Weekend snapshots

Not very wordy today…

Healthy treats; Chia pudding

Post Sunday run



Sunday post-run breakfast in bed #beingextratoday

More greens

Goodnight & have a blessed week ahead!



I went for a run this morning.


Loop-ish route

I woke up to what sounded like pouring rain but it turned out to be water overflowing from a storage tank in my building. I actually went to the window and looked out to confirm that it wasn’t rain ’cause that would have messed up my plan to go run.

I made myself a cup of green tea and managed to waste a lot of time doing nothing important. When I realized how much time had passed, I hurriedly changed into running clothes and left the house.

Green tea

Outside, there were a few people walking about. I came across some guys coming from a night out – drinks still in hand. Someone asked me if I was going for a morning run, another one went like, “at 5?!” never mind that it was 5:40a. Someone else cheered me on while heavily leaning on another for support. I basically had my own cheering squad – or so I told myself.

Running route

When I got close to my gate on my way back, I slowed down and walked for a bit. I stopped the tracking app on my phone when I got to the gate.


Once inside the house, I grabbed a bottle of water because I was perched! I haven’t been eating right (I had a whole pack of Maryland cookies for supper last night! Not intentional. I just fell asleep early before having real food). I’ve been spiralling in the nutrition department to be honest and my body is letting me know all is not right. But I look better than I feel 😐

Today’s goal: eat clean

I’ve made some more green tea, with freshly squeezed lemon juice this time. Today has got to be a success. Today is going to be a success. Putting out some positive energy out here

Lemon green tea

Have a great Saturday!