Day in the life

Something different…

Here is a little sneak peek into my day to day life.

4:00am Wake up


Yup! Am an early riser. I always have a glass of water in the morning and then sip on coffee for the next two hours or so 😐 For this reason, my huge coffee travel mug is one of my prized possessions. I try to get in at least one hour of study in the morning (I have two papers to sit for this week).

5:15am Shower, get ready, breakfast

This part is quite fun for me because am able to take my time and not do a rush job. The stillness/calmness I experience makes me feel so accomplished. Its a great feeling. I plan my morning the day before which takes out a lot of the decision making and stress from my mornings. I actually have time to sit down and have breakfast in a relaxed manner. It wasn’t always like this.

Avocado on bread with a dash of black pepper

6:00am – 6:30am Leave


7:30am – 12:30pm Work

I’ve been going in for the morning shift which is only 5 hours long. I could extend it if I wanted to but I prefer being home in the afternoons to study. However, after this week, I’ll be done with my course – chill time coming up *yay* I’ll also be able to go in for day-long shifts and also pick up some night shifts. But for now, am all about that half day-student life.

12:45pm Leave

Home time

1:30pm Get home

With no left overs in the fridge and not being in the mood to cook (I actually had no time to cook) The only lunch option I had was a smoothie. Quick and easy. And healthy. I went for a beetroot smoothie on this day. Basically threw what was available into the blender 😀


And then back to studying


I get supper started quite early because I like to eat early and sleep early. I also take this time to clean, tidy up and get my stuff ready for the next day.

And then I study some more…

9:00pm Sleep

Like I said, I like to sleep early. Sometimes am in bed at 8:00!

This was a fun post to put together

Have a great week



November so far…

Hi guys! Can you believe that the year is almost over?! Christmas is right around the corner! Have you seen the mall decor of late? I feel like these past months have gone by so fast. So, what have I been up to?…

I attended a training course at the beginning of this month and once it was over I took a break from studying for a bit. I always have to sit for a paper or two for the training courses I attend :/ I don’t remember much of what I did in the week that followed 😐 After that I went back to doing some work at the hospital. I have to be in uniform there but I normally wear jeans to and from work. I keep the work shirt on. I realized that I didn’t have any good pairs of jeans and impulsively bought four pairs. I keep telling myself that I need them to justify that purchase. I went over my clothing budget for the month by ksh.1,000 and yet still have some more clothing items to buy :/ Why is sticking to my budget such an issue?!

Moving on, I did a relaxer touch up on my hair on the 28th of October so am currently 4 weeks 2 days post. I wore my hair curly for the first three weeks, then straightened it on the 17th for my graduation. Yes guys, I graduated! Top of my class too 🙂 All those hours I put in studying really paid off! Am not done with books yet. I have one more short course that am enrolled in and will go for training early next month. I plan to take on one more short course next year.

I graduated!

The weekend after graduation was all about trying to get my life together. I felt like a lot was happening at once. I traveled upcountry for a family thing and the time spent there really helped clear my mind. Somehow being there grounds me and slows things down for me. You might have noticed by now that am one of those people who tend to overthink stuff :s It works for my benefit for the most part.

Homeward bound

Anyway, last week went pretty well at work. I got positive feedback from several hospital staff on my work. I love being there. Everyday I learn something new. On the other hand, studying is not going so well. Am way behind on that. I have so much to cover. I feel that I have to be on a schedule if am to get work done so my days are pretty much the same. I remember a time when I detested leading such a structured life. Now, I feel that its necessary.

One last thing that happened…I ran my 3rd half marathon yesterday! By now you know I mean run-walked but thats not the point. I’ll have a post on that soon 😀

Okay, time to head off to work. Am in the second shift which starts in an hour. I decided against going in for the first because I needed extra rest after yesterday’s run. Hope your Monday is going great. Till next time,…

God bless

Half marathon #2

And just like that, Its almost time for my next half marathon race. I didn’t even post a race recap on my last one (which was almost a year ago!). Anyway, I still have a bunch of pictures from that day so I’ll share them below. But before I do that, I signed up for the next StanChart half marathon a couple of months ago. It will take place on the 26th of November and not 29th of October as earlier announced.

Lets rewind to October 2016

I managed to convince my brother to run the race with me, but come morning, on the d-day, I was all ready and he wasn’t. He had all these things he had to do including having breakfast…which I usually skip because it makes me nauseous during the race…I just couldn’t wait for him. It was already past 6am – you might already know from my previous race recap posts that I typically leave the house before 6am. Anyway, I left the house and in the rush, I forgot to carry my race number (bib). Since I was already in a vehicle heading to town and couldn’t turn back, I called my brother who still hadn’t left the house and asked him to bring it with him.

I walked from town to Nyayo stadium (race venue) which was slightly over 2km. I still had plenty of time before the half marathon started so I wasn’t worried. Along Uhuru highway, I came across some of the wheelchair race participants. As I got closer to the stadium, I saw the full marathon participants…their race had started too. I was scheduled to start 20 minutes later.

As always, there was a band parade

Now, my brother didn’t show up until about 7:40am. That was a good 20 minutes after the race started. I waited for him because I needed the race bib to check my bag ’cause no way was I going to run 21km with extra weight on me. I also wanted the timing chip on the bib to sync with the time mat at the start line so everything would reflect well on my finisher certificate…it didn’t. I somehow had 23 minutes on top of my race time :/ Anyway, I started the race 23 minutes late with my brother by my side but after a while…less than a minute, he said that he couldn’t run at my pace. Apparently, I was slow 😮 I told him he could run ahead…it was ok, and so he shot forward and that was the last I saw of him for the next few hours 🙂

Start of my race. 23 min late :/

I just couldn’t seem to catch up with the rest of the runners. They seemed so near yet so far from me and that was a downer. And then some 10km elite runners whooshed past me! They had started 20 minutes after me…those guys are fast. I felt like I was in last place even though there were a few other runners behind me. I was however elated when at one point I run past a group of women camped outside the Parliament building…a protest I think. Those women were cheering us on and it felt so good! Gave me a little boost 🙂

At around 9km, I caught up with a group. We were on an incline (Museum hill) and people chose walk that part of the course. I did too. When we got to the overpass and I looked over, I saw the guys who were ahead of us. They were really far away. After the incline I started doing the walk-run method. At 10km or thereabouts, my legs started to hurt. At 12km I was in real pain. Felt like that was it for me. But you know, you keep going. It took a lot to not think about how much further I had to go…9 more kilometers in case you’re wondering 😀



At 18km, my brother called me. He had already finished the race! I told him where I was. From that point onward, I believe I walked more than I ran right up to the finish. A little ways after the finish line, someone checked my race bib and then slipped a finisher medal around my neck. I didn’t have to queue to get it or anything. They were so well organized!

After taking the obligatory post race pics, my brother and I went to a food truck and bought something to eat. He left shortly afterwards but I hang back to enjoy some of the entertainment on stage.

Just before I left the stadium, I saw a merry-go-round that had been set up. The rides were free and so I got on. I mean, why not? right? The rides were 5 min long and I remember wishing they were longer than that. However, less than a minute in, I regretted my decision to get on. My head was spinning, I felt nauseous, I even thought I would pass out! That felt like the longest ride of my life! I didn’t pass out and once I got off, I went and sat under a tree…I think I lay down at some point…I was feeling so bad. I eventually threw up *gross*. I just don’t know what happened there. I stayed there for a while trying to get myself together. Soon after, the nausea went away and my head felt better and so I got up and went straight home where I showered, ate some more and slept till evening time.

And thats how my race day went.

Lots of walking and not enough running hence the gazillion pics 😀

I don’t know if my brother will join me again this year, he enjoyed it so, we’ll see. I asked one of my friends to come with me and he said he would, all he has to do now is sign up and buy a pair of running shoes. I told him he’d have to sign up for the 21km like I did which he thought was crazy 😀 He’s not a runner but he was in the basketball team both in high school and Uni so I think he’ll be okay.

Anyway, thats all for now…more on running in another post.

Have a good day 🙂

I almost forgot…I finished the race in 3 hours. 3! My cert shows 3hrs 23 min though 😦

Currently using…



Deep conditioners

Leave-in conditioner


I have been using olive oil for about a month or so now because I just can’t seem to find coconut oil anywhere…the cheap one I normally buy.

Heat protection serum



Lets just say that I went through a phase during which I thought I needed all these 😀 am currently 13 weeks post relaxer and the way my new growth is coming in…these gels are very handy.


And of course, Water

I got bangs!

I got bangs!

Like, finally!

On the 28th of August, a Monday, I woke up at 3 something and gave myself bangs – I tend to do my hair at very odd hours 😀 I basically snipped of a good 5 inches or so to achieve straight across bangs.

My bangs came out too wispy which is not what I wanted but I didn’t fret because I knew that that was due to my hair being straightened – I had flat ironed it the previous day and it was kinda flat. Instead of cutting off more hair, I decided not to wear out the bangs and wait till after the next wash day when I’d have a little bit of texture and volume to work with. I washed my hair after wearing it straight for a week and a half.

I love how I cut them! Wide and long…right above my eyes. I mostly wear them side swept because…default style. Plus one side is slightly longer and that works. I’ve had the bangs for a little over a month and its time to trim them.

I can’t believe its taken me years to muster the courage to get bangs! I think I first mentioned wanting bangs in 2012…yea, its been a long time coming. Its just that the longer my hair grew, the more reluctant I became about getting them but after my haircut in March, I figured I could do it and so the next month, over the Easter holiday, I attempted to cut side swept bangs. I ended up with long bangs and it looked like I’d done nothing. That was a fail :/ This time I really went for it. I’m still rocking buns though 🙂 Also trying to figure out the best way to style the bangs for a more polished look. Talk about a high maintenance style!