deserved long walk.

We made a stop at a certain organization where we’d both trained at and a man came in seeking help. My colleague and I cleaned and dressed his wounds. He told me that he had been attacked and his phone had been stolen. I just knew God was trying to tell me something. I mean, what were the odds of this encounter? We hadn’t even planned on going there. We don’t even work there yet we were asked to help him…the people who work there would have done it but they asked if we could do it instead and we gladly obliged.

Anyway, my colleague and I went our separate ways. I had a few more stops to make like the banks and phone company because my ATM card had been stolen along with the wallet. Turns out I couldn’t get replacements for either the ATM card or SIM cards without my ID (which was also stolen). At the very least, I needed an ID waiting card which I could get at Huduma center which was just across the street but, they don’t open on Saturdays. That was turning out to be a shitty morning. I actually shed a tear which I quickly wiped off.

I finally got home at midday, told my brother what had happened, got the laptop and started changing passwords to all my social media platforms. I didn’t want the thief checking into my accounts. Meanwhile, my dear brother had called the rest of my family and told them what happened and they in turn called me (using his phone of course) to check in on me. I also made some calls to check on my business and for the first time in weeks, things were looking up. I felt that God truly has my back. At around 3:00pm (another 24 hours being up), I went to bed. Two and a half hours later, my brother woke me up to say goodbye…he was leaving for a few days. I didn’t go back to bed till around 11 something.

I don’t even know what time I woke up this morning. I had my breakfast and watched Iron Man again. Am on a mission to watch all the Marvel movies in chronological order this holiday season. I watched ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ the other day. I think I have 15 more to go. Right now am creating this post as I cook some meat for lunch and then I’ll do some cleaning and get ready for the week ahead.

I won’t go to work tomorrow. I’ll go to the police and report the theft (is it too late?) and also get an abstract which I’ll need to apply for a new ID. On the bright side, I get to change the photo on my ID 😀 . I’ll also finally get a SIM card replacement. I have backup phone which I can’t use because I don’t have a SIM card (ridiculous). I also need to go to the bank and also get a new health insurance card…the other one was also stolen. Lets just say that tomorrow will be all about getting stuff I lost replaced.

I hope you don’t mind the pictureless post. My photos are now gone. I somehow managed to surpass the photo capacity on my cloud so I don’t have backups there 😦 Anyway, another week is coming up and I have so much to be grateful for despite this little bump in the road.

Till next time!


Day in the life

Something different…

Here is a little sneak peek into my day to day life.

4:00am Wake up


Yup! Am an early riser. I always have a glass of water in the morning and then sip on coffee for the next two hours or so 😐 For this reason, my huge coffee travel mug is one of my prized possessions. I try to get in at least one hour of study in the morning (I have two papers to sit for this week).

5:15am Shower, get ready, breakfast

This part is quite fun for me because am able to take my time and not do a rush job. The stillness/calmness I experience makes me feel so accomplished. Its a great feeling. I plan my morning the day before which takes out a lot of the decision making and stress from my mornings. I actually have time to sit down and have breakfast in a relaxed manner. It wasn’t always like this.

Avocado on bread with a dash of black pepper

6:00am – 6:30am Leave


7:30am – 12:30pm Work

I’ve been going in for the morning shift which is only 5 hours long. I could extend it if I wanted to but I prefer being home in the afternoons to study. However, after this week, I’ll be done with my course – chill time coming up *yay* I’ll also be able to go in for day-long shifts and also pick up some night shifts. But for now, am all about that half day-student life.

12:45pm Leave

Home time

1:30pm Get home

With no left overs in the fridge and not being in the mood to cook (I actually had no time to cook) The only lunch option I had was a smoothie. Quick and easy. And healthy. I went for a beetroot smoothie on this day. Basically threw what was available into the blender 😀


And then back to studying


I get supper started quite early because I like to eat early and sleep early. I also take this time to clean, tidy up and get my stuff ready for the next day.

And then I study some more…

9:00pm Sleep

Like I said, I like to sleep early. Sometimes am in bed at 8:00!

This was a fun post to put together

Have a great week