Relaxer update|October

I retouched my hair yesterday at exactly 11 weeks post. I was having a bit of a lazy day and didn’t get around to doing my hair till 4pm. I started off by parting my hair onto 4 sections and applying Venus hair food to my scalp and coated the already relaxed part of my hair with the same product. This kept the relaxer from burning my scalp and over processing my hair (respectively).

Venus Hair Food

Venus Hair Food

scalp based, hair coated and  sectioned

scalp based, hair coated and sectioned

Once that was done, I took an applicator brush and started the application step. I usually start at the back of my head because the hair there tends to be more coarse than that on the rest of my head. Anyway, after a while i realized that i had forgotten to wear gloves so i had to stop what i was doing and go get them :s

ORS relaxer kit

ORS relaxer kit

Got a free sample! Hair lotion

Got a sample! Hair lotion

I somehow managed to work pretty fast because even after the smoothing step, i found myself with plenty of time to clean up my work area (aka sink) before hoping into the shower. And i did not experience any burning sensation at all.

In the shower, i rinsed my hair for a really long time before proceeding to the shampooing/neutralizing step. I used the last of my bottled ORS creamy aloe shampoo (but i have 2 sachets of the same left). I had a sachet with me in the shower because i thought i’d need it but a little of this shampoo goes a long way. I did about 4 or 5 shampoo washes (yea, i was in there for a while ๐Ÿ™‚ ).


After shampooing, i applied a deep conditioner mix that i had made earlier on. It basically consisted of some left over treatment from last week, ORS replenishing conditioner, Creme of Nature Intensive conditioning treatment and peppermint oil. I was running out of the bottled ORS conditioner which is why i added the Creme of Nature one. Both of these are protein based which is perfect because you want to use something thats protein based right after relaxing your hair.

last weeks' deep conditioner

last weeks’ deep conditioner

I left the deep conditioner on my hair for a few minutes as i carried on with the rest of my shower routine. Afterwards i rinsed my hair (first with warm water, then with cold), squeezed the excess water out, clipped my hair up, and then i stepped out of the shower.

Freshly relaxed

Freshly relaxed

Since it was getting late, i didn’t have time to do much else so i switched that blue clip you see above for a bobby pin, did a bit of cleaning in the kitchen, went for grocery shopping, got back and started cooking supper. Later in the night, i lightly misted my hair with water, applied Cantu shea butter leave-in and coconut oil, and then braided it up.

After-wash products: water, leave-in and coconut oil

After-wash products: water, leave-in and coconut oil



Corrective relaxer

I relaxed my hair on August 2nd at 11 weeks 5 days post (didn’t quite make it to 12 weeks). This was a corrective relaxer meaning that i wanted to go over the under processed hair with relaxer (again) to straighten it a little more because i didn’t like the texture that had resulted from my previous relaxing texlaxing session.

I used the ORS relaxer kit (Normal) which i had bought 2 weeks prior to relaxer day.

relaxer kit

relaxer kit

relaxer kit

The night before relaxer day i based my scalp (to prevent relaxer burns) using Venus beautiful essence hair food. I also used this same product to coat the length of my hair that i didn’t plan on relaxing (to prevent over processing it). Normally i’d use Vaseline but i figured this one would also get the job done and it did.

Venus Hair Food

Venus Hair Food

Scalp based, hair sectioned then coated

Scalp based, hair sectioned then coated

I relaxed my hair in pretty much the same way i always do. I undid the plaits (i had kept my hair like that for the night) but kept my hair in those 4 sections. I started the application process from the back because my hair is a lot more coarse over there than anywhere else on my head. Once all my new growth and texlaxed (previously under processed) hair was coated with relaxer, i smoothed it out using the back of a rat tail comb. This is the step i skipped during my last session. Smoothing basically aids in straightening the hair. I also kept the relaxer on my hair for a slightly longer period than last time.

Once i was satisfied with the process, i hoped into the shower and rinsed off the relaxer for a really long time. I don’t joke around with this step. I then did about 4 shampoo washes with ORS creamy aloe shampoo to neutralize any trace of relaxer that was still in my hair. After that i applied ORS replenishing conditioner to deep treat my hair. This is an important step. I don’t remember what else i added to this deep conditioner but am sure there was some peppermint oil in there.

Deep conditioner

deep conditioning

Here is a texture shot of my hair after rinsing off the deep conditioner.

Texture shot

I managed to get it straighter like i wanted. Here is a comparison shot of my now once again relaxed hair vs my texlaxed hair. I’d say my corrective relaxer session was a success!

relaxed vs texlaxed

Recent purchases|May


1) ORS relaxer kit 2) Mayonnaise 3) Perfect cosmetics hot oil hair cream 4) Vaseline petroleum jelly 5) Suave Professionals conditioner 6) Suave Naturals conditioner 7) Pure glycerin 8) Venus leave-in treatment

I did a mini haul last Monday because like i mentioned in a previous post I had run out of most of my hair products. This time i did not buy any shampoo because i have about 5 different ones…not to worry am curbing my product junkiesm ๐Ÿ™‚

I mentioned here that i would relax my hair (at 14 weeks post) for an upcoming meeting but that did not happen. I ended up straightening my hair instead and have been wearing it like that for a week now. I should also mention that i have not worked out in a week! Didn’t want to sweat out my style ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I’ll relax my hair next week at 16 weeks post relaxer.

The mayonnaise is for the relaxer prep that i plan to do tonight. I need to strengthen my hair before putting it through harsh chemical treatment next week. I’ve done a mayo treatment before (see here) and i loved the result which is why am doing it again.

For deep conditioner, i got this one that has bone marrow extracts instead of my usual fruit extracts one because they didn’t have that. I honestly don’t like that it says bone marrow extracts but it smells heavenly. Still, i don’t think i’ll buy it again ’cause…bone marrow? Really? That is freaky.

The Vaseline, well, thats for basing my scalp and hairline on relaxer day because, you know, relaxer burns. I keep getting them and they are bad news! I need this.

I decided to pick up the Suave Naturals conditioner because i ran out of my last one. I bought the other one, Suave Professionals, from my Cousin Stella because she’d bought two of them. She kept borrowing my shampoos (we live together now) so i told her to just give me the conditioner in exchange for a shampoo…going to buy that for her today. You can never have to many conditioners right? Its not like shampoo.

I bought glycerin to use in place of honey (in my deep conditioner mix). The kind of honey i use comes straight from a bee farm and i run out of that too. So, before i get more of that, glycerin will have to do. Honey and glycerin are humectants, meaning they draw moisture from the air. So when present in hair, they keep it moisturized and soft.

And last but not least is the Venus leave-in treatment. I’ve been using Cantu shea butter leave-in conditioning and repair cream which has a somewhat creamy texture. Somedays i just need a runny/watery leave-in and for me, thats the Venus one.

Relaxer update| January

I relaxed my hair last Tuesday (the 20th) at 11 weeks 3 days post. That was a short relaxer stretch for me seeing as i always try to aim for 16 weeks (i usually miss it by a day or two).

The first time i self-relaxed my hair i was at 11 weeks post and i stated then that i would not do such a short stretch again because i kept going over more than just the new growth with the relaxer. This time round, i had no problem so i guess am getting good at this ๐Ÿ™‚

Despite working faster, i got relaxer burns. Again. This is the 3rd time its happened. I mentioned the 1st time here and the 2nd time was in November (i don’t have that relaxer update up but i’ll link it below once i publish it.)

Anyway, the relaxer burns keep occurring at the same spots (or so it seems). The second time it happened i assumed it was because i had gotten carried away with the smoothing step. This time i was careful not to smooth too much but that didn’t even help. I guess my scalp is just sensitive in those spots. Next time i’ll relax those areas last and maybe not smooth at all :/

Speaking of not smoothing, that will result in even more textured (texlaxed) hair. I know i said (here) that i would start texlaxing my hair but i couldn’t. I love my current hair texture, but i’ll just roll with whatever texture i get next time from not smoothing.

Onto the actual relaxer day post


I randomly decided to relax my hair (out of frustration mostly) so i didn’t do a strengthening treatment as recommended 1 week prior to relaxing hair. This is what my hair looked like that Monday (i relaxed the following day).


This time i didn’t get any extra free stuff :/


To deep condition, i used a mixture of ORS replenishing conditioner, coconut oil and a few drops of peppermint oil. I deep conditioned my hair in the shower for 10-15 minutes. I’d had a long day and just wanted to be done with my wash once and for all (i.e. not coming back after an hour or so to rinse my hair again).


This was right after i got out of the shower. I just squeezed out the excess water and had no products in my hair.


For styling, i decided to do a wash n’ go style. Since my hair is relaxed and i have no curls, i had to work at creating some sort of texture and this is what i came up with…

Wash n go

If you’d like to see how my typical relaxer day goes, check out these previous relaxer update posts.

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Mini haul

I did a bit of shopping last week.

Jan haul

1) Royal henna 2) Perfect cosmetics hot oil hair cream 3) ORS relaxer – normal

I had very little deep conditioner left (not even enough for 1 application/treatment) and so i decided to pick up another tub.

Deep conditioners

Am so glad i got my regular one (the one with fruit extracts) because the one i previously had (with olive extracts) looked horrible to me. I just didn’t like that green colour. It wasn’t like an avocado mix (which i guess is okay)…to me it looked like detergent. Horrible i tell you. But it works fine.

I also picked up a relaxer kit because my new growth was driving me crazy (at 11 weeks post). I was just tired of having to use gel to slick down my edges (almost) daily, and having to deal with puffy roots.

The final purchase was henna. I bought this brand because i cannot seem to find my usual (Nupur henna) anywhere! This one is different from the one i used last month. I’ll do a comparison of the two after my next henna treatment.

New ORS hair products

Click on pic to enlarge

Click on pic to enlarge

I hope these products hit our shelves soon because that Sulfate-free hydrating shampoo looks so inviting! I can’t wait to add it to my collection of ORS hair products. This is what it promises:

Hydrates hair, preventing dryness and provides easy detangling on relaxed, natural and color-treated hair…respects the hair and scalp with gentle cleansing and no stripping or depleting hair of its natural oils.

Its my understanding that the Built-in protection new growth no-lye hair relaxer is just like the ORS relaxer i use. The difference is not in the formulation but the quantity. It claims to be…

…right-sized for touch-ups, short hair styles, and zone relaxing which is retouching a target section or โ€œzoneโ€ of the head.

I’ve heard of ladies who like to relax only their hairline to keep it all slick during long relaxer stretches. I think this product would be perfect for them because they don’t need a whole lot of it. It comes in normal and extra strength.

Remember this post where i mentioned Beautiful textures’ Texture manageabilty system? Well, turns out ORS has a similar product in their HAIRepair line called the Straightening & Strengthening Treatment. I’d love to try it out too.

Straightening and strengthening treatment

*pics are not mine*…obviously.

Look what i found!

ORS relaxer

Well, i didn’t just find them. I saw them in town sometime this week while in the supermarket. I haven’t seen any of the ‘new’ ORS products anywhere else…i haven’t been looking really. These particular kits come with free ‘ORS edge control’.

Clearly the pricing is all wrong, at least for one of them it is (KSh.890 or KSh.790???). Why is it that high anyway? The last time i bought the ORS relaxer (last May) it only cost KSh.600!