Mini haul

I did a bit of shopping last week.

Jan haul

1) Royal henna 2) Perfect cosmetics hot oil hair cream 3) ORS relaxer – normal

I had very little deep conditioner left (not even enough for 1 application/treatment) and so i decided to pick up another tub.

Deep conditioners

Am so glad i got my regular one (the one with fruit extracts) because the one i previously had (with olive extracts) looked horrible to me. I just didn’t like that green colour. It wasn’t like an avocado mix (which i guess is okay)…to me it looked like detergent. Horrible i tell you. But it works fine.

I also picked up a relaxer kit because my new growth was driving me crazy (at 11 weeks post). I was just tired of having to use gel to slick down my edges (almost) daily, and having to deal with puffy roots.

The final purchase was henna. I bought this brand because i cannot seem to find my usual (Nupur henna) anywhere! This one is different from the one i used last month. I’ll do a comparison of the two after my next henna treatment.


Henna update – July

henna powder

Another long overdue post, but here it is finally. I hennad my hair on 24th of last month. My last similar treatment was… i don’t remember when :/ although I did an egg treatment about 4 weeks ago. Both henna and eggs are used as strengthening treatments.

I get asked what I use to make my henna paste and my answer is always the same. Plain warm water.

water & henna

There are several things one can add to henna to make the paste but I personally like to keep it simple. When I first started hennaing my hair, I would do a henna gloss which is basically adding conditioner, and sometimes oil, to the paste. I later decided to stick with just water.



After making the henna paste, I kept it in an air tight container till the very end of the day. The instructions on the pack say to let the dye release for 4-6 hours but I think I let mine sit for a while longer. At round 7pm that evening, after detangling and sectioning my hair I applied the henna.

pre henna

pre henna

henna paste

henna head

I had the henna in my hair till 4am (9hrs!). Well that was unintentional but whats a girl to do? I was both sleepy and feeling very lazy. Couldn’t master the will to go and rinse my hair and before I knew it, it was bedtime 😀 . (Just so you know, the pack says to leave it on for 3-4hrs).

After rinsing my hair, I did a deep conditioning treatment for probably 2 or 3hrs. I was running late so all I did was pull my hair back into a bun and that was my style for the day.