3 week post hair update

Am still rocking a french braid three weeks on…not the same one I showed in my previous post.

Wash days have been consistent – weekly. I do an oil prepoo, a sulfate free shampoo wash and a conditioner wash. Yesterday however, I skipped the oil prepoo but followed the rest of the steps ending with the above french braid.

I find that keeping my hair in a braid retains moisture but I still moisturize and seal it everyday (sometimes every other day). I’ve been applying leave-in conditioner too and I love the wet-look it gives my hair. That, and the scent makes it look freshly done – at least for the first couple of hours.

I typically keep the braid in for about 4 days then wear my hair up in a ponytail.

About deep conditioning, I just haven’t been doing it. My hair is doing well so am not worried about skipping the treatment but I’ll probably do one on my next wash.

Onto the annoying stuff.

The hair lotion (moisturizer) I use has been out of stock for some time now which means that I haven’t been using it. I obviously don’t have to use it but I like the way it makes my hair feel.

I accidentally dropped my blow-dryer and so now it only gives off cool air – no heat! I can still use it but I don’t think I will. Am just not excited about using it anymore. I’ve had it for about 8 years…I guess it’s served its purpose.

Well, that’s it. Not much going on in hairville.

Have a blessed week!



Wash day

Am 1 week post relaxer today!

That’s right. One week post.

I did a relaxer touch up last week on the 4th. I was 12 weeks post at the time. In the days that followed I wore my hair in a loose ponytail…nothing fancy.

Yesterday’s wash

I started off with dry hair. And I mean DRY. I hadn’t moisturized it properly in like two days.

I used a mixture of coconut oil and amla oil to do an oil prepoo treatment. As usual, I applied some to my scalp and massaged it in then I poured the rest onto my hair.

Afterwards I wrapped my hair in cling film, used heat on it for 15 minutes and then let it cool down before shampooing.

I used a sulfate-free shampoo and followed up with a moisturizing conditioner. I would have preferred to do a deep conditioning treatment at that point but I didn’t have any deep conditioner.

After the wash, I t-shirt dried my hair for about 10 minutes, applied leave-in conditioner, moisturizer and an oil.

Post wash. Before product application and detangling

First post | 2019

Hi guys! How’s 2019 treating you so far? Well, I hope. So this is my first post this year and am going to make it a short one. I figured a quick hair update would be in order so here goes…

Am currently 11 weeks and 3 days post relaxer day

Last Saturday night I did a henna treatment on my hair and left it on for about 8 hours (overnight). Sunday morning I rinsed off the henna and did a deep conditioning treatment. I was running out of product so I used a mixture of the ORS replenishing conditioner, Nice & Lovely cholesterol hair treatment and a little Tresemme moisture rich conditioner. To that I added some amla, coconut, avocado and extra virgin olive oils. I also poured in a bit of honey. Don’t mind me, I was just being extra 😁

Anyway, I let that sit on my hair for a good 45 minutes or so, rinsed it out, t-shirt dried my hair, applied some leave-in conditioner, moisturizer and sealed that in with an oil. Once my hair was fairly damp, I put it in a low braided bun and that was it.

Today is day 4 of bunning

Last post | 2018

Good day all! It’s work day for me today. And since it’s the last day of the year, I thought I’d slide in a post real quick.

So here we go…

First of all, I realize that this is the first post I’m putting up this month 😬 It not that I haven’t had anything to post. It’s just that C.R.U.D is real. I CREATE, READ, UPDATE and DELETE posts before publishing them. It’s a blogger problem.

Anyway, a recap of December so far...

The competition I spoke of in a previous post came and went. It was held out of town, so I was gone for a bit. We won in the category that mattered but came in second place overall (actually first, but politics 🙄). Our bosses took us out to celebrate and a week later there was a celebratory cake during our end of year meeting at work.

After the competition, it finally started to feel like Christmas, and mall decor helped drum that in. Not to mention the Christmas songs everybody was intent on playing All.Day.Long.

I was able to get back to my reading and I picked Karin Slaughter’s ‘Pretty girls’. It’s a thriller. Clearly not a Christmas read but that’s what I felt like reading.

Don’t let the title fool you. People kept making assumptions about the kind of book it is based on the cover. Like my male friends thought it was a girly book, like a chick flick…not something they’d read. I’d explain what it’s about and they’d be like hmmmm…two of them even asked if I could lend it to them once I was done. The book touches on some dark issues (so, trigger warning). Like I said, it’s a thriller.

I had read some young adult books previously. This one sprung me way ahead. I loved the the thriller aspect of it that I bought two more books in the same genre (while I was still in the first few chapters of ‘Pretty girls’ 😃).

Am done reading ‘Pretty girls’. The plan was to immediately start on ‘The girl on the train’, also a thriller but since ‘Pretty girls’ is too heavy laden, I needed to take a break from that – switch genres and do some light reading.

I’ve been reading a few short stories from Jeffrey Archers ‘A quiver full of arrows’ but now I feel like I could go back to intense reading.

I don’t want to start reading a new book on the last day of the year…it just seems wrong especially since I won’t be able to finish it in a day. But I have some time to spare in the afternoon so maybe I’ll start on the book.

Away from books 😁, my nutrition is all over the place. I have basically let myself go. The extrovert hidden deep within my introverted self wanted to come out to play and I gave in to that more than I care to admit. Besides its December, time to be extra merry and feast. Right? And you know what is served during social hang outs…not very healthy stuff, which I love (no shame). But I have been working out here and there…probably doesn’t count but I just do it ’cause it feels good.


Let’s track back. I did some last minute shopping on the 24th. I realized that I’d have nothing to wear on Christmas day since I typically live in jeans and didn’t want to wear those on that day. I managed to get a lovely dress (it has pockets!). I also found a little black dress that’s too tight on me. And I bought it. Am convinced that if I lose some body fat and tone up, it’ll be a perfect fit on me. I couldn’t bring myself to leave it behind. I also bought a pair of black flats and sandals.

So, Christmas

I left the city to spend the day with my extended family. Knowing I had to go to work that night sort of made me make the most of my time there. Usually some of my family and I stay up all night together but this time I missed out on that. I also missed out on a lot of the food and the cake (my cousin always bakes cake for us). My brother drove me back into the city, to work, and we were there in no time since there was no traffic – most people had travelled back home…upcountry for Christmas. I got to work about half an hour early. My colleagues got there early too. At least we got to release the day shift guys before dark.

Work was okay. It wasn’t a busy night. Still I stayed up all night when others went to rest. I just sat there and read a novel, and when I started feeling sleepy, I caffeinated.

Boxing day was spent lounging in bed. I did a bit of reading. I had work the next day and the day after that (27th & 28th). Some of us didn’t really break for the holidays 😌.

I stayed home this past weekend (29th & 30th)…didn’t set foot outside on Saturday and only went grocery shopping on Sunday. Today, the 31st of December, am at work.

God bless you all


Wash day came early

One of the reasons I don’t straighten my hair as often as I would like to is because of what happens when I workout.



I literally had sweat dripping off my hair


I don’t have the option of heat-styling my hair everytime I workout. I did however polish up my style today with a straightener before heading into town. That’s the second time I’ve done this in like 3 or 4 days!

Don’t let the shine fool you

I figured I’d moisturize and seal my hair effectively once I got home and even went ahead and got me a few products to do just that.

However, after seeing some short pieces of hair on my top (hair breakage) those plans changed rather quickly.

So this is what’s going to happen instead; an overnight oil prepoo treatment, a sulfate-free shampoo wash and a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment. I’ll then air-dry my hair in braids.

That ought to restore adequate moisture into my hair.

Hair update

Am 2 weeks post relaxer today!

I did a relaxer touch up on the 11th and followed that up with a henna treatment and a deep conditioning treatment.

I wore my hair in an airdried state for a week, water-only washed it a couple of times, then a week later I straightened and trimmed it.

Yesterday I passed a straightener through it just to polish up my style and that’s the look you see up top.

Looks like this is going to be my style for the week.

Hope you are having a blessed Sunday


Since I last posted…

I ran a half marathon. Run-walked is more accurate. Lord knows I can’t run an entire 21km distance. Yet.

Approaching the finish!

I treated myself to a book haul…several book hauls actually. Picked some fiction books for a start and got carried away – I haven’t read like 20 of them….I know. I know. Don’t come for me y’all. I just can’t stop buying books…that’s my current guilty pleasure.

I’ve been juggling studying and reading novels but will have to put aside the novels to focus on an upcoming inter-agency competition at a symposium (am part of the team representing my agency). Priorities I tell you. Back in 2016 I took first place in the individuals category. I was with a different agency then. Am currently working at the agency that took first place. There was no competition last year so I feel like I have titles to defend. No pressure. Right?

That said…

Am currently reading finishing up John Green’s Turtles all the way down. I didn’t mean to start it when I did – should have waited till after the competition really, but I can’t not finish it now.

Random pic

This book is so well written. There’s a level of vulnerability that comes with it. It sort of triggers feelings/thoughts in you…makes it personal and I believe anyone reading it would become more understanding of those who have OCD and anxiety. Yeah, kinda geeked out about the book 🤓 It’s a good read. Pick it up.

I worked one too many overnight shifts (and sometimes 24 hour shifts) which am happy to do but nothing beats showering at home, followed by breakfast in bed and resting in my own crispy sheets. Yes, I have breakfast then sleep.

I got a relaxer touch up at 12 weeks post. I honestly thought I’d make it to the end of the year…till like 18 weeks post, but having a bad hair day everyday wasn’t doing much for my overall appearance (and confidence). Also, am itching to cut my hair again to even things out but I also want to grow my hair long 😕. Dilemma dilemma. Also, not feeling bangs anymore. Lately I’ve been feeling like they only look good when I wear my hair down straight and that’s not my everyday style. I think I’ll grow them out.

That’s all for now.


Till next time, have a blessed day/night