Regular conditioners Vs Deep conditioners

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Regular vs Deep conditioners

Regular vs Deep conditioners

So what is the difference between these two types of conditioners?

Perhaps the most commonly known difference is the length of time these products are left on the hair. Regular conditioners, also known as rinse-out or surface conditioners are left on the hair for 2-5 minutes (without heat), while deep conditioners are left on for at least 10-15 minutes (with heat; under a hooded dryer or steamer) or upto 45+ min without heat.

conditioning time

Regular conditioners provide a quick moisture fix that only lasts a couple of days to a week (in my opinion). Deep conditioners on the other hand provide a longer lasting effect…keep hair moisturized for a longer period.

Deep conditioners are basically heavy duty versions of the regular conditioners in that they use higher levels of ingredients that can penetrate the hair strand e.g water, natural oils & shea butter. Glycerin is a key ingredient in most moisturizing products because it’s a humectant (draws moisture from the air to your hair. Honey does the same thing). Using heat while deep conditioning opens the hair cuticles allowing for easier and deeper penetration of the product.

What makes regular conditioners not as effective as deep conditioners is the fact that they mainly contain ingredients meant to smooth the surface of the hair strand…you know, lay down the cuticle so hair isn’t rough and frizzy. These ingredients have very low (or no) penetrative properties so they basically sit on your hair strand, coating it. Thats not all bad because they lock in the moisture so your hair doesn’t dry out, and in some instances provide some level of protection from the harmful UV rays.