12 weeks

Am exactly 12 weeks post relaxer today!

Current hairstyle

Current hairstyle



French braid

French braid

I haven’t been following a strict regimen or any regimen really. I just wash and deep condition my hair whenever i feel like…usually once a week, sometimes i go slightly over a week without deep conditioning and sometimes i cowash in the middle of the week. My wash days are pretty random to say the least. The hair products i’ve been using are also different…


Well, they are different in that they are not my regular/staple products. Am sort of running out of the regulars so right now am just using what else i have in my stash. I need to do some shopping.

Due to all these inconsistencies, my hair feels different…and not in a good way. Whenever i wash it, it feels light and soft but it doesn’t retain moisture for a long period of time. It becomes dry very quickly and now i have lots of split ends that need to be snipped off.

I didn’t do a henna treatment last month so that accounts for how light my hair feels. I don’t know if this makes sense but when i do a henna treatment my hair feels heavy, and i like that.

The lack of proper moisture retention is probably due to product buildup. You see, i’ve been using mild shampoos (sulfate free and 2in1 shampoo-conditioner combos). These don’t get all the dirt out of my hair. I even went no-poo (not using shampoos) for a bit. I’d just rinse my hair or do cowashes. Doing so actually left my hair soft because its natural oils were not stripped off. However, the buildup i have now has formed a barrier preventing any products i apply to my hair to penetrate the strands. Thats why my hair is dry.

The way forward is to thoroughly cleanse my hair using a sulfate shampoo, do a strengthening treatment (henna) and trim my hair. I’ll also need to do an oil treatment at some point. I don’t remember when my last wash day was, probably a week or so ago (not good). I’ll get back to washing my hair on specific days that way i can keep track of things – new regimen coming up.

Lets talk about the trim. My last trim was in January. I didn’t like how my ends looked so i went ahead and gave myself a very light trim. I was afraid of snipping off a lot of hair like i did last year. Lets just say that my light trim was rubbish because i still had split ends after i was done. I have to get another trim soon. Am thinking of getting it professionally done – I haven’t had my hair done in a salon in 2 years.


Happy New Year!

Almost a week late, but the year is still young 😀

So, updates. Right?

Hair: Am currently 9 weeks 3 days post relaxer and not much is going on. I actually haven’t blogged about my hair since i relaxed it but you know me, am either wearing it down, in a bun or a ponytail.

Fitness: Am now doing the Focus T25 workout.

pic from web

pic from web

I like to watch the workouts i plan to do before actually doing them and when i did that for T25, i remember thinking that it wasn’t as good as Insanity. I thought that by choosing to do it i would in fact be regressing. I was wrong. That first workout had me dripping in sweat! I didn’t even realize 25 minutes were up till Shaun T said “Time” signalling the end of the workout. Am only 5 days into it and even though struggled through yesterday’s workout (Ab intervals), i know i’ll enjoy the next 10 weeks of the program.


Crocheting: In this post i said that i’d make something Christmasy and this is what i came up with…

Santa hat

Santa hat

I remember i made it the Sunday before Christmas and i haven’t made anything else since then. Am thinking of taking a break from making hats so the plan now is to make a crochet blanket/throw. This will be good practice for a baby blanket i plan to make and gift to my soon-to-be-born niece 🙂

My List: I still haven’t added anything new to it but am already working on what i can at the moment and i ‘ve also drawn up a plan and timeline to help me achieve the rest of my goals. I should probably make individual posts whenever i cross something off.

Shopping: I haven’t bought hair products in a long while. I realized that i have more than enough of those so now am just going to use them up before getting more of the same stuff. Remember my 2014 February haul? I still haven’t used the moisturizer i bought then! I also just started using the Suave conditioner from that haul in December! I have henna from last June/July which i forgot about and went out and bought the one pictured below which i used about 2 weeks ago. And am pretty sure if i look through my stash i’ll find products from 2013 😮


Am just going to hold off buying any more products and use the money i’ll save from that (little as it may be) to help me fulfill my 30-by-30 goals.

Thats all the updates i have for now 🙂

Have a blessed year!

Cantu shea butter


Leave-in conditioning repair cream

Shine, strong, long healthy hair, intense moisture to leave hair soft and manageable. Formulated for damaged, dry or coarse hair

What it does
Mends hair breakage
Repairs split ends and reduces frizz
Protects hair from heat damage
Hydrates and moisturizes with shea butter and natural oils

Great for: relaxed, natural, texturized, coloured or Permed hair

How to use
Daily styling
Leave-in treatment
For frizz-free hair

My take:
This product has a creamy soufflé-like consistency which i love.


Its also got a sweet subtle scent that i can’t quite place…i don’t know how to describe it. I noticed that my hair still carries this scent days after i’ve used the product. It almost as if it masks the coconut oil scent everyone (except me) seems to smell in my hair.

Despite this product being protein-based (notice the word repair in the description?), there’s no doubt that it also adds moisture to my hair. The softness and shine that result from its usage are proof of that. And as you all know, soft hair is oh so easy to manage i.e comb through.

About it repairing split ends, i don’t believe any one product can do that. You have to snip off those ends. Thats the only way to deal with them in my opinion.

The downside:
Other than the insane pricing of this product (Ksh.700+. Roughly $7), i hate that it does not layer well with gel, and one is left with little white balls aka residue. The residue also appears if you apply a lot of the product. Of course the sensible thing here is to use a little product but you know there are days when you accidentally use too much.

Now, the residue does eventually go away but for someone who washes their hair right before leaving the house, this just won’t do because, who wants to wants to walk around with white stuff in their hair waiting for to disappear?

I only apply this leave-in after washing-conditioning-towel blotting my hair (1-2 times a week). One can apply it daily to tame frizzy hair but i’d advise against doing that because this product tends to easily build up in hair and can cause it be weighed down and feel dirty (greasy/oily).

Would i buy it again? Yes. I love the scent. I love how it makes my hair feel. I love that i only need to use a bit of it so its sure to last me a long long time…so maybe the price is worth it. I wish it cost less though :/