Wash day came early

One of the reasons I don’t straighten my hair as often as I would like to is because of what happens when I workout.



I literally had sweat dripping off my hair


I don’t have the option of heat-styling my hair everytime I workout. I did however polish up my style today with a straightener before heading into town. That’s the second time I’ve done this in like 3 or 4 days!

Don’t let the shine fool you

I figured I’d moisturize and seal my hair effectively once I got home and even went ahead and got me a few products to do just that.

However, after seeing some short pieces of hair on my top (hair breakage) those plans changed rather quickly.

So this is what’s going to happen instead; an overnight oil prepoo treatment, a sulfate-free shampoo wash and a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment. I’ll then air-dry my hair in braids.

That ought to restore adequate moisture into my hair.


Hair update

Am 2 weeks post relaxer today!

I did a relaxer touch up on the 11th and followed that up with a henna treatment and a deep conditioning treatment.

I wore my hair in an airdried state for a week, water-only washed it a couple of times, then a week later I straightened and trimmed it.

Yesterday I passed a straightener through it just to polish up my style and that’s the look you see up top.

Looks like this is going to be my style for the week.

Hope you are having a blessed Sunday


Since I last posted…

I ran a half marathon. Run-walked is more accurate. Lord knows I can’t run an entire 21km distance. Yet.

Approaching the finish!

I treated myself to a book haul…several book hauls actually. Picked some fiction books for a start and got carried away – I haven’t read like 20 of them….I know. I know. Don’t come for me y’all. I just can’t stop buying books…that’s my current guilty pleasure.

I’ve been juggling studying and reading novels but will have to put aside the novels to focus on an upcoming inter-agency competition at a symposium (am part of the team representing my agency). Priorities I tell you. Back in 2016 I took first place in the individuals category. I was with a different agency then. Am currently working at the agency that took first place. There was no competition last year so I feel like I have titles to defend. No pressure. Right?

That said…

Am currently reading finishing up John Green’s Turtles all the way down. I didn’t mean to start it when I did – should have waited till after the competition really, but I can’t not finish it now.

Random pic

This book is so well written. There’s a level of vulnerability that comes with it. It sort of triggers feelings/thoughts in you…makes it personal and I believe anyone reading it would become more understanding of those who have OCD and anxiety. Yeah, kinda geeked out about the book 🤓 It’s a good read. Pick it up.

I worked one too many overnight shifts (and sometimes 24 hour shifts) which am happy to do but nothing beats showering at home, followed by breakfast in bed and resting in my own crispy sheets. Yes, I have breakfast then sleep.

I got a relaxer touch up at 12 weeks post. I honestly thought I’d make it to the end of the year…till like 18 weeks post, but having a bad hair day everyday wasn’t doing much for my overall appearance (and confidence). Also, am itching to cut my hair again to even things out but I also want to grow my hair long 😕. Dilemma dilemma. Also, not feeling bangs anymore. Lately I’ve been feeling like they only look good when I wear my hair down straight and that’s not my everyday style. I think I’ll grow them out.

That’s all for now.


Till next time, have a blessed day/night