Happy New Year!

Almost a week late, but the year is still young 😀

So, updates. Right?

Hair: Am currently 9 weeks 3 days post relaxer and not much is going on. I actually haven’t blogged about my hair since i relaxed it but you know me, am either wearing it down, in a bun or a ponytail.

Fitness: Am now doing the Focus T25 workout.

pic from web

pic from web

I like to watch the workouts i plan to do before actually doing them and when i did that for T25, i remember thinking that it wasn’t as good as Insanity. I thought that by choosing to do it i would in fact be regressing. I was wrong. That first workout had me dripping in sweat! I didn’t even realize 25 minutes were up till Shaun T said “Time” signalling the end of the workout. Am only 5 days into it and even though struggled through yesterday’s workout (Ab intervals), i know i’ll enjoy the next 10 weeks of the program.


Crocheting: In this post i said that i’d make something Christmasy and this is what i came up with…

Santa hat

Santa hat

I remember i made it the Sunday before Christmas and i haven’t made anything else since then. Am thinking of taking a break from making hats so the plan now is to make a crochet blanket/throw. This will be good practice for a baby blanket i plan to make and gift to my soon-to-be-born niece 🙂

My List: I still haven’t added anything new to it but am already working on what i can at the moment and i ‘ve also drawn up a plan and timeline to help me achieve the rest of my goals. I should probably make individual posts whenever i cross something off.

Shopping: I haven’t bought hair products in a long while. I realized that i have more than enough of those so now am just going to use them up before getting more of the same stuff. Remember my 2014 February haul? I still haven’t used the moisturizer i bought then! I also just started using the Suave conditioner from that haul in December! I have henna from last June/July which i forgot about and went out and bought the one pictured below which i used about 2 weeks ago. And am pretty sure if i look through my stash i’ll find products from 2013 😮


Am just going to hold off buying any more products and use the money i’ll save from that (little as it may be) to help me fulfill my 30-by-30 goals.

Thats all the updates i have for now 🙂

Have a blessed year!


Crocheting & Knitting progress

Clearly this post has nothing to do with hair but…you know, my interests are growing 🙂

Remember the beanie i was working on?


Well, i finally finished making it after so many trials and errors.

Beanie 1

All done crocheting

All done crocheting

This is my 2nd crochet project (the 1st was an infinity scarf), and i think i did well considering i learnt how to crochet a few weeks ago.

I made a few mistakes along the way, learnt from them and so making my 2nd beanie was a breeze.


I made this one last night and i am pretty happy with it. The only visible mistake is that gaping hole you see at the top. I followed the same pattern i had used for the grey beanie but due to the difference in yarn size and crochet size, this black one is tighter. But it still fits.



I bought more yarn last week with the hopes of knitting a scarf (not another infinity one 😀 ).

Its actually darker than it appears here

Its actually darker than it appears here

However, knitting is a lot more harder than crocheting (at least for me it is), so this is how far i’ve gone.


I had actually done 3 rows but i messed up and had to unravel them 😦 Lets just say that this project is taking a backseat for now as i work on something something else. I’ll buy more yarn before the end of this week and hopefully make something Christmasy 🙂

Its December?!

Hi guys, its been a minute…too long. Sorry for my absence (especially since i have quite a number of requested posts to put up and questions that need answering). I have a few posts lined up so expect something new everyday or at least till Christmas – blogmas? I hope that makes up for my disappearance from the interweb.

Before i dive into my usual posts allow me to indulge you in some random chatter. So, we’re in December guys! I was having trouble accepting the fact that Christmas is right around the corner but after spending an evening at The Mall with my cousins, am warming up to all things Christmas. And how could i not?

Bright 'blurry' lights

Bright ‘blurry‘ lights

Xmas 2014

And then there was this setup…

Santa's Bedroom. Why?

Santa’s Bedroom. Why?

I’d been cooped up indoors for so long…guess i lost track of time but now am in the festive mood! I want to put up a tree! I don’t own one, and haven’t put one up in years…shame.

I spent the past few weeks in front of the screen binge watching some of my favourite shows (CSI, Criminal minds, Stalker, Gotham, Supernatural, Sons of anarchy, The affair, Scandal, How to get away with murder, The Walking dead, The Good wife, The Flash, Manhattan love story, Sleepy hollow, The 100, Hannibal, Royal pains, etc, etc…yep, super productive).

While am sad that some of these shows won’t be back till next year am happy to say goodbye to others…like scandal. Is anyone else losing interest in this one or is it just me? I’ve tolerated their manner of speaking long enough (you know, the way they emphasize every word in the sentence. It was okay when Olivia Pope did it but then her Dad started doing it, then Jake, now everyone’s doing it! Its getting old). Its a good show but not as good as when it first started. And i miss Harrison.

Moving on swiftly, i picked up a new hobby! Crocheting! I have a list of things i plan to make – told you i love making lists 😀 So far i’ve made an infinity/circle scarf.


I was also working on a beanie, realized it was going to backfire so i unraveled it and now am redoing the darn thing. If at first you don’t succeed…right?

Making a beanie...

Making a beanie…

I crochet while watching my fav shows so, double score 🙂 And you know how excited i get about buying hair products, now my excitement comes from buying yarn, crochets and knitting needles! Eeeek! Am turning into an old lady!

My starter kit. Supplies

My starter kit. Supplies

Speaking of buying stuff, I purged a lot of items from my wardrobe which kind of left me with nothing to wear, so then i had to do some clothes shopping (smart move right?). In an attempt to pare down my clothing items, i only bought the basics in black, white, grey and blue. See the palette am working with? I still have a few pieces to pick up…i’ll try adding brown and red items next time. I now have very few clothes which means i do my laundry a lot more often, everything gets worn and i don’t waste time wondering what to wear! All i have to do is mix and match and am good to go. Life is so much easier now 😀

Let me end this random post by talking about my fitness journey. I worked out throughout the month of November and made up for any missed workout day on rest day, so in essence, i stuck with the program 🙂 Am still working out and have 4 more weeks of Insanity left. Can’t wait to start Focus T25 in January God willing. So basically, i have the exercising portion down and locked.

The nutrition bit is off. Way off. Staying healthy at this time of year is tricky, what with all the food and drinks going around (I know, excuses, excuses…). I feel as if am eating as much as am exercising! And this right here, is my daily guilty pleasure…



At least am exercising 6 days a week and doing the Azonto dance to just about every song i hear (why is the craze hitting me now?) :/ One of my Brothers told me that he sees no difference in the way i look and yet am always working out. Well, actually, thats not a bad thing. At least am not piling on Kilos considering how much (and what) i eat nowadays. Plus, my baby abs haven’t disappeared 🙂

Clean eating will resume soon.

Thats it for my ‘mini’ life update. Stick around for my usual posts.