Today is my Birthday!

Birthday breakfast

Birthday activity # 1: Go for a ”10km” run

Am super stoked that the Mater heart run is going down today! On my Birthday! God is so good to me. No chance am skipping that.

Time – 0635hrs. am super late today


Its my birthday today!

Am officially on the other side of 30 😀


Birthday cake

Its almost midnight and my birthday is about to officially come to an end…but unofficially, i still have the weekend 😀 Time for me to sleep because I need to be up early for tomorrows’ Mater heart run. My third 10K race. More on that in a later post.

Updates | Very random updates

Hair update: I’ll be 7 weeks post relaxer tomorrow!

This stretch has been quite boring. My hair has been in a single braid for the better part of the past month and in as much as i like being able to (sometimes) go for up to a week without combing my hair while its in that style, its time to do something else.

posting this pic yet again :/

posting this pic yet again :/

I haven’t been following my hair regimen to a T. I’ve been washing my hair every 3-10 days – sometimes skipping the deep conditioning step. I don’t even remember the last time i did an oil prepoo treatment ::sigh::

Fitness update: Truth be told, i suck at this whole fitness journey thing. I found a workout routine that i LOVE but i sometimes think the guy who devised it is trying to kill me…but i still love it – and him 🙂 . I have workout gear, meals all planned out – kind of…nothing fancy. I have everything i need…am just not disciplined enough i guess. I try to workout at least 3 times a week but i feel thats not good enough because i used to work out 6 days a week.

Working out is one sweaty affair

Working out is one sweaty affair

I know i can do better, so this is me just putting it out there that perhaps its time to make a change. Hopefully i’ll feel prompted to do the necessary. Besides, i have to admit i was a little bit jelly when i read about Lydz making progress on her journey 🙂 I want that too (minus the pigging out 😀 )

Not to worry, its not been all gloom and doom for me this past few weeks 😀 In fact, my focus seemed to have shifted to other things. Like learning more about skin undertones. Turns out i have cool (deep winter) undertones! This explains why am drawn to certain shades when it comes to clothes and makeup (read lipsticks).

I’ve also been thinking of revampimg my wardrobe. I can feel the cold/rainy weather creeping in an am not prepared for it. I especially need a good pair of shoes. What do you guys wear to work when it rains? You know how these Nairobi streets get.

Another thing i’ve been obsessing over; Herbal teas! Looks like am building a collection. How did i live without them??? You should start drinking some if you aren’t already.

Have i mentioned my love for tv shows before? No? Well then, i practically watch everything there is to watch (ok, not really but i follow a lot of series). Too bad most of them have come to an end and (for some) i have to wait till next year for their their return. Thats enough anxiety to give me an ulcer! I have decided to re-watch ‘Sartacus’ for the second time round.


pic from web

pic from web


That should help take the edge off for a while at least. If you have any idea where i can get the book, please let me know…

Speaking of books, i’ve been trying to finish up this Game of Thrones book…

a dance with dragons

Yes yes, Game of Thrones. What can i say, i love everything about the series. Am on the hunt for this one by the same Author…

The lands of ice & fire

Its basically maps of the lands described in the books. And yes, i’ll pay for that 😀 Okay. I’ll stop here with my ramblings.

One more thing, tomorrow is my birthday! Am so close to saying goodbye to my 20’s. Am that old 🙂 I’ll just keep telling myself that, “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” Abraham Lincoln said that, not me. But it rings true.

Have a great Monday!