Tips to start your hair journey

1) Start with a nice, fresh trim.

2) Take length-check pictures and start a hair care journal/blog.

3) Clip those ends as needed

4) If you choose to shampoo, once a week is enough. Clarify at least once a month or as needed.

5) Do a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment weekly. Use a protein treatment as needed.

6) Use a leave-in conditioner after every wash.

7) Look at the list of ingredients on products. Mineral oil/petrolatum, alcohols, silicones, e.t.c. are not very hair-friendly.

8) Keep moisture in the hair. Simply put, dry hair breaks.

9) For those who chemically treat their hair, don’t over-process it! And keep a proper protein-moisture balance in your hair.

10) Limit the use of direct heat. You must have an inkling that frequent use of hot tools can’t be good for your hair. Think of all that moisture you are forcing out of your hair and frying it in one go!

11) Wear protective styles. These keep the hair ends (oldest part of your strands) tucked away and hidden and off your shoulders. You need to baby those ends if you hope to retain them. Also, don’t manipulate your hair too much.

12) Know the difference between breakage and shedding. Short pieces of hair on your shoulders, sink, floor, comb, e.t.c, = breakage. Long pieces of hair with a white bulb on one end = shedding

13) Protect your hair at night. Use a silk/satin (not a cotton bandana/scarf or old stocking) to wrap your hair up. Alternatively, you could use a silk/satin pillowcase and not wrap your hair. Or you could do both. Your choice!

14) Avoid hair stylists who don’t value healthy hair. These ones will want to frequently retouch/relax, dye, straighten/curl and re-braid your hair.

15) Keep It Simple. Don’t stress yourself out. Don’t do a million things to try and make your hair grow. It is growing, hair grows at an average rate of 1/4 to 1/2 inch per month. So find what products work best for you and come up with a hair regimen that suits you/your lifestyle. Follow it consistently, be patient and above all, PRAY.


13 thoughts on “Tips to start your hair journey

  1. You my friend are heaven sent. Before relaxing my hair i had awesome hair. Now my hair breaks and my hairline is receding. sad story my friend. Im doing braids one last time then i start following these steps religiously.

  2. I love this blog……No I love you Hair junkie…Am so starting my hair journey as soon as this weave is off. I got one question though, Will there be any problem if i switch the relaxer from tcb to ORS? I love my hair and its the soft kind, almost baby soft but i would realy hate to mess up and be a bald. Please advice

    • Hi Judy, thanks for the love πŸ™‚ I don’t know about the TCB relaxer but i know that the ORS one is rather mild and great for fine hair. I see no problem with switching relaxers…i also switched. Just make sure you don’t use ‘super’.

      Also, check out this post i did on texlaxing. you might find it helpful. And read the comment section below it too.

      Am really happy that you’ve decided to start a hair journey πŸ™‚ Do your research and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me and i’ll be glad to help. All the best!

  3. hi,so I’ve been reading your blog and I loooooved it I want to start but my hair is relaxed..I want it long like yours rights now its at shoulder length…please summarise for me the whole regime,thanks

    • Hi Naomi, thanks for the love πŸ™‚ At the beginning of my hair journey, my hair was at shoulder length (probably shorter) so you can definitely do this too. I currently shampoo and deep condition once a week. If i feel like washing my hair midweek, i either cowash or use a mild (sulfate-free) shampoo followed by a regular rinse out conditioner (suave). Once a month i do a henna treatment. I moisturize and seal my hair every night. Hope that helps.

  4. Hey hairjunkie!
    Am glad I found your blog. My hair was really good when I was younger. Full and long and very dark. Now its the opposite. My hairline is very damaged on the sides and some part of the scalp looks like the hair has been damaged from the roots so it doesn’t look like it would grow.I was thinking of having a clean shave and start my hair journey all over but am not sure its the best decision.Am afraid of shaving it and then it doesn’t work.I need to have healthy hair in terms of volume,length and mostly the hairline…please advice.

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