Henna update | September

Am 4 weeks 6 days post relaxer today!

Earlier this year I stocked up on henna. I could only find the 50g packs which sucked because I typically use 100g on my hair each time I henna. Since henna has gone up in price, I decided to be mixing it with a cheaper brand to top it up to 100g. So that’s what I what I did this past Wednesday morning.

The plan was to henna later that evening after getting back from work but I got back home at 9pm and was too tired to tired to do that. I just got ready for bed and was out in a heartbeat.

old lived-in hair

Come Thursday, I busied myself with all things housekeeping. Hennaing was not on the agenda…not in the mood really. I had an overnight shift later so there was no way for me to henna that night.

Bun with bangs pinned back

When I got back home yesterday morning (Friday), I knew that was my last chance to henna and so I did that at around 10:30. I slept with the henna in my hair and rinsed it off about 6 hours later.

I did quick deep conditioning treatment, applied a leave-in conditioner and sealed that in with avocado oil.

Deep treatment

Avocado oil

Afterwards I air-dried my hair in a loose bun and kept it like that for the night. Today I came to work with my hair in a bun but later removed the hair tie and now its in a loose braid.


Updates | Relaxer, henna, length-check, half marathon training

Hi guys! I hope you’re all doing well. Its been ages since I last put up a post so am going to do a quick run down on what I’ve been up to.

I relaxed my hair!

July length check

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Hair update|week 10

Am 10 weeks 4 days post relaxer today!

Its been ages since i made a proper hair update. Not much has been going with my hair. I mentioned here that i trimmed it but thats about all the big news i have so far :/

July - below bra strap length (bsl) vs Aug above bsl

July – below bra strap length (bsl) vs Aug above bsl

Check out Yvette’s post…she too cut off a few inches.

Last week (Sunday-Monday) i did an overnight oil prepoo treatment, then i shampooed and conditioned my hair. A few days later (last Friday), i washed my hair again using ORS creamy aloe shampoo. I had gone for swimming the previous afternoon so my hair needed to be washed to get rid of chlorine from the swimming pool. This shampoo is not only a neutralizing and clarifying shampoo, but its also a chelating shampoo meaning that it gets rid of any mineral deposits that may be on the hair.

And then just this past Monday, only 3 days since the said chelating wash, i shampooed my hair again! I have to admit that this hair washing business is getting out of hand 😮 Needless to say, i shampooed my hair, let it air dry throughout the day and then at around midnight i applied some henna onto it.


I don’t know where my mind was when i made the henna paste because i made just enough to cover my roots and my ends. I think i used less than 50g of henna! (i usually use 100g). Anyway, i managed to work a bit of it onto the length of my hair (had to lightly mist my hair with water to evenly distribute it).

I had the henna on my hair for about 12 hours, then i did a deep conditioning treatment for only 30 minutes because i had to head out in the afternoon. After the wash i wrapped my hair in a towel for a few minutes, then applied some leave-in conditioner and coconut oil. For styling, i simply put my hair up in a ponytail. Here are a few pictures of how i wore my hair last week.

Yea...am not big on styling

Yea…am not big on styling

While in town on Tuesday, i picked up a relaxer kit and deep conditioner. I plan to retouch my hair tomorrow because i have a busy few weeks ahead of me and i want to have that freshly relaxed look within that time. Purchasing the deep conditioner wasn’t planned but i figured since i was in a part of town that i don’t frequent often, (and thats where i buy it from), “i might as well get it”.

mini haul

Has anyone tried out this new Argan oil ORS relaxer? I don’t know how long its been in the market. I first saw it last week.


Onto other matters, i’ve been trying to use up my hair products before purchasing any more and so far so good…i bought 500ml of coconut oil and 200g of henna last month because i had run out of those and i needed them. Anyway, in the past 2 weeks alone, i’ve gone through Enliven shampoo, Enliven conditioner, Suave (naturals) conditioner, Suave (professionals) conditioner, Oliive shampoo with conditioner and Venus dual hair treatment. The creamy aloe shampoo is good for one more wash before i run out (save for the sample-size sachets i have). I have no conditioner left. Am thinking of doing a haul at the beginning of next month to mark my 4 year hair journey anniversary.

Relaxer prep |May

I did a henna treatment 2 weeks ago…



Since i did not want to do that again anytime soon, i decided to use mayonnaise to strengthen my hair for relaxer day. I prepped my hair in 2 steps. The first was the cleansing step because i wanted to apply the mayo treatment on clean and dry hair. I did that in the morning, put my hair in a ponytail and headed out.

Wash day products

Wash products

After wash products

After wash products

When i got back home, i proceeded to the second step. My hair was mostly dry at this point. All i did was mix the Mayonnaise with a blend of coconut and olive oil.

Cheapie mayo

Cheapie mayo

mayo-oil mix

mayo-oil mix



I kept it in my hair throughout the night and in the morning i rinsed it off and applied deep conditioning treatment. Since i was pressed for time, i only left it on for a few minutes while i carried on with the rest of my shower routine. I did not even mix any oils into the deep conditioner.

Now, the mayo did make my hair somewhat hard but not as hard as when i added an egg to it as seen in this post. Nonetheless, it got the job done. The deep conditioner also worked well on its own. It really softened up my hair and got rid of the mayo smell i had going on.

Once again i applied Venus leave-in conditioner and a bit of coconut oil and then put my hair in yet another ponytail. This has become my go-to style. I always apply some castor oil to my ends before going out to keep them from drying out too much. This weekend however, i gave my hair a break and rocked a loose low bun.

13 weeks

Today marks 13 weeks since i last relaxed my hair and so far so good. As mentioned in my last update, my hair has been a little off. I shampooed and deep conditioned it last Wednesday and that got rid of the product buildup i had. I used the last of my Suave shampoo and the deep conditioner during that wash.

Yesterday, i had the urge to wash my hair again so i did so using Oliive olive oil shampoo with conditioner which is a mild product. I’d have done a cowash but i run out of conditioner a while back (and i didn’t want to use the Alberto Balsam conditioner in my stash). I kept my hair in a bun and let it air dry like that.

My plan was to stretch this relaxer till 16 weeks but i’ve just been informed that i need to attend a meeting of sorts next week and i’d like to look good for that; so i’ll relax my hair sooner. This is actually good because i’ll get a chance straighten my hair! I’ve been wanting to do that but with all the new growth i’ve got going on and me sweating during workouts, that style would not have lasted at this point of my stretch. Having my hair straight will also give me a chance to trim it.

Since i’ll be relaxing my hair sooner than expected, i need to prep it first – to strengthen it. I’ll do an oil prepoo treatment later today, follow up with a henna treatment a few hours later and then do an overnight deep conditioning treatment. My next wash will be on relaxer day…in a weeks time.

I realize that come tomorrow, i’ll have washed my hair thrice in less than a week. The benefit of that is that my new growth is soft (maybe too soft – i really need to do that henna treatment). I’ve already come up with a regimen that i plan to start following consistently and i’ll share that in a future post.

Quick December henna update

Turns out i never did an update on my December henna treatment :/

Anyways, since i’ve posted about my experience with the Shining sun henna (which is what i used), i won’t go into detail about that wash day. Here are some pics instead…




Click here to see how i deep condition my hair.

Check out my January 2015 henna update here.


I ‘said’ that i’d put up a comparison post of the 2 henna brands i used recently and so this is it.

Since i haven’t been able to find Nupur henna in stores of late, i decided to try out other brands and this is the first one i picked up…

Shining sun henna

Shining sun henna

It was pretty cheap, going for Ksh.65 (less than 1USD). I of course checked to make sure it was 100% pure henna. It didn’t have any other ayurvedic powders mixed into it as is the case with Nupur henna and i was okay with that. All i wanted was the henna.

I used it last December and even though it wasn’t as good as Nupur henna (I could tell by the way my hair felt), it did strengthen my hair some. All seemed okay right up to the moment i rinsed it off and let my hair air dry a bit before doing a deep conditioning treatment. That is when i noticed this…



I had tiny bits of…i don’t even know what to call them…all over my hair and top. I just went ahead anyway and applied deep conditioner. After a few hours i rinsed my hair and the flaky stuff washed off.

Even though the henna kinda worked, i decided to try another brand and so i bought this one….

Royal Henna

Royal Henna

Now, this one was pricy. I bought a 100g pack for Ksh.200 (2.19USD). Thats more than i’d have to pay for 100g of Nupur henna! Anyway, this henna was better than the shining sun one above in that it did not leave any flakes behind and my hair felt almost (but not quite) as strong as it does when i use Nupur henna.

Can you tell how much i love Nupur henna? 😀

Godrej Nupur henna

Godrej Nupur henna

The only downside to using this Royal henna brand is that it made my scalp itch for 3-4 days after doing the treatment (see henna pics in my 1 week post update). This henna is also 100% pure. The itchiness did subside towards the end of the week without me applying anything to my scalp (i usually apply coconut oil to my scalp to relieve itching).

In as much as i love hennaing my hair, am not looking forward to trying out another brand of henna. So, the plan now is to turn to the ORS hair mayonnaise (a strengthening treatment) which i’ve always wanted to try out but passed up on because i had henna (also a strengthening treatment) that worked wonders for my hair.

ORS hair mayonnaise

I’ve heard & read good reviews about the ORS hair mayo (like this one by Evalyne) so am excited to finally try it out. ORS hair products work well on my hair so i hope to add the mayo to my collection too.

My ORS stash

My ORS stash