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It’s been a couple of months since my last post went up and now that am off my blogging slump, let’s catch up!

Am 23 weeks post relaxer!

My air-dried hair today after washing, conditioning, moisturizing & sealing it last night. No gel

Not my longest stretch but it’s still a big deal to me. I don’t know if I have gone this long since I started self-relaxing my hair. Speaking of which, next weekend at 6 months post relaxer, I’ll give myself a relaxer touch up. Note to self: pick up a relaxer kit this week.

Sample I got with my last kit

My hair has mostly been in buns and ponytails (and the one-off braid styles). Nothing new there, but am bored and want to wear my hair out (straight and also curly) for a change. I want my hair to be as manageable as I can get it for that, hence the upcoming relaxer touch up.

I gave myself fresh bangs last week. I say fresh because I had let them grow out to my chin. I snipped off some hair and then did about 4 mini-trims till I got to the final, desired length. I didn’t want to mess up by just going for it in one or two snips.

That’s all for now.

Have a good day!
Or night



My Jesus year

Today I turned 33. Same age Jesus was when he died. Apparently, that is referred to as the Jesus year. So this year is my Jesus year, and I am that much more grateful for the sacrifice God made. I feel really blessed.

My cousin baked some queen cakes aka cupcakes for me and they were everything! Of course they’re almost gone now 😀

Anyway, today I woke up at 6:15am but didn’t get out of bed till 6:50am. I had a chilled out day at home. For some reason, I really didn’t want to be up and about. This turned out to be a very toned down birthday and the introvert in me enjoyed it.

I feel like a switch has been flipped in me. Looking forward to what the future holds.

Have a blessed week!


Things are so damn expensive!

So I haven’t bought hair products in a while. I think my last haul was from a supermarket; meaning, I haven’t been to a beauty supply store in an even longer while.

Anyway, today I decided to pop into a couple just to look around…you know how it is when you are waiting for someone in town.

I was amazed at the wide range of hair products available. But the prices shocked me. Remember; I started this hair journey thing back in 2011…7 years ago. Back then, there weren’t that many products in stock and the ones I considered expensive were still affordable…if that makes sense. Now I look at the prices of those same products and am beyond shocked. I know prices go up but damn!

I think it’s great that we have all these products available, and moreso that information on how to grow healthy hair is everywhere, but judging from what’s being put out there, you’d think that these expensive products are what will do the trick. I’ve probably perpetrated this line of thought. #sorry

I started out my hair journey using products that were on the lower side (price wise) and my hair thrived. God blessed me and I was able to afford products I used to dream about 😀 My hair still thrived.

Now there are all these other products that I just can’t justify buying. These are the products I excitedly pick off the shelf then gently put back 😀 Maybe one day in the future I’ll treat myself to one (or a couple) of those…

Am getting side tracked.

I just wanted to put up a post letting anyone starting a healthy hair journey know that you don’t need expensive products to grow your hair. You can find cheap ones that work great. And a little of the product goes a long way so you don’t have to keep repurchasing stuff. This hair journey thing is doable on a budget.

Or maybe its because I feel off since I can’t bring myself to purchase these stuff :/

Ok. Am done

Happy shopping!


Protective styling

This was my hair do yesterday and today, am still rocking the same style. I have 2 hairpins in there; one to hold back my bangs and the other to keep the tail end of the braid from slipping out.

Oh! And am currently 3 weeks 2 days post relaxer. I washed my hair after 3 weeks or so as planned (see previous hair post). I also hadn’t combed my hair in that long! Wash involved an oil prepoo treatment, shampoo wash and a deep conditioning treatment. Next wash won’t be for a while.

As you can tell by now. I’ve become super low manipulative with my hair. Am a little bored with it so I do the least. I really want to straighten it…that will get me excited. Maybe after my next wash. But I also low key want to do a curly style. We’ll see what I end up doing.

Happy Easter!

Weekend in the life

Another week, another blog post

Not much going on in hair ville so I thought I’d put up a different kind of post. The goal was to post about my 24hr work day but plans changed so instead, I have bits from the weekend to share with you. Here goes…

I woke up pretty early on Saturday and hydrated. I used the last of my green tea.

Given the kind of day I was going to have, I knew working out was paramount. I don’t work out regularly but when if am going to have a particularly challenging day…working out is a must.

I dilly dallied at some point and had to do a rush job with the showering and getting ready. Thank God I’d done my nails the night before! I didn’t have time for breakfast. I just grabbed a banana and figured I’d have breakfast at the office. I was out the door just in time to make it to my 7am shift.

Of course when I got to the office there was no coffee available. Just tea and Milo so I just shelved the whole breakfast idea. A couple of hours later I was sent out to the field (Ruai) where a building had collapsed. There wasn’t much to do really. We just stood around waiting for the rubble to be cleared so we could get to the people trapped underneath.

Hours later, rescue efforts were still underway. The sun was really beating down on us at that point and I had no qualms when someone handed me a cold packet of milk. And another. I downed a whole liter of milk! Never mind I had a liter of water which I left untouched :/

At some point dark clouds rolled in and it started to rain just like its been raining everyday. I got back to the office at around 5, had a banana and 4 weetabix biscuits for late lunch with milk. Yes. I need a dairy cow at this point. I also mixed in some chia seeds and ground flax seeds.

My shift was supposed to end at 7pm but they let me off at 6:30 when they found out I was heading to the hospital after that for the night shift over there. It was unnecessary but welcome 🙂 I freshened up and off I went. It took me an hour door-to-door so I got to the hospital at around 7:30pm. I didn’t have to go to the hospital. I just enjoy what I do over there and so I go in whenever I can #nosociallife.

I worked until 10:30, went for a tea break. Worked some more and then at around 2 I started yawning and yawning and yawning. Usually I go to sleep at 3-6 during night shifts but this time I was beat. It was time to leave. I ubered, got into bed and was out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I woke up a number of times after that, staying up just long enough to check the time. Finally at 8 something on Sunday morning I got out of bed, had breakfast and lounged on the couch till 1 something #zeroproductivity. I showered, headed out to lunch, got back home, took a bath…the heat was unbearable that afternoon plus I had walked quite a bit…I needed to freshen up. And then I went to bed at around 5pm. My sleep cycle is totally screwed up.

I woke up at 1 am thinking it was 7am 😐 ate food I had carried home from yesterday lunch – KFC chicken and a twister which is basically a wrap. I got online and put this post together. Am in the 2nd shift at the hospital today so I have a free morning.

Have a great week!

“Artfully messy”

Its been 1 week and 2 days since my last relaxer touch up

This has been my hairstyle for the past week…

A far cry from my sleek bun look

Okay, maybe not artfully done but you get the point. Messy but not so messy. I just use three hair pins to hold my hair in place and am good to go. Can I just mention that I haven’t combed my hair in a week? I plan to keep that up till my next wash day which is hopefully 2 weeks away. Its amazing what you can get away with when you have textured hair! 😀