Natural vs Relaxed…

…which has been easier for you?

(L) The night before i relaxed my hair (it was natural) (R) The next day after relaxer

(L) night before i relaxed my hair (R) next day after relaxing it

A: Relaxed.


1) I love wearing my hair straight. I don’t do it often but when i do, the straightening process is now easier and i don’t have to use so much heat. I’ve mentioned before that in my Uni days, i used to get my natural hair straightened all the time. To get it the way i wanted (bone straight), a lot of heat had to be used and that eventually resulted in me having very damaged hair.

2) Its now easy for me to retain length because my hair is not constantly breaking off. With my natural hair, most of the breakage i experienced (after i learnt about healthy hair care) was the result of tangling. Of course my hair still tangles up every now and then, but not as much as it did when i was natural. Yes, i could have been gentle with it back then but…it sometimes gets so frustrating.

3) Doing my relaxed hair takes less time.

4) I love sleek looks on me. When my hair was natural, i would use a lot of gel to get it all sleek and laid. Now i rarely use gel because my hair behaves the way i want it to 🙂

Now, this is not to say that i would not consider going natural some day. Lord knows i’ve thought about it and i sometimes genuinely miss my natural hair but, am going to rock this relaxed look till i can’t no more 😀 Besides, my hair is healthier this way due to less heat use and less manipulation.

Oh yea, and i got the questions from CookieMon in the comment section of this post.

Have a great Saturday!