Wash day breakage | Prevention

Shout out to Emily for today’s post idea. Hi girl 🙂 I hope that my other readers benefit from this too. So…my thoughts on wash day breakage; how to prevent them to be more specific. I have written several individual posts on the points below so feel free to click on the link backs where i have even more info. Continue reading


Natural vs Relaxed…

…which has been easier for you?

(L) The night before i relaxed my hair (it was natural) (R) The next day after relaxer

(L) night before i relaxed my hair (R) next day after relaxing it

A: Relaxed.


1) I love wearing my hair straight. I don’t do it often but when i do, the straightening process is now easier and i don’t have to use so much heat. I’ve mentioned before that in my Uni days, i used to get my natural hair straightened all the time. To get it the way i wanted (bone straight), a lot of heat had to be used and that eventually resulted in me having very damaged hair.

2) Its now easy for me to retain length because my hair is not constantly breaking off. With my natural hair, most of the breakage i experienced (after i learnt about healthy hair care) was the result of tangling. Of course my hair still tangles up every now and then, but not as much as it did when i was natural. Yes, i could have been gentle with it back then but…it sometimes gets so frustrating.

3) Doing my relaxed hair takes less time.

4) I love sleek looks on me. When my hair was natural, i would use a lot of gel to get it all sleek and laid. Now i rarely use gel because my hair behaves the way i want it to 🙂

Now, this is not to say that i would not consider going natural some day. Lord knows i’ve thought about it and i sometimes genuinely miss my natural hair but, am going to rock this relaxed look till i can’t no more 😀 Besides, my hair is healthier this way due to less heat use and less manipulation.

Oh yea, and i got the questions from CookieMon in the comment section of this post.

Have a great Saturday!

Beer rinse!

Its not even midweek and here i am thinking about beer. Well, beer for my hair. I have been getting a little bored with all-things-hair. I need to try something new…and a beer rinse is what i have in mind 😀 I have never done this before and the thought of it seems crazy but apparently, it works!

The protein in the malt and the hops present in beer coat, repair and replenish hair. They also add body to limp strands.

I know this would not work for me seeing that i have straight hair, but for those with curly hair, a beer rinse enhances your curls! Turns out that if you recently lost your curls due to heat-damage, a beer rinse will make your hair revert!!! (i learnt that yesterday :)) If you do not want to do a beer rinse go ahead and do a regular protein treatment…its all about the proteins (remember to follow up with a moisturizing deep treatment though).

Moving on…buy cheap beer for the rinse. It’s the acid in the beer that softens the hair shaft, not the taste. A traditional ale or lager is preferred over wheat beers. Note that darker beers tend to have more proteins. In addition, maltose and sucrose sugars add shine.

Open a bottle or can of beer and let it sit out for an hour or two. This is done to allow carbonation to escape thus making the beer flat before putting it on your hair.

1) Shampoo your hair before using the beer rinse. And yes, you are going to take the beer into the shower with you. Please note that it is not safe to bring glass into the shower in case you drop the bottle and hurt yourself. Just pour the beer into a plastic cup, or use canned beer instead.

2) After shampooing and rinsing your hair, gently squeeze the excess water out then pour the entire beer over your hair. Make sure to coat the strands (scalp to ends).

3) Gently massage the beer into your hair and let it soak in for at least two minutes. Rinse your hair completely with cool water (you can use lukewarm water if you can’t stand cool/cold water).

4) Some people then follow up with regular conditioner to get rid of the beer scent. You don’t have to do this though as the smell fades quickly. But its totally up to you. Dry and style as usual.

Soft, shiny, lush, full and bouncy locks!

1) For those with oily hair, gently massage beer into shampooed, damp hair. Do not rinse it off. The alcohol in the beer with deal with the oil, and the hops will give it body and make it softer .

2) Beer also helps hair hold a style, especially when you apply it directly to damp hair and do not rinse it out (i don’t think i’ll be trying this).

So, what do you think about this? Would you try it? have you tried it? If yes, how was it?

Over-processed hair, transitioning, bald spots, pics and random chatter

If you’ve been following my blog or read some of my recent posts, then you know that i self-relaxed my hair a few weeks ago. I remember thinking that my hair had gotten a little too straight- thats what it actually felt like it when i rinsed off the relaxer. BUT, by the end of that week and after my first post-relaxer wash and braid out, it seemed to have gone back to its normal state; medium-thick. It wasn’t over-processed after all! So i guess thats how hair is supposed to behave right after getting relaxed.

After i got over that i-over-processed-my-hair-freak-out, i started to seriously think about transitioning to texlaxed hair (been thinking about it for a while actually). I mean, am still new to self-relaxing and since i plan to be doing my hair myself from now on, i might as well ensure that i don’t damage it. Right? Besides, i sometimes miss the wavy look i enjoyed as a natural.

My natural hair back in 2011. See the heat damaged ends?

My natural hair back in 2011. See the heat-damaged ends?

There’s this post where i mentioned that i would consider transitioning once i got to BSL.

BSL where at thou???

HOWEVER, i love love love my relaxed hair, and now that am fast approaching BSL, am not ready to transition!!! Its too soon 😀

Then there was that nightmare i had a few nights ago. I dreamt that i had two LARGE bald spots on my head! I was terrified and run to my Momma crying (in the dream 🙂 ). Can you imagine how happy i was when i woke up and realized it had all been a horrible dream?! I was beyond happy – Ecstatic!!!

Anyway, here are a few more pics of my natural hair back in 2011

freshly clarified - SHRINKAGE!!!

freshly clarified – SHRINKAGE!!!

the only time i used a store bought protein dc

the only time i used a store bought protein dc

Freshly washed & deep conditioned - 'twas so soft!

Freshly washed & deep conditioned – ’twas so soft!

Damp shoulder-length hair

Damp shoulder-length hair

Texture shot of dry hair. 3C or 4A???

Texture shot of dry hair. 3C or 4A???


Yes. The time has finally come to make this call. I have been putting it off since i was 12 when my mom first suggested it. She suggested it again when i joined high school, college and after i graduated from college one year ago 😀 I knew i would one day relax my hair. In fact i decided to relax it once i got a job but i still don’t have one yet and i have decided to have no more ultimatums like these.

Last October, i tried to blow dry my hair and it was a disaster. I just blew it out and hated it. So i washed it immediately. I was so frustrated that i told my mom i would relax it soon (i know she was happy to hear that) Anyway, after i calmed down i decided to postpone relaxing till December.

Come December, i wanted to enjoy my natural hair some more so i postponed relaxing it (again) to January (this month). Well, today is 27th January and i still haven’t done it :/ I honestly don’t know what happened. Its almost as if i totally forgot about my plans!

This is the forth week of this month and i have worn my hair straight for three of those weeks. I am really enjoying having my hair straight and i believe getting a relaxer is far much better than regular heat use on my hair. Don’t get me wrong, i love my curly, kinky hair but lets face it, i have had it like this for most of my life. Its time for a change. Plus it bores me :/

I know quite alot about relaxed hair care so i know that i can do this.

Last weekend i did a heavy protein treatment. Thats almost one week ago and because i haven’t washed my hair since then, i can go and get my hair permed today if i wanted to. I expect to have some money for that sometime next week so that i can go and make an appointment. I will be going to a pricy salon to get it done simply because i want the best for that first time. I would hate for anything to go wrong. I have been there before and my best friend actually got her first perm there a few months ago and she encouraged me to do the same (i actually introduced her to that salon 🙂

I am super excited about getting my hair done! I will also get it cut (maybe take off 2″) just so i can even everything out. I will definitely post some pictures on the same. I am so ready for this! Lets do this!