Relaxer day!


I picked up this relaxer kit last Friday and i can’t wait to use it tonight! I already did a strengthening treatment (henna) a week ago so am good to go. I made it all of 10 weeks…well, am 1 day shy of being 10 weeks post today.


Happy New Year!

Almost a week late, but the year is still young 😀

So, updates. Right?

Hair: Am currently 9 weeks 3 days post relaxer and not much is going on. I actually haven’t blogged about my hair since i relaxed it but you know me, am either wearing it down, in a bun or a ponytail.

Fitness: Am now doing the Focus T25 workout.

pic from web

pic from web

I like to watch the workouts i plan to do before actually doing them and when i did that for T25, i remember thinking that it wasn’t as good as Insanity. I thought that by choosing to do it i would in fact be regressing. I was wrong. That first workout had me dripping in sweat! I didn’t even realize 25 minutes were up till Shaun T said “Time” signalling the end of the workout. Am only 5 days into it and even though struggled through yesterday’s workout (Ab intervals), i know i’ll enjoy the next 10 weeks of the program.


Crocheting: In this post i said that i’d make something Christmasy and this is what i came up with…

Santa hat

Santa hat

I remember i made it the Sunday before Christmas and i haven’t made anything else since then. Am thinking of taking a break from making hats so the plan now is to make a crochet blanket/throw. This will be good practice for a baby blanket i plan to make and gift to my soon-to-be-born niece 🙂

My List: I still haven’t added anything new to it but am already working on what i can at the moment and i ‘ve also drawn up a plan and timeline to help me achieve the rest of my goals. I should probably make individual posts whenever i cross something off.

Shopping: I haven’t bought hair products in a long while. I realized that i have more than enough of those so now am just going to use them up before getting more of the same stuff. Remember my 2014 February haul? I still haven’t used the moisturizer i bought then! I also just started using the Suave conditioner from that haul in December! I have henna from last June/July which i forgot about and went out and bought the one pictured below which i used about 2 weeks ago. And am pretty sure if i look through my stash i’ll find products from 2013 😮


Am just going to hold off buying any more products and use the money i’ll save from that (little as it may be) to help me fulfill my 30-by-30 goals.

Thats all the updates i have for now 🙂

Have a blessed year!

October ‘mini’ haul

oct mini haul

1) Perfect cosmetics hot oil hair cream 2) Eco Styler olive oil gel 3) Cantu Shea butter leave-in conditioning repair cream 4) Creme of Nature Intense conditioning treatment 5) ORS replenishing conditioner

I did some shopping last Friday in preparation for my upcoming relaxer day. I also bought a relaxer kit but forgot to include it in the above picture.

The deep conditioner i got this time has olive extracts. I normally use the one with mixed fruits extracts but they didn’t have it. I haven’t deep conditioned my hair in a long time so am really looking forward to doing that.

I’ve used the Eco Styler gel a couple of times already to slick down my edges for ponytail styles and i love it. I still have some Eco Styler brown gel left over but i really wanted to try out this olive oil one so bad.

Another product that i’ve been looking forward to using is the Cantu Shea butter leave-in conditioning cream. Seriously, i’ve been on the lookout for this product since before the beginning of my hair journey! Of course i forgot all about it but when i saw it on the shelves, i had to have it!

The Creme of Nature Intense conditioning treatment has been on my wishlist ever since i tried out the Moisture and shine sulfate-free shampoo from the same line. I can’t wait to use these two products together!

And finally, the ORS replenishing conditioner. I run out of my first bottle which i’d had for slightly over a year. This product is amazing and i was actually going to purchase the bigger ‘professional-size’ bottle but seeing that the gel, leave-in and CoN treatment were impulse buys, i had to compromise :/

Henna update – July

henna powder

Another long overdue post, but here it is finally. I hennad my hair on 24th of last month. My last similar treatment was… i don’t remember when :/ although I did an egg treatment about 4 weeks ago. Both henna and eggs are used as strengthening treatments.

I get asked what I use to make my henna paste and my answer is always the same. Plain warm water.

water & henna

There are several things one can add to henna to make the paste but I personally like to keep it simple. When I first started hennaing my hair, I would do a henna gloss which is basically adding conditioner, and sometimes oil, to the paste. I later decided to stick with just water.



After making the henna paste, I kept it in an air tight container till the very end of the day. The instructions on the pack say to let the dye release for 4-6 hours but I think I let mine sit for a while longer. At round 7pm that evening, after detangling and sectioning my hair I applied the henna.

pre henna

pre henna

henna paste

henna head

I had the henna in my hair till 4am (9hrs!). Well that was unintentional but whats a girl to do? I was both sleepy and feeling very lazy. Couldn’t master the will to go and rinse my hair and before I knew it, it was bedtime 😀 . (Just so you know, the pack says to leave it on for 3-4hrs).

After rinsing my hair, I did a deep conditioning treatment for probably 2 or 3hrs. I was running late so all I did was pull my hair back into a bun and that was my style for the day.