Weekend snapshots

Not very wordy today…

Healthy treats; Chia pudding

Post Sunday run



Sunday post-run breakfast in bed #beingextratoday

More greens

Goodnight & have a blessed week ahead!



I went for a run this morning.


Loop-ish route

I woke up to what sounded like pouring rain but it turned out to be water overflowing from a storage tank in my building. I actually went to the window and looked out to confirm that it wasn’t rain ’cause that would have messed up my plan to go run.

I made myself a cup of green tea and managed to waste a lot of time doing nothing important. When I realized how much time had passed, I hurriedly changed into running clothes and left the house.

Green tea

Outside, there were a few people walking about. I came across some guys coming from a night out – drinks still in hand. Someone asked me if I was going for a morning run, another one went like, “at 5?!” never mind that it was 5:40a. Someone else cheered me on while heavily leaning on another for support. I basically had my own cheering squad – or so I told myself.

Running route

When I got close to my gate on my way back, I slowed down and walked for a bit. I stopped the tracking app on my phone when I got to the gate.


Once inside the house, I grabbed a bottle of water because I was perched! I haven’t been eating right (I had a whole pack of Maryland cookies for supper last night! Not intentional. I just fell asleep early before having real food). I’ve been spiralling in the nutrition department to be honest and my body is letting me know all is not right. But I look better than I feel 😐

Today’s goal: eat clean

I’ve made some more green tea, with freshly squeezed lemon juice this time. Today has got to be a success. Today is going to be a success. Putting out some positive energy out here

Lemon green tea

Have a great Saturday!


Deep conditioning night

Gone back to how it was in the beginning when Wednesday night was my designated deep conditioning night, although to be quite honest the following took place this morning because…laziness.

I started off with the above airdried mess which was a result of last evening’s water-only-wash. Let me explain that. Last evening I run water through my hair in the shower so that I could have my hair damp while applying the deep conditioner to it. That was unnecessary by the way.

Starting point

Deep conditioning treatment

I poured the above products into a container and mixed them up into a creamy consistency which I then applied onto my hair.

I worked my hair into a bun, wrapped that up in cling film – no more plastic bags for me since they were banned in Kenya. And then I secured that with a scarf. Two actually.

Old pic

I melted the coconut oil and poured it into this little jar for ease of access once it solidifies. It’s so hot nowadays but somehow, this oil stays solid! I saw the old version I used to buy. That one is cheaper and I liked it better. I’ll purchase it before the weeks over.

Melted coconut oil

I still have the deep conditioner on my hair but am going to rinse it off now…need to head out and look for something to eat!

Henna update | September

Am 4 weeks 6 days post relaxer today!

Earlier this year I stocked up on henna. I could only find the 50g packs which sucked because I typically use 100g on my hair each time I henna. Since henna has gone up in price, I decided to be mixing it with a cheaper brand to top it up to 100g. So that’s what I what I did this past Wednesday morning.

The plan was to henna later that evening after getting back from work but I got back home at 9pm and was too tired to tired to do that. I just got ready for bed and was out in a heartbeat.

old lived-in hair

Come Thursday, I busied myself with all things housekeeping. Hennaing was not on the agenda…not in the mood really. I had an overnight shift later so there was no way for me to henna that night.

Bun with bangs pinned back

When I got back home yesterday morning (Friday), I knew that was my last chance to henna and so I did that at around 10:30. I slept with the henna in my hair and rinsed it off about 6 hours later.

I did quick deep conditioning treatment, applied a leave-in conditioner and sealed that in with avocado oil.

Deep treatment

Avocado oil

Afterwards I air-dried my hair in a loose bun and kept it like that for the night. Today I came to work with my hair in a bun but later removed the hair tie and now its in a loose braid.

Ponytails | Then and now

Am 4 weeks post relaxer today!

Today I did a quick cowash then put my hair up in a ponytail (though it later ended up in a bun). I took the above picture while my hair was still damp so my ponytail is a bit elongated compared to the way it is in this next pic which I took a month ago at 6 months post.

So much shrinkage going on here. I love the volume though

Anyway, I went through some of my old ponytail pics and I like the progress I made back then.

Feb ’12 – Aug ’12 – May ’13

2014 was such a great year in my hair journey. I absolutely love how voluminous my hair was in these next pictures. I had probably washed my hair and let it air-dry in these ponytails. Great for building up volume but my hair always ended up being really dry…or so it seemed. Being on a hair journey sort of makes you a bit paranoid. Like whenever a strong gust of wind blows through my hair, I always imagine moisture leaving my hair with it. Its weird.

February 2014

October 2014

My hair was still doing well in 2015. I don’t know if I have a decent ponytail picture showing that. But I know my hair was doing great in terms of length. It was progressing well.


2016 was a blur. I don’t think my hair did too well that year. Inconsistencies in my hair care routine, skipping out on important hair treatments,…all that and more lead to breakage. And in 2017, well my obsession with blunt ends ensured my hair stayed a certain length…well above bra-strap length. I cut my hair a bit earlier this year in January. Right now, am back to retaining length and getting longer hair. I gained a bit of length during my 6 month relaxer stretch and believe me am holding on to that.

Am happy with the way my ponytail is right now. Its been better (longer) but am going to get back to that in no time.

Hair updates

I relaxed my hair at 6 months post on the 19th of August which was a Sunday. I wore it curly for about a week, kept it in plaits for a few days, then washed and conditioned it at 12 days post. The very next day I decided to straighten it so I did a protein treatment then blew it dry and finally flat ironed it. I’ve had it straight for 1 week 3 days now. Today I put it in a low bun for work ’cause its started to bore me. Looks like wash day is coming up very soon.

Relaxer of choice: ORS in normal strength


Sulfate-free shampoo

Moisturizing conditioner

Hair Mayo


Am currently 3 weeks 3 days postΒ 


It’s been a couple of months since my last post went up and now that am off my blogging slump, let’s catch up!

Am 23 weeks post relaxer!

My air-dried hair today after washing, conditioning, moisturizing & sealing it last night. No gel

Not my longest stretch but it’s still a big deal to me. I don’t know if I have gone this long since I started self-relaxing my hair. Speaking of which, next weekend at 6 months post relaxer, I’ll give myself a relaxer touch up. Note to self: pick up a relaxer kit this week.

Sample I got with my last kit

My hair has mostly been in buns and ponytails (and the one-off braid styles). Nothing new there, but am bored and want to wear my hair out (straight and also curly) for a change. I want my hair to be as manageable as I can get it for that, hence the upcoming relaxer touch up.

I gave myself fresh bangs last week. I say fresh because I had let them grow out to my chin. I snipped off some hair and then did about 4 mini-trims till I got to the final, desired length. I didn’t want to mess up by just going for it in one or two snips.

That’s all for now.

Have a good day!
Or night