Mini haul

I did a bit of shopping last week.

Jan haul

1) Royal henna 2) Perfect cosmetics hot oil hair cream 3) ORS relaxer – normal

I had very little deep conditioner left (not even enough for 1 application/treatment) and so i decided to pick up another tub.

Deep conditioners

Am so glad i got my regular one (the one with fruit extracts) because the one i previously had (with olive extracts) looked horrible to me. I just didn’t like that green colour. It wasn’t like an avocado mix (which i guess is okay)…to me it looked like detergent. Horrible i tell you. But it works fine.

I also picked up a relaxer kit because my new growth was driving me crazy (at 11 weeks post). I was just tired of having to use gel to slick down my edges (almost) daily, and having to deal with puffy roots.

The final purchase was henna. I bought this brand because i cannot seem to find my usual (Nupur henna) anywhere! This one is different from the one i used last month. I’ll do a comparison of the two after my next henna treatment.


My deep conditioner mix

DC mixes

My mix consists of a store-bought deep conditioner, oils and honey or glycerine

My holy grail deep conditioner is the Perfect cosmetics hot oil hair cream. I’ve been using this product for well over 2 years now. Every now and then i use ORS replenishing conditioner. I can’t afford to use it often because its annoyingly expensive. Same goes for the Cream of Nature Intense conditioning treatment.

Deep conditioners

The deep conditioners work well on their own but i like to enrich them by adding (natural) oils. My main oils are coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil. Sometimes i also add amla oil, almond oil and/or a few drops of peppermint oil – another crazily priced product.


Honey and Glycerin are humectants, meaning that they draw moisture from the air to your hair. I use either of them, never both. Usually, i go for honey because i tend to have a lot of it in the kitchen.


Here are a few pictures of deep conditioner mixes i have posted before…

deep conditioning treatment

DC mix


DC mix

October ‘mini’ haul

oct mini haul

1) Perfect cosmetics hot oil hair cream 2) Eco Styler olive oil gel 3) Cantu Shea butter leave-in conditioning repair cream 4) Creme of Nature Intense conditioning treatment 5) ORS replenishing conditioner

I did some shopping last Friday in preparation for my upcoming relaxer day. I also bought a relaxer kit but forgot to include it in the above picture.

The deep conditioner i got this time has olive extracts. I normally use the one with mixed fruits extracts but they didn’t have it. I haven’t deep conditioned my hair in a long time so am really looking forward to doing that.

I’ve used the Eco Styler gel a couple of times already to slick down my edges for ponytail styles and i love it. I still have some Eco Styler brown gel left over but i really wanted to try out this olive oil one so bad.

Another product that i’ve been looking forward to using is the Cantu Shea butter leave-in conditioning cream. Seriously, i’ve been on the lookout for this product since before the beginning of my hair journey! Of course i forgot all about it but when i saw it on the shelves, i had to have it!

The Creme of Nature Intense conditioning treatment has been on my wishlist ever since i tried out the Moisture and shine sulfate-free shampoo from the same line. I can’t wait to use these two products together!

And finally, the ORS replenishing conditioner. I run out of my first bottle which i’d had for slightly over a year. This product is amazing and i was actually going to purchase the bigger ‘professional-size’ bottle but seeing that the gel, leave-in and CoN treatment were impulse buys, i had to compromise :/

Egg and Mayo hair treatment

Am 9 weeks 4 days post relaxer today!

9 weeks post relaxer - new growth

9 weeks post relaxer – new growth

I’ve been having a bad hair week due to an itchy scalp. All i could think off was dousing my scalp with coconut oil – that always offers some relief. However, i figured it would be better to just clarify my hair and freshen up my scalp. So, yesterday morning i woke up and shampooed my hair with Enliven shampoo (it has sulfates and leaves my hair-scalp squeaky clean). I let my hair airdry before proceeding to the next step.


The plan was to follow up with a deep conditioning treatment (last one was about 2 weeks ago). This time round i decided to use mayonnaise. My mum had a full jar of the stuff and the expiry date on it was 4 days from today. She was going to toss it in the bin, but i told her i’d use it on my hair instead 🙂


A lil’ info about mayonnaise for hair
Like many store-bought hair masks, mayonnaise contains oils that deeply moisturize hair making it perfect for dry or chemically processed hair. It coats hair and in doing so, adds shine and protects it from heat styling. The protein present in mayonnaise strengthens weak strands thus preventing breakage. Vinegar, also present in mayo, restores damaged hair to a healthy pH. The contents of mayonnaise are also great for nourishing/conditioning the scalp.


Hair mask

I added some honey, extra virgin olive oil and 1 egg to the mayonnaise, stirred it up and applied it to my freshly shampooed, nearly dried hair. Most sources advice against shampooing hair first but my scalp was too itchy and dirty; i just felt gross…had to do something about it first.

After detangling my hair  - before shampooing

After detangling my hair – before shampooing

Freshly shampooed and air-dried

Freshly shampooed and air-dried

Mayo hair mask

Application was easy due to the creamy consistency of the mixture. As usual, i slathered the stuff to my hair, basically coating every strand. My hair instantly felt hard…i could still manipulate it but i wasn’t soft at all. It felt like you’d expect it to after doing a protein treatment. Actually, it felt the way it usually does when i do an egg treatment.

Mayo & egg hair mask

Mayo & egg hair mask

I covered my hair with a plastic bag (shower caps just never work for me) then secured that with a scarf. I left the mixture on for about 45 minutes. After that time was up, i rinsed my hair with cold water. You don’t want to use warm or hot water, if you do, you’ll end up with cooked egg(s) in your hair. No bueno.


I honestly hadn’t planned on doing a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment afterwards. Mayo is supposed to make your hair soft (or so they say). My hair was still hard after the treatment, not necessarily a bad thing. The way it felt, that just means that the treatment worked (as a strengthening treatment). I think adding an egg to my mixture is what caused my hair to feel hard. I’ll have to use mayo on its own to see if thats the case. Another reason for doing the deep conditioning treatment afterwards was because my hair stunk :/ It stunk of mayo and egg uugghh! Had to get rid of that.

Moving along…The last step to my seemingly long wash day was the actual deep conditioning treatment. This time i didn’t bother adding anything to the product. I used it as is (left it on as i worked out). My hair softened up and smelt fruity in the end 🙂

Perfect Cosmetics hot oil hair cream

Perfect Cosmetics hot oil hair cream

Deep conditioning

I air dried it in a bun similar to this one.

old pic

old pic

My last protein treatment was about 9 months ago and my last henna treatment was 7 weeks ago


I absolutely love this product. I got a new jar a few weeks ago but only used it for the first time last night.

mixed fruit extracts

I love love love how this one smells. Its a mixed fruit extracts one so it smells nice and fruity. I did not rinse it out immediately after waking up so i could still smell it every now and then (even though i had a plastic bag and scarf on) and it smelled lovely.

The last one i had,

garlic extracts

also from ‘Perfect cosmetics’ had garlic extracts, so that didn’t smell good…i tolerated the smell but after trying this new one out last night, am thinking of making it my staple.


Earlier this week i went out and bought my regular conditioner:

pic from web

I also bought the deep conditioner i talked about in this post. I thought it was from the ‘perfect choice’ brand but turns out there is another brand called ‘perfect cosmetics’…see the confusion? 🙂 Anyway:

1L for KSh.320

Perfect cosmetics
Hot oil hair cream
Garlic extracts

A unique cream combines ich amino acids derived from pure garlic enhancing petin and special vitamin B & C complex to create the ideal nurturing for hair that needs extra help. This rich botanical content cream is needed by damaged hair exposed to chemical processing or extremely high heat styling.

Garlic extracts stimulates the flow of blood to the scalp, which helps keep hair strong, preventing breakage and hair loss, while adding significant body and shine.

Formulated to detangle hair, seal and protect it from styling damage. Hair becomes naturally more manageable, srong and healthy.

Apply a generous amount directly to clean shampooed hair and work gently along the hair shafts. For ultimate deep conditioning, allow to penetrate hair for 5 minutes or you can use hair steamer for 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water to help seal the hair shafts. Store in cool dry place.

After using this product yesterday for the first time, i love it! I did mix it with coconut oil, amla hair oil and honey like i do all my deep conditioning treatments.

My hair is well moisturized and soft. Because it has amino acids, i take it that it is a light protein deep conditioner though it also moisturizes. It worked for me so i guess its a keeper.

This jar will last me for a long while seeing that i plan to use it only once a week. Its 1L (1000ml), quite a lot for only KSh.320. Funny enough i saw it going for KSh.345 in a different store (reason why i like window shopping first) It is from the United Arab Emirates.

I saw another deep conditioner from a brand called ‘Beautisa’ also from UAE going for KSh.300. I might try that one next.