my hair products

As of March 2016

Current stash

Current stash

1) Suave Professionals Shampoo 2) Suave Professionals conditioner 3) Coconut oil 4) Venus leave-in treatment 5) Eco Styler Gel 6) Venus anti-dandruff treatment 7) Venus Beautiful essence Dual hair treatment


52 thoughts on “my hair products

  1. HI there, sorry to bother you but I am trying to locate a place to buy that exact same “resham herbal hair henna” as my mother in law uses it and can’t find it. When I did a search for it your post came up. Could you PLEASE let me know where you got it at? Thanks a bunch

  2. Thanks for the reply. We’re in the USA and it’s tough to find here. Quite a few sites in India (rising sun) but no way to order online thru them. Thanks anyways

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  8. Hey,
    Love your blog and your hair!!!! Wish mine was like your :). I’ve started my hair journey and I also use alisons coconut oil but I find the smell too strong. Do you mask it?? How do you do it?

    • Hi Kui, thanks for the love πŸ™‚ Congrats on starting your hair journey. With patience, consistency and a working regimen, you will no doubt be able to achieve your hair goals.

      About the coconut oil, i don’t mask its smell. The only time i find it to be strong is when i do my weekly oil prepoo treatment where i literally drench my hair in the oil.

      I use a small amount everyday, either in the morning or at nighttime and i haven’t had any complaints from any of my very straight forward friends.

      Maybe you just need to reduce the amount you use or just use it at night and by morning, a good amount of it will have been absorbed by the hair. Hope that helps.

  9. Hi, do the Enliven and Balsam conditioners have good slip? How would you rate them? Do you prefer one over the other or are they equally good? And is Perfect cosmetics hot oil hair cream your moisturizing DC?

  10. Hey,just bumped into your blog and i must say you speak to my hair:)had my touch up done and was so expensive with not much of a difference though must give it to them,they used some amazing products.but the cheapie ones work for me as well. where do u buy ur eco styler gel?

    • Hi Renee, am glad you found my blog πŸ™‚ My hairdresser also used to charge me an arm and a leg for a touch up :S I remember having my hair deep conditioned with some minty conditioner that felt really good on my scalp ::sigh:: Anyway, you can find the gel at β€˜super cosmetics’ along Mama Ngina street or maybe check their other branches. Ebrahims supermarket used to have it too but theirs cost about Ksh.100 more.

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  13. Hey,love your blog,It has inspired me to start my own hair journey.What is the difference between the normal conditioners and the deep conditioners and how do you use them?

    • Hi Hellen, thanks for checking out my blog. I’ve answered one of your question in this post and will be posting the other part soon. The answer turned out to be too long for one post. In the meantime check out my past wash day posts and you’ll see how i deep condition. And all the best on your journey. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

  14. hey,hi..just came across your blog n seems lyk its exactly wat i question is when using the oils do u use one oil at a tym lyk a wik then u switch to anothr th nxt wik…or is it advisabl to mix?if so,whch combination do u thnk is best especially wth castor oil?

    • Hi Caro, i use one oil at a time, usually coconut oil. If that oil is not available, then i use whatever else i have. I don’t really have a system regarding which oil to use when. There is no harm in mixing oils…a lot of people do that. Since castor oil is thick, i would advise you to mix it with a lighter oil like coconut oil, olive, oil, almond oil,…basically any light oil will do.

      Thank you for checking out my channel πŸ™‚

    • Hi, you need to keep your hair moisturized and conditioned at all times.

      I suggest doing an oil prepoo treatment which is basically drenching your hair and scalp with a natural oil (i use coconut oil). Cover your hair with a shower cap/plastic bag, secure with a scarf and leave it on for a few hours or overnight. After the time is up proceed with your normal wash day routine. Your hair should feel soft and be easier to comb. Search ‘oil prepoo’ on my blog to see how i do it.

      Alternatively, do a deep conditioning treatment weekly or every 2 weeks depending on your lifestyle. Throughout the week(s), moisturize and seal your hair. To moisturize i spray some water on my hair. When wearing my hair straight, i use ORS hair lotion to moisturize so that my hair stays straight. To seal, i use coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil.

      Comb through it while it is saturated with conditioner. Be gentle and do it in sections. It might take you a while but its worth it, as opposed to ripping it out.

      I use Perfect cosmetics hot oil cream, Suave conditioner and Enliven conditioner. These are really good to detangle with. And use a wide tooth comb. I hope this helps

  15. hi.kindly advise on a good salon where i can get a good touch up on my roots and at a fair price at that..Thanks. av just seen your blog n i love love πŸ™‚ good work.

    • Hi Wambu, thank you for the love. I haven’t been to a salon in slightly over 2 years. The one i used to go to moved to a new location…i don’t know where, so i can’t really vouch for Salons out there. Maybe try and read up reviews online and see if you can find one. Good luck.

  16. Wonderful blog and SO helpful! Love it. I have recently started being serious about my hair journey its literally my baby, that’s how serious iv become. Have learnt so much from the blog i’m totally motivated. My hair goal is shoulder blade healthy – i don’t want more than that lol i think i would be scared! Right now i am at below neck. I have seen my hair go from limp to healthy. Henna has been awesome for me thickening & strengthening, i will try the brand you have talked about here. I have been off heat now for about 4-3 months last Sunday i couldn’t resist i wanted the smoothness of roller setting, i went to the salon with wet hair and my leave in and made them go so low on the heat, they were probably irritated but those were my babies up in there and you know Kenyan salons go all turbo with dryers its distressing. I do a lot of buns because its convenient less time consuming. I am looking to get my edges really nice and thick – pointers? i do a lot of castor daily on edges but i notice you have used gel whats the better option? I am looking to push my next texlax to next year just to get some good growth, my hair is quite fair. I am feeling good about my hair, i’m like why didnt i do this sooner…

  17. Hi Joyce…
    Thanks for the good advice you give and sharing your hhj.
    Please advice on:
    1. the best protein deep conditioner
    the best moisturizing deep conditioner often i should do the protein treatment
    3.does henna treatment supplement protein treatment or should both be done?

    • Hi Irene, am glad you find the blog helpful.

      From my experience, I have had a good experience from using Mayonnaise (the kind you find in the kitchen) and also from using the ORS replenishing conditioner as protein deep treatments. With the Mayonnaise (and as with most protein treatments) you have to follow up with a moisturizing deep treatment because it leaves your hair feeling straw-like, rough but strong and you need to soften it up. The ORS replenishing conditioner is a mild protein based product but it leaves my hair feeling very soft and i don’t have to follow up with a moisturizing treatment.

      The moisturizing treatments i have found to work for me are the ‘Venus Beautiful essence dual hair treatment’, ‘Perfect cosmetics hot oil hair cream’, ‘Nice & lovely’ among others. They are fairly affordable. Type these products’ names in the search bar at the top right-hand-side of my home page to read more.

      Protein treatments should not be done often. I do them once a month, other people do them every 6 weeks and others find every 2 months to be sufficient. It all depends on how your hair feels. If it feels light and/or weak its time for one. ‘Listen’ to your hair and you’ll know if its time. Check out this recent post on my protein treatment.

      Henna treatments and Protein treatments do the same thing. They strengthen the hair. There is no point of doing both simultaneously. Pick one over the other. I have done both as you will see from my posts but I personally prefer doing henna treatments. I have a tab at the top of my homepage titled ‘henna‘ where you can read more on my experience using it.

    • Hi Cici, thank you so much for the love. I usually just pop into random stores when i have time to see whats available even though i don’t plan on making a purchase πŸ™‚ I bought the oil from Beauty options way back. I don’t know if they still have it. But also check out ‘high end’ pharmacies.

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