I cut my hair!

My hair today. Day 3 hair always looks better.

My hair today. Day 3 hair always looks better.

I gave myself a haircut and now my hair is really short. Its at shoulder length – barely grazing arm pit length. The last time my hair was this short was back in February 2014. I don’t think I can call this most recent episode with my scissors a major trim because I took off a lot of length. Am just going to call it what it is…a haircut.

Jan 2017 vs Mar 2017 : fresh (day 1) hair is always flat

Jan 2017 vs Mar 2017 : fresh (day 1) hair is always flat

So, from the beginning right?

This past Monday I really took the time to do my hair. I washed it with a sulfate free shampoo first, then did a deep conditioning treatment. After that I applied some leave-in conditioner and heat protection serum. I then proceeded to blow it dry and then I finally straightened it using a flat iron. As I was straightening it, I trimmed off the ends section by section. I did this throughout my head and was quite thorough because my last trim was back in July. 8 months ago. I do do not recommend going that long without a trim. I went overboard with the trim but that didn’t bother me because my plan was to go shorter anyway.

Before shampooing

Before shampooing

Deep conditioning

Deep conditioning

After washing - no products in hair

After washing – no products in hair

After blow drying

After blow drying

After the whole straightening and trimming process was done. I got into the fun part. The actual cutting. I had already decided that I wanted to cut my hair into a bob hairstyle and so thats what I did. I went for a one-length long bob hairstyle because in as much as I wanted shorter hair, cutting it to neck length was not going to happen. It would have been great to cut it to arm pit length (my favourite length) but the front pieces of my hair weren’t that long to begin with so I went shorter. Now my hair is at shoulder length all round (ish) and I love it.


I love the blunt cut because it makes me feel edgy (futuristic even) 😀 It is a little harsh and doesn’t have a natural look to it so to counteract that, I bumped my ends (curled them under) for a more polished look. Yea, I can’t decide if I want to look edgy or polished 😐


I think I did a good job on my hair. I got weave checked! And my Mum said it looked professionally done (after coming to terms with the fact that I had cut my hair. She couldn’t believe how much I cut off). Its only been 2 days since the haircut and I sometimes find myself thinking about how much I cut off. Especially when am seated and realize that my hair isn’t caught between my back and the chair. Or when I can’t see it under my armpits when I have my arms raised while standing in front of a mirror (weird observation). Or when it doesn’t get caught in my towel because its hanging higher (when I wrap the towel around my body under my arm pits. Again with the underarm reference point. Yea. Like I said. Weird observations). But then I look (like really look) at my hair in the mirror and see how good it is and I have no regrets. That change in hairstyle I always wanted…I’ve got it now.

Feeling badass bold 😀

Oh, and today marks 4 years since my last salon visit!


Relaxer update|May

I finally did my hair on Tuesday (12th) at exactly 16 weeks weeks post relaxer. This stretch was not difficult and i possibly i could have gone longer but seeing as i self-relax at home, i didn’t want to run into problems trying to relax lots of new growth. As usual i used the ORS relaxer kit pictured in my last haul post.

I actually texlaxed my hair this time. I mentioned here that i would not smooth the relaxer after the application step because i kept getting relaxer burns – from i guess aggravating my scalp (sometimes i tend to get carried away with the smoothing).

Anyway, what i did was apply the relaxer like i always do. This time i worked faster and was able to shave off 10 minutes from my usual relaxing time #WIN! I used my fingers to slightly smooth my hairline. Usually, i part my hair in small sections and use the back of a rat-tail comb to smooth.

After about a minute or so, i got into the shower and rinsed off the relaxer. Then i did 4 shampoo washes using the ORS creamy aloe shampoo which is a neutralizing shampoo. What it essentially does is stop any relaxer thats still in your hair from further processing hair (neutralizes the relaxer – remember your Chemistry lessons? 🙂 ), it also washes off any relaxer thats still in hair and restores the hairs’ pH because you know, relaxers/chemicals tend to throw off your hairs’ pH balance. I used a mixture of ORS replenishing conditioner, peppermint oil and glycerin to deep condition for a few minutes.

As usual, i had my in-shower-post-relaxer-freakout-moment where i thought i’d gotten my hair straight. My hair felt so straight and light when rinsing off the deep conditioner. But when i got to rinsing the front section, i could feel some waves and that got me excited. I couldn’t wait to get infront of a mirror and admire the waves.

When i did however, i saw that the outcome wasn’t what i expected. The waves were not as i had envisioned in my mind – they were smaller/tighter. The edges on the quadrant i relaxed last would not stay down. I like my edges slicked down…my right side was behaving well though.

Of course i started asking myself what i had done. I really did not like my hair at that point. I attempted to style it in a wavy style but it took too long to dry and since i needed to go out i just threw it in a low bun. I just couldn’t wear wet (looking) hair down and head off to town like that.

The wavy style i attempted - old pic

The wavy style i was going for – old pic

When i got back home in the evening, i did 6 flat twists, went to bed and actually kept them in the following day (kind of took the day off). On Thursday, i wore my hair in a failed twist out – my hair was just not having it, and so today am rocking a curly somewhat messy bun to salvage the failed twist out. Thank God its Friday and am working from home today otherwise i’d not be able to get away with the look out there.

So, do i regret texlaxing my hair? No. My hair always looks better after one or two wash days (post relaxer). I’ll give it time to get its act together 🙂 In the meantime, i’ll keep reminding myself why i wanted to texlax in the first place…

1) Because i keep saying i want to. I once mentioned that i would transition to natural hair once my hair got to bra strap length. I got to bra strap (still there it seems) and i have zero interest in going natural. So…texlaxing it is!

2) I want thicker hair! My hair looks thick. Its actually medium textured and i’ve been told that i have a lot of hair. I just want more of that and i know for sure that texlaxing will get me there…call me greedy.

3) Waves!

'Bunny' tail

I’ve shared these pics of my (2011) natural hair numerous times on my blog. I really want to be able to achieve a similar look without having to go natural. Am sort of over straight hair…sort of.

4) No more relaxer burns! I didn’t get any this time *happy dance* 🙂 Texlaxing is healthier for my hair and scalp anyway. Natural is best, but am sticking with the creamy crack for now.

Check out this post when all i wanted was straight hair…i was a little upset when my hair got accidentally texlaxed. How things change 🙂 Looks like am embracing change.

Sorry for the lack of pics :/ I’ll try and put some together.

Hozier inspired?

Am 4 weeks 5 days post today and this has been my hairstyle since Friday…


I watched the Grammy awards the other day and while Hozier was performing, i realized that we were rocking the same hairstyle 😀

Pic from web

Pic from web

Pic from web

Pic from web

Well, almost the same. In my mind, i was thinking, “he jacked my swag! But he doesn’t know me. So…am i the one jacking his swag? 😐 ” Very random thoughts…

Anyway, after straightening my hair on the 5th of this month i didn’t wash it for 2 weeks (till last Thursday). I actually liked how it was (straight/wavy) and wanted to keep it like that for a while longer, but it was time for a wash. Besides, it was starting to get dry.

To wash it, i used Enliven shampoo and then i later did a deep conditioning treatment in the shower for a few minutes. Am getting bored/tired of doing my hair in intervals. Nowadays i just want to be done with my wash in one go.

Later i applied Cantu shea butter leave-in. Because of its creamy nature, i find that helps my hair retain moisture for a longer period of time. I sealed it in with coconut oil, did two french braids and let my hair air dry like that.