I cut my hair!

My hair today. Day 3 hair always looks better.

My hair today. Day 3 hair always looks better.

I gave myself a haircut and now my hair is really short. Its at shoulder length – barely grazing arm pit length. The last time my hair was this short was back in February 2014. I don’t think I can call this most recent episode with my scissors a major trim because I took off a lot of length. Am just going to call it what it is…a haircut.

Jan 2017 vs Mar 2017 : fresh (day 1) hair is always flat

Jan 2017 vs Mar 2017 : fresh (day 1) hair is always flat

So, from the beginning right?

This past Monday I really took the time to do my hair. I washed it with a sulfate free shampoo first, then did a deep conditioning treatment. After that I applied some leave-in conditioner and heat protection serum. I then proceeded to blow it dry and then I finally straightened it using a flat iron. As I was straightening it, I trimmed off the ends section by section. I did this throughout my head and was quite thorough because my last trim was back in July. 8 months ago. I do do not recommend going that long without a trim. I went overboard with the trim but that didn’t bother me because my plan was to go shorter anyway.

Before shampooing

Before shampooing

Deep conditioning

Deep conditioning

After washing - no products in hair

After washing – no products in hair

After blow drying

After blow drying

After the whole straightening and trimming process was done. I got into the fun part. The actual cutting. I had already decided that I wanted to cut my hair into a bob hairstyle and so thats what I did. I went for a one-length long bob hairstyle because in as much as I wanted shorter hair, cutting it to neck length was not going to happen. It would have been great to cut it to arm pit length (my favourite length) but the front pieces of my hair weren’t that long to begin with so I went shorter. Now my hair is at shoulder length all round (ish) and I love it.


I love the blunt cut because it makes me feel edgy (futuristic even) 😀 It is a little harsh and doesn’t have a natural look to it so to counteract that, I bumped my ends (curled them under) for a more polished look. Yea, I can’t decide if I want to look edgy or polished 😐


I think I did a good job on my hair. I got weave checked! And my Mum said it looked professionally done (after coming to terms with the fact that I had cut my hair. She couldn’t believe how much I cut off). Its only been 2 days since the haircut and I sometimes find myself thinking about how much I cut off. Especially when am seated and realize that my hair isn’t caught between my back and the chair. Or when I can’t see it under my armpits when I have my arms raised while standing in front of a mirror (weird observation). Or when it doesn’t get caught in my towel because its hanging higher (when I wrap the towel around my body under my arm pits. Again with the underarm reference point. Yea. Like I said. Weird observations). But then I look (like really look) at my hair in the mirror and see how good it is and I have no regrets. That change in hairstyle I always wanted…I’ve got it now.

Feeling badass bold 😀

Oh, and today marks 4 years since my last salon visit!


Updates | Relaxer, henna, length-check, half marathon training

Hi guys! I hope you’re all doing well. Its been ages since I last put up a post so am going to do a quick run down on what I’ve been up to.

I relaxed my hair!

July length check

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Curly girl!

Flexi rod set

Hi guys! Hope you’re all keeping well. Its December! I know, almost 3 weeks in already and this is my first post this month. Anyway, i thought i’d share with you this look i did a few weeks ago (more like a month plus ago…oops!)

Flexi rods

Flexi rods


I bought the purple flexi rods back in October and finally put them to use. The orange ones had been lying dormant for a while now since i purchased them back in 2012 i think (or maybe it was 2013…i don’t know). My hair was not freshly washed for this look. I had been rocking a bun for a few days and decided to switch up the style. So basically this was done on dry hair. I moisturized and seal it prior to applying the flexi rods though.

I did this at night and let me just tell you that trying to sleep with these things on my head was a nightmare. I don’t know how people do it. I literally lost sleep and ended up getting out of bed to watch some TV series. 3 hours later i took them out, put on a hair bonnet and went back to bed. That felt good 🙂 They still turned out okay.

Have a lovely day/night and see you in my next post!

Hair update|week 10

Am 10 weeks 4 days post relaxer today!

Its been ages since i made a proper hair update. Not much has been going with my hair. I mentioned here that i trimmed it but thats about all the big news i have so far :/

July - below bra strap length (bsl) vs Aug above bsl

July – below bra strap length (bsl) vs Aug above bsl

Check out Yvette’s post…she too cut off a few inches.

Last week (Sunday-Monday) i did an overnight oil prepoo treatment, then i shampooed and conditioned my hair. A few days later (last Friday), i washed my hair again using ORS creamy aloe shampoo. I had gone for swimming the previous afternoon so my hair needed to be washed to get rid of chlorine from the swimming pool. This shampoo is not only a neutralizing and clarifying shampoo, but its also a chelating shampoo meaning that it gets rid of any mineral deposits that may be on the hair.

And then just this past Monday, only 3 days since the said chelating wash, i shampooed my hair again! I have to admit that this hair washing business is getting out of hand 😮 Needless to say, i shampooed my hair, let it air dry throughout the day and then at around midnight i applied some henna onto it.


I don’t know where my mind was when i made the henna paste because i made just enough to cover my roots and my ends. I think i used less than 50g of henna! (i usually use 100g). Anyway, i managed to work a bit of it onto the length of my hair (had to lightly mist my hair with water to evenly distribute it).

I had the henna on my hair for about 12 hours, then i did a deep conditioning treatment for only 30 minutes because i had to head out in the afternoon. After the wash i wrapped my hair in a towel for a few minutes, then applied some leave-in conditioner and coconut oil. For styling, i simply put my hair up in a ponytail. Here are a few pictures of how i wore my hair last week.

Yea...am not big on styling

Yea…am not big on styling

While in town on Tuesday, i picked up a relaxer kit and deep conditioner. I plan to retouch my hair tomorrow because i have a busy few weeks ahead of me and i want to have that freshly relaxed look within that time. Purchasing the deep conditioner wasn’t planned but i figured since i was in a part of town that i don’t frequent often, (and thats where i buy it from), “i might as well get it”.

mini haul

Has anyone tried out this new Argan oil ORS relaxer? I don’t know how long its been in the market. I first saw it last week.


Onto other matters, i’ve been trying to use up my hair products before purchasing any more and so far so good…i bought 500ml of coconut oil and 200g of henna last month because i had run out of those and i needed them. Anyway, in the past 2 weeks alone, i’ve gone through Enliven shampoo, Enliven conditioner, Suave (naturals) conditioner, Suave (professionals) conditioner, Oliive shampoo with conditioner and Venus dual hair treatment. The creamy aloe shampoo is good for one more wash before i run out (save for the sample-size sachets i have). I have no conditioner left. Am thinking of doing a haul at the beginning of next month to mark my 4 year hair journey anniversary.

Corrective relaxer

I relaxed my hair on August 2nd at 11 weeks 5 days post (didn’t quite make it to 12 weeks). This was a corrective relaxer meaning that i wanted to go over the under processed hair with relaxer (again) to straighten it a little more because i didn’t like the texture that had resulted from my previous relaxing texlaxing session.

I used the ORS relaxer kit (Normal) which i had bought 2 weeks prior to relaxer day.

relaxer kit

relaxer kit

relaxer kit

The night before relaxer day i based my scalp (to prevent relaxer burns) using Venus beautiful essence hair food. I also used this same product to coat the length of my hair that i didn’t plan on relaxing (to prevent over processing it). Normally i’d use Vaseline but i figured this one would also get the job done and it did.

Venus Hair Food

Venus Hair Food

Scalp based, hair sectioned then coated

Scalp based, hair sectioned then coated

I relaxed my hair in pretty much the same way i always do. I undid the plaits (i had kept my hair like that for the night) but kept my hair in those 4 sections. I started the application process from the back because my hair is a lot more coarse over there than anywhere else on my head. Once all my new growth and texlaxed (previously under processed) hair was coated with relaxer, i smoothed it out using the back of a rat tail comb. This is the step i skipped during my last session. Smoothing basically aids in straightening the hair. I also kept the relaxer on my hair for a slightly longer period than last time.

Once i was satisfied with the process, i hoped into the shower and rinsed off the relaxer for a really long time. I don’t joke around with this step. I then did about 4 shampoo washes with ORS creamy aloe shampoo to neutralize any trace of relaxer that was still in my hair. After that i applied ORS replenishing conditioner to deep treat my hair. This is an important step. I don’t remember what else i added to this deep conditioner but am sure there was some peppermint oil in there.

Deep conditioner

deep conditioning

Here is a texture shot of my hair after rinsing off the deep conditioner.

Texture shot

I managed to get it straighter like i wanted. Here is a comparison shot of my now once again relaxed hair vs my texlaxed hair. I’d say my corrective relaxer session was a success!

relaxed vs texlaxed

Hello September! | Quick updates

Hi guys! I hope you’re all keeping well. I believe this is the longest i have gone without posting anything! I fell off the radar for a while but now am back (again) 🙂 I have quite a number of posts to put up so please bear with me as i get everything together. In the meantime, here are a few updates on my hair and fitness journey. I’ll go into more detail in upcoming posts.

I relaxed my hair on August 2nd, at 11 weeks 4/5 days post so am 5 weeks 3 days post today. If you recall, i mentioned wanting to do a corrective relaxer. I did that and it went well. I also straightened my hair on relaxer day and gave myself a trim (snipped off about 1.5 inches). After about a week or so, i wore my hair curly in a braidout and then i semi-straightened it after about a week and gave myself another trim. This time i snipped of more hair…like 2.5 inches. After that, i went back curly and have been wearing my hair like that to date.

Am currently not following any strict hair regimen. I just make sure that i wash my hair once a week. I simply shampoo and condition it in the shower. I haven’t done a deep conditioning treatment in weeks. I did a henna treatment 3 or 4 weeks ago and plan on doing another one next week or the week after…not really sure when.

I repurchased 2 hair products over the weekend and there are 2 other products that am thinking of trying out (budgeting woes). I know that i’ll end up buying them sooner or later so keep an eye out for a mini-haul post 🙂 Feels like i haven’t shopped for (new-to-me) stuff in ages so this will be quite the treat.

I finished doing the Insanity max:30 program! *throwsconfetti* 😀 Seriously though, that program wiped.me.out! Still, i learnt a few things from doing it (as well as from the main Insanity workout program) so am glad i took the time to do them.

I’ve now shifted my focus to running. I run 3-4 days out of the week (well, actually, i should be running 4 days a week with no exception). Remember the 5K personal challenge i presented myself with? I still can’t run a 5Km distance…i haven’t tried. Am following a training program though and every week the distance i need to cover increases. Am slowly building up to 5Km and by the end of next week, i should be able to cover that distance! *excitedmuch*