my progress

October 2011: a few weeks before i begun my healthy hair journey

Dec 2011: Natural hair. 2 months into my hhj

Feb 2012: freshly relaxed and 3.5 months into my hhj

April 2012. Relaxed hair. 6 months into my hhj

August 2012. 9 months into my hair journey. Not a proper length check pic since my ends are not straight but i thought i should throw it in before i get a trim

Grazing armpit length (APL) shower-hair

Flat ironed at 18 weeks post relaxer

Flat ironed at 18 weeks post relaxer

4.5 months' comparison

4.5 months’ comparison

Aug 2012 to Mar 2013 - 7 months' progress

Aug 2012 to Mar 2013 – 7 months’ progress

1 years' progress

Feb 2012 - Aug 2012 - May 2013

Feb 2012 – Aug 2012 – May 2013

APL? BSB? grazing BSL? i don't know what length this is...

APL? BSB? grazing BSL? i don’t know what length this is…

2 months' preogress

2 months’ progress

May 2013 to Sept 2013

May 2013 to Sept 2013

March 2013 to Sept 2013    (6 months' progress)

March 2013 to Sept 2013
(6 months’ progress)

I trimmed off a good chunk of hair so am back to APL.

I trimmed off a good chunk of hair so am back to APL.

Straightened my hair at 8 weeks post relaxer

Straightened my hair at 8 weeks post relaxer

August 2014. Freshly relaxed, straightened & trimmed

August 2014. Freshly relaxed, straightened & trimmed


10 thoughts on “my progress

    • Thanks for the compliment Julia. Right now, this is the longest my hair has ever been. Back in 2007 my hair was at APL (check out the tab labelled ‘About me’ ) but it was still shorter than it is now.

      My hair still grows at the same rate it did when i was natural. The only difference is in the way i handle it now. When my hair was natural, i wasn’t very gentle with it when detangling which resulted in a lot of breakage and slow length retention in general. Now that am relaxed, detangling isn’t that much of an issue plus am a lot more serious about growing my hair.

  1. hey girl,am from nakuru…i love your work,hair and everything about this awesome blog,so i was like wondering about my hair,its kinky and full in terms of volume i need length.Can this hhj work for mine since i do both perm and plaiting alternatively?and if i adopt a few of the products like the henna,amla,castor,olive oils,perfect hot air creme,enliven and venus leave in okay?..would my hair be miising out on any other? and can i make my own regimen? or what would you advice?what do you think would work for me?thanks:-)

    • A healthy hair journey will work for anybody who follows a consistent working regimen regardless of whether their hair is natural or chemically processed or plaited.
      Don’t be fooled into buying a whole bunch of expensive products. Just find what works for your hair. If you’re stuck on this check out the products i use. They are pretty cheap and they work well. Other readers have also said that they like them. And there is no need to buy multiples of something…one oil is enough. One shampoo, one conditioner,..etc
      I would advice you to buy a shampoo. conditioner, natural oil, leave-in conditioner, a moisturizing deep conditioner and a strengthening treatment (protein deep conditioner/henna).
      Create a regimen that works for you/your lifestyle. Not everybody has time to be washing their hair in the middle of the week or on Saturday afternoon. Find whats going to work for you.

  2. hey,your blog has been a blessing..i started my hhj in march and am loving it…so am based in nakuru and I’ve been getting my henna supply fro. ukwala but they’ve stopped stocking now I was wondering what can I use to substitute the henna? I look foo the kawaida henna thats also used for other purposes?is there any diffrence btn the kawaida henna n the nupur henna we use btw? or the egg treatment?..any advice?thankyou girl 🙂

    • Hi Naomi, sorry for the super late reply. Congrats on starting your hair journey! You can use another brand of henna but make sure its 100% natural. You don’t want one that is mixed with dyes. Am guessing the regular one you’re referring to is for body decorations? That one is sometimes labelled as body art quality (BAQ) henna which is okay for hair but check to see thats its 100% pure. The main difference between the regular one and Nupur is what it contains (and place of origin). The regular one probably just has henna in it. Nupur has henna and a mixture of other ayurvedic powders that are just as good for hair as henna.
      About using eggs, you can do that as an alternative (i do it sometimes). The main thing you need from the egg is the protein. However some people say that the molecules in egg protein are too large to penetrate the hair strand. It works for me so ‘to each his own’.
      Another alternative for a strengthening treatment is a store bought deep conditioning treatment. Look for one that has protein in it or mentions keratin or claims to be strengthening or fortifying. I hope this helps and thank you for the kind words and checking out my blog 🙂

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