Of long wash days…

Last Thursday was wash day for me. I’d gone for close to 3 weeks without washing my hair but since I always wore it in a bun, my hair stayed moisturized for the most part and so it didn’t bother me much. However, because I kept slapping gel onto my hair to keep everything sleek (not to mention my daily use of oils) I developed some serious residue build up.

And so I washed my hair.

I just shampooed and used regular rinse out conditioner (no deep conditioning). My hair felt so fresh, light and flowy afterwards. I hadn’t realized how weighed down it had been! I loved it. I didn’t want to add much (if anything) to it and so after applying a leave-in conditioner and an oil, I pulled it back into a ponytail and rocked it like that…flyaways and all. That was my Thursday and Friday hairstyle.

Come Saturday morning, I felt rather drab. I was 10 weeks post by then and itching to do a relaxer touch up. I also realized that my hair was way too light. I needed to do a strengthening treatment. A henna treatment. My last one had been in December…so much for my monthly hennaing plan :/

I decided to do both treatments one the same day – for the record, I’d never done that before. That was going to be a long weekend for me…I even turned down weekend invites and had no shame explaining that I would be occupied doing my hair 😀

Lets just say that I did not do my hair on Saturday but instead spent the entire day in bed. I had come off a night shift that morning and the plan was to sleep till sometime in the afternoon. But…I woke up at around 6:30pm. Anyway, at 9pm, I made a henna paste. I meant to let it sit and release the dye for 3 hours before applying it to my hair but guess what? I fell asleep! Again! Till 6 something the next morning! Am telling you I had so much sleep its unbelievable. Its almost as if I had been drugged!

Note my henna stained nail? Its been that long.

Moving on…on Sunday, I finally got to do my hair. I did a relaxer touch up at around 1pm. There was no power or running water at home but that was not going to deter me. I managed.

After shampooing out the relaxer, I let my hair airdry, run errands, lounged, cooked, did random stuff basically. Of course my hair dried and I had to dampen it in order to have a easy time applying the henna afterwards.

Mid-step henna treatment

I kept the henna in my hair overnight, rinsed it off and then did a deep conditioning treatment on Monday. I thought I had some of the cholesterol treatment I use left over but no. There was very little of it left. I ended up mixing all sorts of products to have something to treat my hair with. I used the left over cholesterol treatment, TRESemme conditioner, ORS hair mayo, ORS replenishing conditioner, Glycerin, avocado, castor, olive and Jamaican black castor oils. I just went for it.

Post henna. No products in my hair

Deep conditioning

After rinsing my hair and applying my products, I let it air-dry in two French braids. I kept the style in for two days – till yesterday since I didn’t need to go anywhere.

Am definitely not looking forward to washing my hair anytime soon. Am currently shooting for 2 weeks but with little-to-no-gel use, I should be able to push it to 3 weeks granted my hair stays moisturized.

Have a blessed week!



6 months’ progress

Jan – Mar – Aug

This past weekend was wash day. I shampooed, hennaed and deep conditioned my hair. After that I applied some leave-in conditioner and serum and then I blew my hair dry and finally straightened it. I also gave myself a trim because it had been close to 6 months since my last one. This time round, I did an actual trim. I only snipped off the very tips of the strands. My hair has grown some. It will surely be back to where it was (before the cut) by the end of the year. I think I can officially claim armpit length now – my hair is not grazing my bra strap yet.

*Here are some pics from my wash day*

Time to rinse off this henna

No products in my hair after rinsing off henna

Deep conditioner mix

Deep conditioner

Curly girl!

Flexi rod set

Hi guys! Hope you’re all keeping well. Its December! I know, almost 3 weeks in already and this is my first post this month. Anyway, i thought i’d share with you this look i did a few weeks ago (more like a month plus ago…oops!)

Flexi rods

Flexi rods


I bought the purple flexi rods back in October and finally put them to use. The orange ones had been lying dormant for a while now since i purchased them back in 2012 i think (or maybe it was 2013…i don’t know). My hair was not freshly washed for this look. I had been rocking a bun for a few days and decided to switch up the style. So basically this was done on dry hair. I moisturized and seal it prior to applying the flexi rods though.

I did this at night and let me just tell you that trying to sleep with these things on my head was a nightmare. I don’t know how people do it. I literally lost sleep and ended up getting out of bed to watch some TV series. 3 hours later i took them out, put on a hair bonnet and went back to bed. That felt good 🙂 They still turned out okay.

Have a lovely day/night and see you in my next post!

Hello September! | Quick updates

Hi guys! I hope you’re all keeping well. I believe this is the longest i have gone without posting anything! I fell off the radar for a while but now am back (again) 🙂 I have quite a number of posts to put up so please bear with me as i get everything together. In the meantime, here are a few updates on my hair and fitness journey. I’ll go into more detail in upcoming posts.

I relaxed my hair on August 2nd, at 11 weeks 4/5 days post so am 5 weeks 3 days post today. If you recall, i mentioned wanting to do a corrective relaxer. I did that and it went well. I also straightened my hair on relaxer day and gave myself a trim (snipped off about 1.5 inches). After about a week or so, i wore my hair curly in a braidout and then i semi-straightened it after about a week and gave myself another trim. This time i snipped of more hair…like 2.5 inches. After that, i went back curly and have been wearing my hair like that to date.

Am currently not following any strict hair regimen. I just make sure that i wash my hair once a week. I simply shampoo and condition it in the shower. I haven’t done a deep conditioning treatment in weeks. I did a henna treatment 3 or 4 weeks ago and plan on doing another one next week or the week after…not really sure when.

I repurchased 2 hair products over the weekend and there are 2 other products that am thinking of trying out (budgeting woes). I know that i’ll end up buying them sooner or later so keep an eye out for a mini-haul post 🙂 Feels like i haven’t shopped for (new-to-me) stuff in ages so this will be quite the treat.

I finished doing the Insanity max:30 program! *throwsconfetti* 😀 Seriously though, that program wiped.me.out! Still, i learnt a few things from doing it (as well as from the main Insanity workout program) so am glad i took the time to do them.

I’ve now shifted my focus to running. I run 3-4 days out of the week (well, actually, i should be running 4 days a week with no exception). Remember the 5K personal challenge i presented myself with? I still can’t run a 5Km distance…i haven’t tried. Am following a training program though and every week the distance i need to cover increases. Am slowly building up to 5Km and by the end of next week, i should be able to cover that distance! *excitedmuch*

Venus solutions soothing scalp treatment

Click  the pic to enlarge

Click the pic to enlarge

Yesterday I did a deep conditioning treatment using Venus solutions soothing scalp treatment. Since i had used shampoo in my last wash not too long ago (Thursday), i opted to skip that and go straight into treating my hair. Frequent shampoo use is discouraged because it strips hair of its natural oils which help condition it and keep it healthy.

What i did was part my hair into four sections, use a spray bottle to lightly spritz some water onto it section by section, and then apply the Venus solutions soothing scalp treatment. If you recall, i’d worn my hair curly prior to this. I did not detangle it but went right ahead and applied the treatment instead.

Once i had the treatment on, i covered my hair with a plastic bag (you can use a shower cap) and then i secured that with a head scarf. I left the product on for slightly over 30 minutes while i worked out. The directions on the jar say to leave it on for 10 minutes then rinse or use with a heat cap under a dryer for extra conditioning. I don’t have a dryer so i used my body heat 😀

After that i hopped into the shower and rinsed off the product while gently detangling my hair using a wide tooth comb. Now, this Venus treatment has such great slip (its thick and creamy) and that made my comb glide through my hair. Detangling was so easy! And it made my hair so soft. Winning!

Venus solutions soothing scalp treatment claims to control flakes, sooth itchy scalp and give a cool refreshing experience and treat/condition hair. I don’t have flakes or an itchy scalp but i can attest to the cool refreshing experience (this product contains menthol).

Right now my hair smells great, it is soft and moisturized.

Check out the Venus for you page here.

Have a good day! 🙂

Twist out using Venus Beautiful Essence

Twist out ft. Venus

Twist out ft. Venus



Hi guys, since the weekend is (almost) here, its time for me to glam up my do 🙂 For this, i decided to do a twist out using products that i recently received from Venus.


1) Dual hair treatment 2) Hair Food (with Moroccan Argan oil & Olive oil) 3) Relaxer – Super and Regular (with Moroccan Argan oil)

These products are from the new Venus Beautiful Essence hair care range which is formulated with natural ingredients (olive oil, carrot & egg, manuka honey & tea tree, bergamot & tea tree, avocado & almond oil) to ensure that your hair achieves moisture, strength, body and shine. I also received Venus Anti-Dandruff shampoo and Venus soothing scalp treatment (an anti-dandruff product).

Anti Dandruff

Anti Dandruff

I did a simple wash using the Anti-dandruff shampoo and followed up with the Dual hair treatment and let me just say right now that am in love with these two products already! First of all, i don’t have dandruff but i used the shampoo anyway. What did i love about it? Well, for starters, it has a nice faint scent. It is creamy so application is easy, it lathers quite easily as well and a little product goes a long way so am sure it will last me a long time. Being that this is a sulfate shampoo, my hair got clean but somehow did not feel stripped. One more thing that i loved about the shampoo is that it contains menthol so i could literally feel that cool soothing sensation when i let the shampoo sit in my hair for a while. It was perfect!



After shampooing

After shampooing

As aforementioned, i followed up the shampoo wash with the Dual hair treatment which can be used as a rinse off or leave-in (hence the dual part of the name 😀 ). I used the one containing olive oil, first as a rinse off (i let it sit in my hair for the recommended 15 minutes) and then i used it as a leave-in.

Dual Hair Treatment

Dual Hair Treatment

After treatment. No product is in my hair

After treatment. No product is in my hair

What i love about this Dual treatment is that it really softened up my hair which is something you really want in a hair treatment. Its been 10 weeks since i last did a relaxer touch up so i needed this! It has great slip so combing my hair (while the product was still in it) was a breeze really. It also has a great scent, and the consistency is creamy but light, which is why i decided to also use it as a leave-in. I knew my hair would not be weighed down.

After applying the dual treatment as a leave-in, i used the Venus Beautiful Essence hair food (with Moroccan Argan oil). Now this is not something i would personally opt to use but i decided to give it a try. I used a little bit of it to seal in the moisture in my hair and i plan to use it throughout the week since it is somewhat light. I like that it contains Argan oil which nourishes hair while softening it at the same time.

Venus Hair Food

Venus Hair Food

Since i received quite a number of products and couldn’t possibly use them all at once, i will incorporate them into my hair regimen and share my experience using them in future posts; so be on the look out for that 🙂 Am especially looking forward to using the anti-dandruff scalp soothing treatment!

One last product that i received is the Venus Ultra-hydrating body lotion (with Moroccan Argan oil). If you remember, i mentioned in a previous post that i was on the hunt for a body lotion and this one…this one i like (still trying to figure out the scent). I love that it is light and moisturizing. And it comes in a pump bottle! *thethingsthatexciteme* 😀

Ultra-moisturizing body lotion

Ultra-moisturizing body lotion

For more information regarding Venus hair care products (and for queries and comments) click here to get to the Venus for you page.