Recent purchases|May


1) ORS relaxer kit 2) Mayonnaise 3) Perfect cosmetics hot oil hair cream 4) Vaseline petroleum jelly 5) Suave Professionals conditioner 6) Suave Naturals conditioner 7) Pure glycerin 8) Venus leave-in treatment

I did a mini haul last Monday because like i mentioned in a previous post I had run out of most of my hair products. This time i did not buy any shampoo because i have about 5 different ones…not to worry am curbing my product junkiesm 🙂

I mentioned here that i would relax my hair (at 14 weeks post) for an upcoming meeting but that did not happen. I ended up straightening my hair instead and have been wearing it like that for a week now. I should also mention that i have not worked out in a week! Didn’t want to sweat out my style 😮 I’ll relax my hair next week at 16 weeks post relaxer.

The mayonnaise is for the relaxer prep that i plan to do tonight. I need to strengthen my hair before putting it through harsh chemical treatment next week. I’ve done a mayo treatment before (see here) and i loved the result which is why am doing it again.

For deep conditioner, i got this one that has bone marrow extracts instead of my usual fruit extracts one because they didn’t have that. I honestly don’t like that it says bone marrow extracts but it smells heavenly. Still, i don’t think i’ll buy it again ’cause…bone marrow? Really? That is freaky.

The Vaseline, well, thats for basing my scalp and hairline on relaxer day because, you know, relaxer burns. I keep getting them and they are bad news! I need this.

I decided to pick up the Suave Naturals conditioner because i ran out of my last one. I bought the other one, Suave Professionals, from my Cousin Stella because she’d bought two of them. She kept borrowing my shampoos (we live together now) so i told her to just give me the conditioner in exchange for a shampoo…going to buy that for her today. You can never have to many conditioners right? Its not like shampoo.

I bought glycerin to use in place of honey (in my deep conditioner mix). The kind of honey i use comes straight from a bee farm and i run out of that too. So, before i get more of that, glycerin will have to do. Honey and glycerin are humectants, meaning they draw moisture from the air. So when present in hair, they keep it moisturized and soft.

And last but not least is the Venus leave-in treatment. I’ve been using Cantu shea butter leave-in conditioning and repair cream which has a somewhat creamy texture. Somedays i just need a runny/watery leave-in and for me, thats the Venus one.


Mini haul

I did a bit of shopping last week.

Jan haul

1) Royal henna 2) Perfect cosmetics hot oil hair cream 3) ORS relaxer – normal

I had very little deep conditioner left (not even enough for 1 application/treatment) and so i decided to pick up another tub.

Deep conditioners

Am so glad i got my regular one (the one with fruit extracts) because the one i previously had (with olive extracts) looked horrible to me. I just didn’t like that green colour. It wasn’t like an avocado mix (which i guess is okay)…to me it looked like detergent. Horrible i tell you. But it works fine.

I also picked up a relaxer kit because my new growth was driving me crazy (at 11 weeks post). I was just tired of having to use gel to slick down my edges (almost) daily, and having to deal with puffy roots.

The final purchase was henna. I bought this brand because i cannot seem to find my usual (Nupur henna) anywhere! This one is different from the one i used last month. I’ll do a comparison of the two after my next henna treatment.

October ‘mini’ haul

oct mini haul

1) Perfect cosmetics hot oil hair cream 2) Eco Styler olive oil gel 3) Cantu Shea butter leave-in conditioning repair cream 4) Creme of Nature Intense conditioning treatment 5) ORS replenishing conditioner

I did some shopping last Friday in preparation for my upcoming relaxer day. I also bought a relaxer kit but forgot to include it in the above picture.

The deep conditioner i got this time has olive extracts. I normally use the one with mixed fruits extracts but they didn’t have it. I haven’t deep conditioned my hair in a long time so am really looking forward to doing that.

I’ve used the Eco Styler gel a couple of times already to slick down my edges for ponytail styles and i love it. I still have some Eco Styler brown gel left over but i really wanted to try out this olive oil one so bad.

Another product that i’ve been looking forward to using is the Cantu Shea butter leave-in conditioning cream. Seriously, i’ve been on the lookout for this product since before the beginning of my hair journey! Of course i forgot all about it but when i saw it on the shelves, i had to have it!

The Creme of Nature Intense conditioning treatment has been on my wishlist ever since i tried out the Moisture and shine sulfate-free shampoo from the same line. I can’t wait to use these two products together!

And finally, the ORS replenishing conditioner. I run out of my first bottle which i’d had for slightly over a year. This product is amazing and i was actually going to purchase the bigger ‘professional-size’ bottle but seeing that the gel, leave-in and CoN treatment were impulse buys, i had to compromise :/

March mini haul

March haul

1) ORS relaxer 2) Eden Apricot Scrub – for face and body 3) African Black Soap

Am 14 weeks 2 days post relaxer and I don’t think I’ll make it to 16 weeks. How I once managed to stretch for 28 weeks eludes me. Right now my hair is thick due to my last henna treatment and I just can’t deal with it. I’ve been having a bad hair week, so, on Thursday I popped into town for a bit and randomly decided to buy a relaxer kit.

I got the African black soap yesterday and can I just tell you how excited I am to have it!

Next up is the Apricot face and body scrub. I probably won’t be needing it if I choose to stick with the black soap but am running out of the one I have been using which is why I bought this jar. Besides, I absolutely love the product. Or maybe am just looking for a reason to shop? My (hair stuff) shopping ban ends in May!

Turns out the Karen Hospital Heart Run is today! This totally slipped my mind so you can imagine my surprise when I saw people on the road…running. Aren’t the roads usually blocked to allow this kind of stuff to go on? Anyway, all for a good cause.

Heart run

heart run

Did you take part in the run?

February Haul!

I feel a self imposed shopping ban coming on 😀

These should keep me going for a while

These should keep me going for a while

1) Nupur henna 2) Oliive olive oil shampoo with conditioner 3) Creme of Nature Moisture & Shine shampoo – sulfate free 4) Venus leave-in treatment 5) Suave Naturals conditioner 6) ORS oil moisturizing hair lotion 7) Perfect cosmetics hot oil hair cream 8) Kapa pure glycerine 9) Ideal extra virgin olive oil 10) Ideal pure castor oil 11) Bobby pins 12) Duckbill TONY&GUY hair clips

I wanted to also buy a bottle of Enliven shampoo and another of the Enliven conditioner but just I can’t seem to find them anywhere! Anyone know where I can find them in Nairobi? Agnes, when you find them, please let me know 🙂

I need to repurchase these

I need to repurchase these

Now lets talk about this for a minute…

Coconut oil

I was going to add some coconut oil to my shopping basket then I saw the price tag. I just stood there thinking the pricing was wrong but nope. That’s what its going for nowadays. The 500ml bottle is Ksh.237 up from Ksh.200 and the 1L one is Ksh.444 up from Ksh.325 (119 shillings more!) crazy I tell you. When did this even happen? I just bought my last bottle in December! Needless to say I didn’t repurchase it this time round. I hope the price goes down before I ran out.


I’ve on the look out for duckbill clips but when i saw these ones, i wasn’t going to buy them. Then i noticed that “they’re” TONY&GUY clips and i just had to have them 😀 Am well aware that they are knock offs but hey…

And you can never have too many bobby pins 🙂

Bobby pins

HOTD & June ‘mini’ haul

Am 4 weeks post relaxer!

Hair Of The Day: BUN

Hair Of The Day: BUN

June haul

1) Coconut oil 2) Enliven conditioner 3)Enliven shampoo 4) Venus leave-in conditioner 5) Oliive olive oil shampoo with conditioner 6) Nupur henna 7) Perfect cosmetics hot oil hair cream


The venus leave-in conditioner has a new name now…venus Anti breakage leave-in treatment. The ingredients are still the same though which is great because it works great for me (if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it!). And this is a protein based product. It has hydrolyzed vegetable proteins in it. It also has mineral oil but that doesn’t bother me one bit. Its not thick at all or even remotely greasy. Its quite runny.

Have a great weekend!

Pre-relaxer mini haul

Last week i went out and purchased some of the things i would need for my upcoming relaxer day.

Relaxer day haul

Expiry date: June 2016! Had to check lol!

Relaxer expires in June 2016! Had to check lol!

As you may already know by now, i plan to self-relax very soon and i have decided to use the ORS No-lye relaxer in normal. Am well aware of the numerous complaints about it leaving hair under-processed but am good with that since its my first time self-relaxing and i’d rather have under-processed hair than over-processed hair.

I bought the ‘creamy aloe shampoo’ and ‘replenishing conditioner’ even though they come in the box kit. Those two products have been on my wishlist for a while now and am so glad i finally have them 😀

shampoo n' conditioner labeled

hair otion

I also purchased another bottle of the ‘ORS hair lotion’ just to stock up (i still have some left) and some ‘Vaseline as well to base my scalp, forehead, ears, nape, e.t.c’ on relaxer day. I think am all set now. Oh and i also have an applicator brush (bought it on impulse 2 years ago 🙂 )

I feel that am relaxing too soon (at 11 weeks post) but i really don’t want to wait till i get a crazy amount of new growth then have trouble self-relaxing it.